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    2" Body Lift Installation on 99 Ex.

    Foxy, sorry for not replying sooner. I have moved house a couple of months ago and I only just got broadband connected. I'm not sure what you mean in your question. If you can re-phrase the question I might be able to remember. The trouble is (apologies to all the Explorer fans out there) I...
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    2" Body Lift Installation on 99 Ex.

    Chris, I don't think you'll have a problem with the shifter, being that it still uses a cable. It's not like aussie cars that are directly connected to the gearbox. You may have trouble with the radiator shroud unless you cut it to go around the upper radiator hose. Apart from that, I can't...
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    2" Body Lift Installation on 99 Ex.

    I can't answer that. We don't have Explorer Sports in Australia. Maybe someone from the States can answer that?
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    2" Body Lift Installation on 99 Ex.

    I can't remember exactly how much it cost, but I think it was $100 or around that figure for the body lift. Not sure what you mean by less aggressive? I replaced my leafs to get a 40mm lift and cause they are a lot better than the OEM. You don't need those crap auto levelling shocks with a...
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    Help with knocking front end.

    Fixed!! For anyone that was following this thread, it was the sway bar bushes. Thanks to Jayhawkexplorer I now have a brand new set of Moog body and link bushes. They are a much better design than the OEM's. Who would have thought that these would cause the problem? Visually, you have no...
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    Help with knocking front end.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I would be interested to here how you went with it. As it stands, I am waiting on the sway bar bushes in the mail. I will replace these first and see what happens. If not, I will certainly look at the wear pads. How would one tell if the pads are worn out?
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    Help with knocking front end.

    Thanks for everyone's help. I will have a look at the leafs when I get a chance. I wouldn't mind changing the bushes anyway. Jay, I will PM you about the bushes.
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    Help with knocking front end.

    It has just occurred to me that I only started noticing this problem when I changed my tyres from the Bf mud terrains to BF long trails. These are mainly street tyres so it is more then likely the problem has been there for a long time. I just never noticed before with the vibration from the...
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    Help with knocking front end.

    Thanks jay. Would you mind letting me know how much shipping would be to Australia? I had a look on Rockauto. Shipping is always dear from them. The price you gave is better than here. If I remember correctly, Ford Australia wants around $70 for the links, each! That's ridiculous. You...
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    Help with knocking front end.

    Thanks EB. How would you suggest to check the sway bar bushes or should I replace them anyway? They are quite expensive down here. Maybe I should get some from the States. I remember reading about the pads on the torsion bars. Can these be visually inspected? I might add that I did do some...
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    Help with knocking front end.

    I have been having problems with my 99 Ex with regards to the front end knocking. I have so far changed all 4 ball joints which helped alot. For a few months I had trouble free running, but lately, a small knocking feeling has returned. It is ever so slight but very annoying and getting...
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    Which o2 sensor?

    Bluesmoke, I seem to be going through alot of fuel at the moment and I am just looking into possible causes. I thought I might change the o2 sensors to see if there is an effect. I have no fault codes in the computer, but I have read that o2 sensors as they age respond slower. They're not...
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    Which o2 sensor?

    Thanks for the info on the lettering. I believe I only have two cats, so does that mean I only have one after the cats? Anyway, I'm not interested in that one. I'm concerned with the two before the cats. Do you know if they have numbers on them? What would happen if I put the wrong type in?
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    Which o2 sensor?

    I am looking at buying some new upstream o2 sensors for my 99 4.0L SOHC. I looked them up on the Rockauto site and to my surprise, there is lots of them. Does anyone know what type I should buy? I looked at my original ones and noted that they are the 4 wire type, but that's all I know about...
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    Multipoint Sequential Gas Injection?

    Does anyone know much about these gas systems and how well they work on Explorer's? I don't mean gasoline either, but LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). I am considering converting mine to gas and wanted to find out as much as possible. From what i've found out, these systems are required when the...
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    Question about OBD-II scanners?

    I have the 4.0litre SOHC engine. From my brief calculations, I'm getting about 14mpg maybe less in your terms. We use metric here in Australia so I can't be exact. I cleaned my Mass Air sensor this morning and re-cleaned my K&N, but this time making sure not to apply too much oil. It seemed...
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    Question about OBD-II scanners?

    You really sound like you know what your talking about. I already have changed the plugs, leads, fuel filter and cleaned my K&N. I was thinking about cleaning the Mass air sensor. I read on a post that when using a K&N filter, it is sometimes possible to overcoat the element, thus resulting...
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    Question about OBD-II scanners?

    I am currently looking into purchasing a code scanner (not a reader) and have been doing a bit of research on them. There are a heap of scanners available on Ebay but am not sure which one to buy and which one will work. I have so far learnt that Ford uses the PWM protocol for communicating...
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    overhead console on ebay, should i buy?

    3 negative feedbacks for over 4400 positive is a very good rating. The seller looks very professional so I don't think you'll have a problem.
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    Everyone on this site seems to recommend Moog balljoints because they are greasable. The OEM balljoints don't have grease nipples and tend to wear out because you can't re-grease them during services.
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    Binding/Poping Sound when In Lowrange

    I thought the popping noise was from the electromagentic clutch in the transfer case releasing the wind up. I am led to believe that the transfer case won't allow the transmission to wind up and will release the clutch for a split second. Mine does the same thing, on dirt.
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    Iridium Spark Plugs?

    I actually have the iridium tipped plugs in my Ex. I changed them at 100,000km along with the leads. I can't remember what brand they were. I used Top Gun ignition leads. All seems to run alright, can't really say that it changed much. Although my Ex does run faultlessly.
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    Looking for pics - 2" susp plus 2-3" body lifts

    Here is mine with a 2" suspension lift (almost) and a 2" body lift.
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    2" BL for '00 Ex

    I have managed to upload my picture now, so here it is and I hope you like,
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    what to do with spare tire after BL?

    The biggest tire you will fit is a 32" in the spare tire spot. Any bigger and your out of luck. I have managed a solution to the problem you are pre-empting. Check out this link in the useful thread section. You will find a picture of the winch about 3/4 of the way down. I wouldn't say it's...
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    2" BL for '00 Ex

    I do have pics, but for some reason I can no longer post them and they seem to have removed from my profile. I think I might need to renew my membership.
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    body lift question

    Nvrhapy, check out my thread in the 'Useful Thread' section. It may help you.
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    Looking for Soln to sagging rear end

    It basically lifted the rear 40mm, which is just shy of 2". With the auto levelling suspension, the springs couldn't cope with the weight and thus would raise it using the shocks. It solely relyed on the shocks to help out. With my TJM springs, they are just a better made spring all round...
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    body lift question

    I am wondering, because you have a 2wd, whether you would be better off replacing your spindles with aftermarkets? This gives you a 2-4" lift just by replacing them. I can't remember the exact height or who does them, maybe someone else might know. The rear could just be a spring over axle...
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    Looking for Soln to sagging rear end

    Does your Ex have auto leveling dampers? Mine used to have that and would level the rear end when a load was placed on it. If you do, then you may have a problem with it. If you don't I would suggest a new set of aftermarket springs. They generally are of better quality than standard...
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    Ball Joints

    I have just recently changed my uppers and yesterday changed the lowers. I purchased the uppers from aa aftermarket supplier and the lowers were from Ford. Both were made by TRW. They're supposed to be a good brand. DeRocha is right, they are NOT greasable. One thing I might add though, my...
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    2" BL for '00 Ex

    I have a 2" body lift on my Ex. It was built Dec 99 and is a 2000 edition. I also have the 792 kit and don't experience any problems being a daily driver, even with my 2" suspension lift aswell. I had my brackets modified at an engineering factory. Although I have a bullbar, I would imagine...
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    fuel filter

    I changed mine at 100,000km as a preventative maintenance thing. I work on the principle that it's better to change these types of things before they give you trouble. I agree on the principle of "if it ain"t broke, leave it alone", but on an item that is cheap and easy to replace, why not...
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    Help with lower ball joints

    I have been reading other posts regarding replacing lower ball joints and most say that you need a ball joint press. I am wandering if you have to use a press? I don't want to buy one and we don't have the hiring facilities Australia like in the States. I was thinking maybe a large G clamp...
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    Towing with the X

    What vrytired is saying is transfer some weight to the rear of the camper. This should reduce the towball weight. Just remember that all tow balls have a load rating on them. Mine is a seperate tow hitch and has a maximum ball weight of 160kg, so yours should be similar. If transferring...
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    New Rotor install - do bearings, too?!

    Just be carefull when checking for bearing movement that you're not seeing any balljoint movement. Don't just look at the wheel. You need to do as Howard says but look behind or have someone else look behind while you rock the wheel. If you have movement you should be able to see where it is...
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    Ready to Re-Gear

    When I had my diffs done I had all the bearings and oil seals replaced as well. These things aren't very dear and the way I see it, while it's apart, make sure everything is 100% cause it's not the easiest thing to service later. Mine had about 90,000km on it when I changed the ratios. One...
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    2" lift parts ?'s

    I gather from what your saying is that your Ex has 2" lowered springs in it and that by replacing them with original springs you hope to acheive a 2" lift. If that is the case then I don't see a problem. Doing a torsion twist should raise the front end but the height you get will depend on the...
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    I'm after ball joints

    Can anyone help me? I am looking to buy new lower ball joints for my ex and have priced Moog ones from Rockauto. The trouble is that they want $150 to ship them to Australia. The best they said they can do is ship them to someone in the US and have them ship them to me. Can anyone help me...
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    How do I mount to the roof liner?

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by deep profile. This is the only one that the place I bought it from sells.