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    urg... help me with U.P.S.

    Jimbo: I shipped that Saleen Explorer hood from California to Virginia with ghetto boxes. I cut and taped a bunch of HD boxes together. I wrapped the hood in several layers of plastic, and lathered the bottom and sides in that expanding foam stuff. Y ou shoulda seen the Fed Ex driver that...
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    BCS: yeah or no?

    Thus, this is why USC is this year's National Champion.....
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    17x8 or 17x9 for Autocross

    I dunno....... As Jimmie eludes to above, you kind of want to steer witht the throttle, but it's almost impossible to do with the Explorer at low speeds - not nearly enough horsepower. Depending on how it divides the torque - AWD might be the trick..... I had an AWD car once, and even with...
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    17x8 or 17x9 for Autocross

    Need 250 more HP's for that.......
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    17x8 or 17x9 for Autocross

    Hey bro, because I did this before you let me give you some tips. You should really try to get 18's if at all possible. Even if you get some crappy ones for the track use only (which is a good idea anyways). I had cobra R's (they rub in front without spacers) and Bridgestone HP's in 275/55/17's...
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    BMW Message board...WARNING: Not for the squeamish....

    BMW Message board... This is what we do over there.....kinda boring. I'd rather argue with Robb about something... warning: questionable taste post (like Jamest). BMW-spider post.....
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    Saleen Explorer

    What's really interesting is that you probably could not even have one now - even if you wanted to or was willing to pay the freight for a used one. They are not around enough. Take it from one who can not recreate a Saleen. I spent more on Saleen mods than most of you guys spent...
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    Need some negotiation tips

    Private party sale? That's tough - PP's are too emotional - hard to get a good deal. Best car buying site in the world: I've beat this subject to death here before...just don't get emotional - it's just a vehicle.
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    Thinking of joining the Army, and thoughts? suggestions?

    Army straightened my act out. Wife is an officer in the reserves. Get a good MOS (job) in writing, and get something that transfers to the outside world. Tank Turret repair or Petroleum specialist are not good moves in my opinion. Marines are a good option - if you wanna be in for life...
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    Moving to CA?

    .....and you live in the land of blue hairs, non-election vote counting and 103% humidity. :rolleyes:
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    What is your favorite cologne?

    Zulu master above me speaks truth - from experience. I like Hi-karate...when I'm out of that I use Janitor-in-a-drum. Rob's right, Speedstick deod/anitpersp in many of the fine flavors works well.
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    Speed limit question: How fast have you...

    I got that vid loaded on my laptop and I play it on the powerpoint projectors before class......
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    Takes a while to load:
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    A good laugh for friday

    Great Idea! Guess what I'm gonna start doing...
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    Low Side A/C Port

    Refrigerants (12, 134a, 22, etc) do not get "used". They happilly go along in a cycle of condensing itno a liquid and evaporating back into a gas so long as they remin sealed and dry inside a refrigeration system. They are a blend of chemicals and do not wear out. You should never have to add...
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    Happy Birthday to Black Magic!!!

    Matthew: Happy Birthday and best wishes: You are in good company.. Todays birthdays include: Ted Cassidy 1933 Tv-Addams Family (6'9" Butler) Geraldine Chaplin 1944 F-Dr. Zhivago+ (Charlie's 1st Daughter); Nashville,(Annie)Buffalo Bill Evonne Goolagong 1951 Tennis Star...
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    Back from NOPI!

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Matt . . . . Remember this? F-ing Del Sol's!!!! This was the beginning of the end for me.... (I smoke 'em now, though!!!) .
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    my monster puppies

    Hog hunting? Is that whe you fire a bunch of hot bacon grease at Brian Fellows and give him a 30 second head start - then "release the hounds"???? .....prolly not.......
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    im gonna have an aneurysm (rant)

    Think about this.... have you ever heard what Lewis Black said was going to make him have an aneurysm? If it wasn't for my horse...I would'nt have spent that year in college.... I'm kinda worred cuz you have access to large guns. I dunnno what else to tell ya. See if this makes you feel...
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    Good time to Buy House

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mike I did'nt know you were drom Dogtown! - my mom has a 600sq. ft 1br/1ba. condo on 6th st. (6 blocks from the Ocean) with a one car detached garage in the back......lady upstairs sold hers for $400k!! 1100 sq. ft. ouse on a 7000sq ft. lot in Woodland Hills: $409k...
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    Probably selling SPLAT

    Welcome to the German car club! .
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    im gonna have an aneurysm (rant)

    Priorities Jimmie..... If you dropped dead right now (god forbid) is anyone gonna say " he was a great worker" or "he did'nt put enuff time in at work, the slacker" ??? Nope.... You'd be laid off tomorrow if they needed to... You're too young to put yourself thru this gotta...
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    Probably selling SPLAT

    I don't think you will ...... FYI - my wife has a VR6 Jettx GLX. Fun to drive, but we've def. had more visits to the dealer than I expected. If you're gonna keep it for a while, think about the extended warranty. Better yet - lease it and throw the keys back at them in 36 months... The...
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    I Actually got a Compliment on My X

    That was my idea......I pretty much just wanted to see Gina and Spas in a bikini.....looks like I'm halfway there!! .
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    ATTN: San Diego, Ca people!!

    Get him the Sunday Brunch for 2 at the Hotel Del Coranado! More than you want to spend, but if he's a good friend, it's well worth it. The world-famous Crown-Coronet Room rivals the imagination. Whimsical crown-shaped chandeliers, designed by Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum, drop from...
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    The Jamest solution.... .
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    GM Blows.......literally

    Partial to Pontiac/Chevrolet (James) ?....
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    to join the army or not to?

    If you don't know what to do - do a 3 or 4 year enlistment - get a MOS (job classification) that you can use when you get out. I will go fast - believe me. I was the smartest thing I ever did and led me on my current career path.
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    to join the army or not to?

    The person above me is partially correct - if you are honest, and tell the recruiter everything - minor stuff can be waived. If you lie and they find out, they will boot you. The intergity part of the post is BS. All of our United States Armed services have a high level of integrity, and...
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    Online auto loans

    Dude! I can't say enogh good about I used them on both BMW purchases. The best service I've ever experienced.
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    to join the army or not to?

    I'm biased: I did almost 5 years in the USA, and I met my (now) wife (she was enlisted also) while on ative duty stationed in Germany. She ended up staying in the reserves, went to ROTC on the GI bill at USC, got commissioned and officer and went "over 20" in January. I was a degenerate kid...
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    More of my constituents from California

    Sombody just shoot this guy and save us some tax $$
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    LOL! Now this is some funny Sh*t!!!

    My Black Ice goes nuts on that link: "port probe"
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    A Real Need For Speed

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    Report for duty!

    I'm out - 4 years = E5-Army My wife is still in (reserves)= 03(E) Army. She did 10 yrs enlisted, and then got comissioned. Los Angeles area. She went over 20 in January, so she technically could retire. (She even has "veteran" plates on her car).
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    XP8 Hood on eBay!

    Exactly!.........J/K quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by james t that is an original Saleen hood. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Saleen or no I still...