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    96 4.0L with problems.

    That was exactly it. Downloaded the firing order from some site but it was wrong so I found it on this site and ran out with my flashlight switched the wires and bingo smooth as a babys back side. just have a vibration from the front @ highway speeds. almost feels like something draging or...
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    looking for lateral shocks 96 explorer

    If anyone knows of a supplier please let me know. Thanks
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    96 4.0L with problems.

    thanks, that was my next step. was running a little off so changed plugs and wires and all hell broke loose, everything is wired correct and plugs correct, just can't figure this one out.
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    96 4.0L with problems.

    its a OHC sorry very frustrated here.
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    96 4.0L with problems.

    I have a 1996 expolrer 4.0 dohv and its running real bad. clynders 4&6 are not firing and I changed most everything from coil pack, wires, plugs, plenum gaskets and still nothing but a p0174 code. any and all help. I have been following this group and know the answer is here. thanks, going...