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  1. K

    Alternator Whining Noise

    Blayne's right It was the bearing on mine. Actually bearing was slipping in alternator housing. I removed, re-greased, and pressed bearing back in with gasket sealer to keep it from slipping/whining. Did this 2000 miles ago, still quiet.... but you've got to pull it out, and open it up.
  2. K

    2.2 mpg increase

    I followed advice given here and dr bob. Need 1/4 inch drive, 10mm socket, universal (elbow), 2-3 inch extension, and another 4+ inch extension. (I had a 3/8inch drive ratchet with 3/8 to 1/4 adapter so I could have more turning strength) But you need a 1/4 inch 10mm to get in tight. I...
  3. K

    2.2 mpg increase

    Amazing but true, just finished tank of gas and calculated about 2.2 mpg increase just by changing thermostat to 195 degree. Took about 50 minutes. Wow, Im up to 16.7 mpg average now - woohoo! If she will promise me 18 mpg on a long freeway trip, I will wax her. Anyone else have real-world...
  4. K

    A/C compressor cycling

    A/C source Check with these guys, an incredible resource for automotive A/C:
  5. K

    Gabriel VST's

    Pep Boys I think it's something like Variable Staging Technolgy. They react with different (staged) firmness depending on the severity or impact of bumps, etc. About $18-$20 each. I like 'em. [Edited by KTMpat on 11-08-2000 at 04:23 PM]
  6. K

    Locking Hubs

    manual hubs I have had two Isuzu Troopers with auto hubs and loved them.... but this is an Explorer, and I dont like their version (however different I dunno), but the Ford autos suck. I just bought Warn manual hubs (Oct 30) and conversion kit from - $158 delivered. They had...
  7. K

    radius arm bushings

    dont forget extra washer ...put it in now, or put it in later when the bushing (mine were polyurethane too) compress and the shake starts to return. R/Patrick
  8. K

    RA Washer - JonZ

    Hi Jon, sorry I didnt get back to you earlier... this private message thing doesnt stand out enough. I had the shake. I replaced the RAs bushings and it went away for the most part.... for about 2 months. Then it crept back. I too was questioning what else could it be, when I decided to...
  9. K

    radius arm bushings with extra washers?????

    heat shield The heat shield is not thick enough (at least not mine), nor is its hole 7/8" inch. My washers were from an industrial supply, cost $2 total and put them both in in 15 minutes.
  10. K

    radius arm bushings with extra washers?????

    washer I believe it is two inches, and the thickness is about 1/8 inch. I superglued the washer to the factory cupped washer to center it, so it would slide onto the shaft past the threads easily. Home Depot lists them in their parts book, but I went to three different Home Depots and none...
  11. K

    I've Got The SHAKESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New RA bushings and the extra washers It works.
  12. K

    radius arm bushings with extra washers?????

    washers They go between the bushing and the factory cupped washer(not really cupped, as flat washer is flat against it). The ID of the added washer should be 7/8 inch and go over the shaft of the RA bolt when tightened. The factory cupped washer seats against the thread flange, and you feel a...
  13. K

    axel damper shock

    Rhett You need to use the original washers too, as the nut tightens them to the bolt shaft solidly, creating a perpendicular support for the rubber/poly bushings. If you omit it and use only the new washers with the larger inner hole, you will not have the lateral support that the original...
  14. K

    axel damper shock

    65 mph vibration I had the vibration. I replaced my RA bushings and it went away for the most part, but came back after two months. I just put in the "extra" washer ( 7/8 inch I.D.) under the original, and VOILA!... shake is gone. Your results may vary but it worked for me. I was prepared...
  15. K

    Soft Ride Lift

    lots of good feedback so... I was earlier (1-2 months ago)in ORW and was told for a 2" lift to specify "soft ride" and application for a "two door" versus four door. That would best meet my needs. I can't remember the exact brand, but based on that and the feedback here, I will be going that...
  16. K

    Ford Passed Up Chance to Boost Explorer's Stability

    road safety of SUVs Ive owned several SUVs, including a Jeep CJ5 w/V8... which was phenominal off road, but what a POS on road - noisy, bad mpg, an unsafe driving position/feeling, even with full roll cage. I bet if they did a death toll count of Jeeps, it would be higher percentage wise...
  17. K

    Soft Ride Lift

    thanks guys The reason Im looking at new springs is that the front wheels appear to have slight negative camber, indicating weak or sagging front coils. The truck sits fairly level, maybe a tad higher in the rear still, but the rear springs are stiff, mainly due to the overload spring. Im...
  18. K

    Soft Ride Lift

    thanks, now about leveling coils Whats this about leveling coils... 1 1/2 inches? How soft are those? Anyone??? thanks.
  19. K

    Soft Ride Lift

    Hello all. I've owned several (8) 4x4s and prefer a stock ride... lifted or not. In my current Navajo, I desire a 2 inch lift and want the stock (read it SOFT) ride. I seem to remember a lift kit called "Soft Ride x..". Was it Skyjacker Soft Ride? Anyway, can anyone tell me about or where...
  20. K

    One inch hockey puck question

    I read most of the original bolts can be used with the one inch lift, and you must only buy two longer bolts, while changing the position of the others. There was a post I can't find that elaborated on this (anyone point me to it?). Is there no other requirement i.e. radiator shroud, etc., or...
  21. K

    forget power, let's talk MPG

    thanks all, now question about gears How about an engineering evaluation? I know if you have 3.08 gears with 28 inch tires, you can effectively maintain the final ratio using 3.73 gears with say 30 inch tires... and possibly 4.56 with 33 inch, etc, etc. One would believe then that rather...
  22. K

    forget power, let's talk MPG

    Don't really care to make my 4000 lb Navajo brick go 0-60 quicker than a Mustang... my SHO does that circa 6 seconds. What I/WE/EVERYONE need is MPG, please. No offense to the street racers, but pouring money into a sports ute to make it act like a race car is re-inventing the wheel... a lot...
  23. K

    RA Bushing Washers size?

    Thanks George, I'm looking for the modification tip where we put extra washers inside the factory RA washer to compress the bushing more. It was a tip and the washers were from like Home Depot about 2 inches, but the inside hole needed to be 3/4 or 7/8 inch to go past the threaded part and...
  24. K

    RA Bushing Washers size?

    Hello all. I can't find the tip on putting the washers on the radius arm bushing bolt to tighten up susp. What is the size again... something like 1 1/2- 2 inch o.d. with a 3/4 inch hole i.d. Thanks.
  25. K

    shift kits

    quite the contrary The SHO motor has tremendous torque and its fairly linear. There is an elaborate intake system with dual-porting and 10.5:1 c/r to provide low-end power. One of the sweet attributes is the 200+ lbs of torque delivered from low rpm to redline. Torque is everywhere in the...
  26. K

    shift kits

    Wabbit, okay, but I'm at work now, when I get home, I'll email you what all is in the kit/description. You'll love what it does to the trans, less slippage equals cooler trans temperatures too. I love what it did for my Jeep Cherokee. R/ Pat
  27. K

    shift kits

    SteveVB has the right address Go to this site and read all about it: Call and talk to a tech for info and phone order. The kit part number is SK A4LD-Jr.
  28. K

    shift kits

    I've read many reader's comments on the B&M vaccuum shift improver kit - TRASH. It just creats a vaccuum leak to change shift points and will not improve shift crispness, nor is it effective under full throttle. The TransGo kit goes into the valve body of the trans. There is new gasket...
  29. K

    Where can I get cans of R-12????

    I have heard about people "cleansing" their system with propane (run it for a rew hours), but not keeping it permanately. I too would like to know about the LPG. thanks. I converted my SHO to R134 without changing o-rings or hoses and she's still cold after 14 months. I have confidence in...
  30. K

    BFG's or Yokohama's

    p.s. If you go with BFG, go to Sam's Club. Best prices and $7/tire lifetime balance and road hazard. My 30x9.5 were $69, I was out the door for $330.
  31. K

    BFG's or Yokohama's

    I have the BFG Longtrails and they are quiet and smooth... and that was my criteria. I havent been in too deep, so off-road I dunno. I hear 70K miles is possible. I hear great things about the BFG AT KOs, but more dollars and a little more road noise. BUT! Do get what you want, cause you'll...
  32. K

    33's on a 93 Sport

    Just my opinion, but BFG makes a 33x9.50-15 that should fit on a stock 7" rim and I would presume fit nicely with the 4" lift. The wider 33x12.5 is where you get rubbing troubles and wheel offset requirements. Others have stated you need the 5 1/2" to run 33s, some say 4" is fine, and someone...
  33. K

    BFG LongTrails throw rocks

    Hello all. I have the 30x9.50-15 BFG Longtrails and have noticed something interesting. They are very quiet and run smooth, BUT, and I'll speculate here, they pick up rocks real easy because the tread is basically staggered channels. That is, there is no interlocking tread but rather...
  34. K

    98 Sport shakes when stopping????

    Tell-tale sign of Warped Rotors. Take them to Kragen/Checker or Napa. Pull both fronts and take them in, they'll only charge you about $8 each to turn them. Then might as well put new disc pads on while apart. Good luck.
  35. K

    tires vs rims

    Tirerack is great site for wheels and tires, and they have sizing, wear data, noise, customer satisfaction, and recommended wheel size, etc. Basically if metric, divide by 25.4 to get inches. example: 235x75-15 235 divide by 25.4 equals 9.25" width. multiply times .75 to get aspect...
  36. K

    Body Lift question

    GJarrett, On your one inch, did you still have to lower the fan shroud or make any steering mod like the 2 and 3 inch kits require? Is one inch worth the effort (all the female explorers yell "of course!") My 30" tires fit no problem, and 31s might, but one inch would ensure it. Thanks...
  37. K

    Body Lift question

    Thanks kvo and GJarrett. I agree, I m not messing with the rear... after all, the rear bumper is probably the Navajo's strongest part, as another member posted - lol.
  38. K

    Body Lift question

    Does the rear bumper have to be raised? I had a 4x4 mini truck that I installed a body lift on and I left the rear bumper in stock position. It had about a 1" gap between bumper and body. Has anyone left the rear bumper at stock height, or can it be? I can fab a flap or something to...
  39. K

    Body Lift question

    After much conversation with fellas at OffRoad Warehouse, I've decided no suspension lift as I want a SOFT ride. Even the Skyjacker 1 1/2" softride lift is firmer than stock. I do like my present ride, and having purchased polyurethane RA bushings and steering stab (did not install this week...
  40. K

    That song in the Nissan Pathfinder polo commercial!

    GJarrett, yeah, I graduated in '74 too. Fortunately there was just enough GOOD rock to get us through the Disco scare in the years following. I had a Quadrophonic receiver, and bought a few quad albums... not a big selection. I've been getting TONS of classic songs from (free...