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  1. K

    Anybody concerned about Leenjen?

    Well, that sucks. Good to know it's nothing worse than that, though.
  2. K

    Anybody concerned about Leenjen?

    ...I mean he's one of the biggest posters and biggest helps and he hasn't been heard from in over a month. Does anyone know where he is?... or have any way to contact him to make sure things are cool?
  3. K

    '98 4wd in Auto mode constantly engages/disengages when accelerating

    Jon, I would appreciate knowing what TSB that is. My '98 does the exact same thing and I want to get it fixed. Thanks.
  4. K

    Suspension Sag !?!

    add a leaf to one side or to both?
  5. K

    Suspension Sag !?!

    My '98 XLT has really bad driver's side sag in the rear, probably close to 1" to 1-1/2". It looks like crap. I've seen this mentioned a few times. What is the fix?
  6. K

    Supersprings installed!!

    Did your Explorer also have the "driver's side sag"?..and did the springs correct it? Where do you get these springs and how much $$$$? 'preciate it.
  7. K

    Rock n roll

    i need stuff that would sound good in a system Try crankin' Van Halen "Dreams" or "Right Now". Both pretty much have full range, powerful sound throughout the song. I've used these (2) tunes to listen to potential equipment for my vehicles in car stereo soundrooms, only to return and hear...
  8. K

    Engine life with Supercharger

    If you've got the cash for a supercharger, then you should also have the cash for a new, beefed up tranny!
  9. K

    Window cleaner?

    Bar Keepers Friend--find it at Walmart. It's a powder that you rub the window with. Gets bug guts, stains, streaks, hard water spots, everything......!!!
  10. K

    ack!!!! dents suck!

    I had three very ugly door dings taken out of a '96 Taurus by a guy who used the paintless dent removal tools. The dents were in the worst possible spots (right on the round hump that goes along the side of the Taurus, high on the doors). All three were removed totally and you would never know...
  11. K

    Audiobahn SUCKS!

    Dude, that's pretty much BS to hook up (2) subs incorrectly and blow them and then claim Audiobahn SUCKS! Now that you're on your third, you might want to eliminate the amp (as suggested above) as the cause or anything else that is related before trashing an otherwise outstanding name in the...
  12. K

    Bad Factory Thermostat Install - Check yours if your mileage sucks

    I replaced my thermostat about a month ago and it was $15 bucks for the autozone brand, including the o-ring. Oddly enough, it said "Made in Germany" on it, just like the OEM part.
  13. K


    Judas Priest--Turbo Lover
  14. K

    need help FAST. mounting the inline fuse.

    Here's where I drilled and ran the power wire through the firewall:
  15. K

    need help FAST. mounting the inline fuse.

    This spot worked out great for mine:
  16. K

    whats the 2nd wire harness in stock deck?

    Mine had a second wiring harness, but it was for the rear seat stereo controls, located on the back of the armrest console.
  17. K

    steath amp rack

    Did you get both amps mounted under the seats? Have you had any problems?
  18. K

    steath amp rack

    That looks strikingly familiar!!!:D ;) :D
  19. K

    Wierd Problem(s)

    AutoZone thermostat was $14.99. I returned the Blue RTV unopened. I usually don't even ask the counter monkeys, but my thermostat wasn't out on the floor, so I had to ask him to get it from the back. Having now seen the thermostat housing design and o-ring, this is the best housing...
  20. K

    Wierd Problem(s)

    Robertshaw is a pretty big supplier of thermostats. I actually replaced mine last night with a AutoZone brand thermostat. Oddly enough it is made in Germany, which is what it said on the back of the original Ford piece I took out. FYI, at AutoZone the counter monkey informed me they didn't...
  21. K

    Wierd Problem(s)

    On the way to work this morning I did verify the thermostat was sticking. It would get all the way to the "H", then crack open. Robert hit the nail on the head. Gracias!
  22. K

    Wierd Problem(s)

    You may be right. Tonight I noticed the idle was indeed at 700 until the engine warmed up then it was at 1100. I didn't notice the temp gage, though. I'll check tomorrow. Thanks for the info!
  23. K

    Wierd Problem(s)

    I just started experiencing a wierd problem; maybe it's (2) problems. About a week ago I noticed it was taking a longer amount of time than usual for my torque converter to lock up when I get to highway speed. Yesterday, I noticed my idle speed while in gear at a stop was at 1100 RPM...
  24. K

    Alphasylum - System Update w/ PICS

    UPS !!!???!!!?? :eek: Does the U.S. Post Office know of your transgression???? Where's Newman's phone number.......... :D
  25. K


    I don't know how your state is, but here your EX wouldn't be totalled unless the damages surpassed 80% of the trucks NADA Blue Book value. I know a lot of other states are similar and the percentage usually varies from 70% to 80%. Either way your's appears to be under that.
  26. K

    Got ignition noise only in one speaker!

    Go to a stereo store and borrow another used head unit just to plug it in and see if the noise goes away. I suspect you may have a cracked solder joint somewhere in the head unit. I would also inspect the wires where they go into the connectors and make sure they have good connections to...
  27. K

    can i paint/change the color of my q-logic stealth box?

    I doubt you'll find it in those stores. You probably will find it at an automotive paint supply store that carries Dupont paints.
  28. K

    can i paint/change the color of my q-logic stealth box?

    Black Magic recommended using Dupont vinyl dye to paint my Q-logic box. He said it worked great on his.
  29. K

    got 2 good questions

    Sure, it's possible, but it would be a lot of parts and a lot of wiring. Why? If you don't want hard hitting, keep the volume low.... when you want hard hitting, crank it up...... or... Use an EQ and push the "Defeat" button to keep the level low.....reset it to hit hard.
  30. K

    Crappy Gas Mileage

    32 ????????? That's a typo, right? You sure that ain't kilometers per gallon?
  31. K


    This will clean the tire and rim without the additional elbow grease: 1. Spray off tire and wheel with hose to remove loose, heavy dust & dirt build-up. 2. Spray entire tire & wheel with Westley's Bleche White whitewall cleaner. (you can find it anywhere) 3. Let sit 5 minutes...
  32. K


    I see a Jeep CJ in town every once in a while that has been completely done in Yellow (don't know if it's Line-X or Rhino). It looks very good except the hard panel door seems to look darker. It's almost like the yellow is semi-opaque and if the base color is not one color (i.e. 2-tone) the...
  33. K

    Two Single DIN's

    Great job on the install! That double DIN situation had to be a major PITA but I'll bet it's more than satisfying to figure it out and make a good looking install out of it.
  34. K

    Kinda funny, but I need some help...

    run a wire (with alligator clips, preferably) from the +12V pin and the GND pin on the back of the radio to the + and - terminals on your battery, power it up and eject it.
  35. K

    Two Single DIN's

    If you want your pics posted just e-mail them to me and I'll post them for you.
  36. K

    Major Damage to my '92 - Engine troubles

    Get the $1500 out of it from that guy if you can then spend $90 on a KKM for the new '97. Then $225 on a cat-back and about $1,000 on a stereo system. Then surprise the girlfriend with a new "Dressed to Kill" low-cut dress and a night out on the town. If you only get $1200, .........oh...
  37. K

    who's mounted amps in their sport?

    What kind of small amp puts out enough heat to heat the underside of the seats so much that the amp will burn up?
  38. K

    Flowmaster Question?

    I'm looking at getting the Flowmaster 50-SUV muffler for my Ex. It's the Dual in (2 1/4") Single out (3"). I've read a lot fo the exhaust posts in here and everyone seems to recommend NOT going over 2 1/2" for the pipe or you don't have enough back-pressure. I'm looking at getting a local...
  39. K

    who's mounted amps in their sport?

    I mounted mine to the bottom of the seats. Unless your amp is small, the big problem with mounting it to the floor is that it will stick out into the foot area. Another problem is that if you mount it as far back as you can, the seat frame will hit it when the seat folds down. You can...
  40. K


    Why don't you just paint your EX with MAG-RAM, it's only a modest $1600/gallon.