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    low fuel light

    my 94 never had one
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    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    PSHHH!!! Yours isnt even a first gen! dont be a poser!!:p: HAHA jk it looks awsome!:)
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    To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

    my motor and tranny dont have one leak, hicup or issues at 141K. have many high speed off road miles on them. that set up is very solid. the only issue is the slave cylinder in the cluch is the first thing to go. relativaly cheap part but very labor intense. its inside your trans so you have to...
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    Calif. Window tinting on 2003 explorer

    wow where did you find that shop?? i wanna know?? on a side note its only ten bucks to have it signed off and 40 bucks to have it retinted. which 50 bucks is 50 bucks i know but at least its not like a 300 dollar ticket....
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    GIJOE's Desert Explorer

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    New cat back or weld in muffler??

    ive got the 4.6 with the flowmaster 40 in my f150 and its real loud but i like loud. but i have 3 inch pipe from the cat back. keep stock size and go with the 50 series if you want it mellow
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    Shes Tired

    basic tune up if you havent done so. plugs, wires, filter, all fluids changed, check the catallitic converter for clogging, do the sea foam treat ment, clean the Mass airflow senser, throttle body, iac sensor. thats the basic stuff to do first......
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    Is regearing really that hard?!?

    i think the tools are the main issue on doing gears. its hard to spend that kinda money on guages you might only use a couple times, or once even. and not to mention a bearing press.......
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    Problem fixed. Wow, I was really suprised.....

    i believe he said that he took each plug out and tested it on a motorcycle. congrats to him on solving the problem.
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    Problem fixed. Wow, I was really suprised.....

    oh man i know. you should see i think half of the threads started turn into an argument hahaha
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    Problem fixed. Wow, I was really suprised.....

    well said. if you find you are not getting responses bump the post a couple times. and as for the post below this quote, i think that your words were a bit more harsh in the first post than MountaineerGreen's. and if no one has said it yet, WELCOME TO THE FORUM:) :chug:
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    GIJOE's Desert Explorer

    ya that broke my heart, that thing was sweet. havent seen it since. it had the cantileaver rear suspension on it i think. that was pretty nice. maybe if it was caged they could have saved it. choped it and put a new roof on. but o well. have you considered that rear suspension system? it is...
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    Explorer forum story

    the same room
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    firewall and cables

    yeah just look for any rubber gromet in the firewall and poke thru it with something sharp. you should be able to squeeze 4 guage thru it. if not, cut a little X in the rubber with a knife to fit it. make sure not to poke or cut any surrounding wires, and dont run the wires to close to exhaust...
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    The rig gets some much needed TLC

    dam dude be careful!!! hahaha
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    i think im just gonna keep my JL e1800d amp and run two L7 12s. its not worth it to have to upgrade every thing else to run all this stuff. thanks for the advice guys.
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    so even with 2 kinetic batteries and an upgraded alternator you are starving the amps?? maybe i wont get the XXXs. doesnt seem worth it. do they need those 2 big ass amps? whats the RMS power handling on them??
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    ya imna do all new wiring, the big three upgrade and put a kinetic battery in. i get those cheap too.
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    so should i run 2 ax300de's??
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    no we dont sell them but this dealer we get special order parts from can hook employees up.
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    RE subs/ USAmps

    i work at circuit city and get these amps and subs for dirt cheap. i was wondering what US amp would go good with 2 of the x.. series 12s? its going to be in a 98 f150.
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    Amplifiers NOT to buy

    i have the JL Audio e1800D. its rated for 640 watts RMS at 4 ohms and 1000 watts RMS at 2 ohms. Im running 2 ohms in my truck.
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    Axle interchange in 2000 explorer ?

    i belive all ranger edges and all 4x4 rangers have 31 spline. but remeber rangers are spring over so you will be doing some grinding and welding to make it fit.
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    More Power Please!!!

    hahaha i agree!!
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    Do i have the pats system

    i heard that there is someway you can program a normal key to work with the PATS system, by doing some sort of timed routine using a PATS key and a normal key.
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    More Power Please!!!

    those are all good suggestions. if you havent already, do a basic tune up. (wires, plugs, all filters, tranny flush, engine oil) but it sounds like your gear change is gonna do the most for you.
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    What do you think this '94 Ranger is worth?

    you cant expect to get what you paid out of something. hell i got close to 7 grand in my suspension and probably couldnt sell the whole truck for that much. thats why i think that buying a mod'd truck used is smarter, but your still taking a risk. you dont know the history. i think 3 grand...
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    caddy vs Ninja...ouch

    my 5 speed tranny has been put thru hell and back. no problems at 150,000 miles
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    Msupertek's making of the CANVAS TOPPER!

    safaari mobile!!!!!!!!!!!
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    An Explorer worth checking out. Top notch fab work!

    maybe hes a machine and he doesnt sleep:p: :confused:
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    GIJOE's Desert Explorer

    i second that... looks like you got some big plans... cant wait till its done...
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    needing a new amp

    whats your budget? i like JL Audio and Kicker amps
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    An Explorer worth checking out. Top notch fab work!

    i especially like the rear wheel wells. he tubbed them so nice. look in the desert rides thread to see....
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    Predicted clutch life?

    yeah mine didnt leak any where until i refilled and bled my clutch. it failed to engage with my foot to the floor so i bled it, then the fluid came out of the tranny bellhousing. thats when i knew i was screwed..... i had the slave cylinder, clutch, flywheel resurfaced, bearings blah blah...
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    An Explorer worth checking out. Top notch fab work!

    they kinda look like they are but, then i look at em long enough and then i believe they're not. i would like to know as well.
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    An Explorer worth checking out. Top notch fab work! found the link. such a kick ass explorer......