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  1. Cade _ATL

    Sold 2006-2010 Gen 4 Upgrade Kenwood Excelon DMX905S, DRV-N520 Dash Cam, iDatalink

    Sold! Going home to another Explorer! I hope you all have a Happy New Year!
  2. Cade _ATL

    Sold 2006-2010 Gen 4 Upgrade Kenwood Excelon DMX905S, DRV-N520 Dash Cam, iDatalink

    Insurance totaled my 2009 EB V8 4X4. I pulled the Crutchfield sourced: (and complete in original boxes, used for less than a year) Thought I'd give all of you 1st dibs! 650.00 for all + shipping or can meet/pick up in the Atlanta area. Kenwood Excelon DMX905S - HD Radio, Wireless/Wired Android...
  3. Cade _ATL

    Kenwood Excelon Full Head Unit Upgrade Gen 4

    Insurance totaled my 2009 EB V8 4X4. I pulled the Crutchfield sourced: (and complete in original boxes, used for less than a year) Thought I'd give all of you 1st dibs! See the link to the Classifieds here...
  4. Cade _ATL

    Alas, Minor bender totals my 09 EB

    No, I eked out a fair settlement from the insurance, so I gave it up. It did have the Black and Tan interior which I loved. From what I gathered from the adjuster, state law required it to be totaled and were I to retain it it would have had to be retitled as a salvage (with all the hoops to go...
  5. Cade _ATL

    Alas, Minor bender totals my 09 EB

    Alas, Minor bender totals my 09 EB, Very slow offset into utility pole on driver front right at the leading corner. Will be posting for all of you to get 1st chance on a Kenwood Excelon DMX905S and DRV-9520 with Crutchfield custom harness and iDatalink integration system.
  6. Cade _ATL

    Bypassing the air ride system

    You might have better luck in the 1995-2001 forum. Gen 4 doesn't have an air suspension...
  7. Cade _ATL

    2nd push on key fob lock creates a beep

    The anti-theft (factory) is armed on the 1st press. The 2nd press is just for an audible confirmation (1 honk if all doors and liftgate/rear glass are secure, 2 if any are open/ajar). I do know that the 2008-2010 (at least in the US) did not have an alarm as a factory option (only an extra cost...
  8. Cade _ATL

    2009 Explorer Limited Brake Pedal

    Its just the play in the power adjustment, small movement side to side is pretty normal with that.
  9. Cade _ATL

    Factory Nav issue

    Possibly gunked up or a stripped gear, you might try nudging it by putting slight pressure in its direction of travel while it is opening (either pushing down on the top or pulling out on the bottom) To see how it should look when opening see:
  10. Cade _ATL

    Factory Nav issue

    Its behind the screen! See this (page 35): It might just need a bit of cleaning after being in there for years. :)
  11. Cade _ATL

    What does this nut go too?

    Or it could have just been rolling around from prior work, my guess is a/c or pwr steering hydraulic. Most of the time, these have flanges on whatever it was to, rare to see one all by its lonesome.
  12. Cade _ATL

    Retrofit AdvanceTrac?

    AdvanceTrac RSC became standard on all Explorers in 2005. Not all Explorers have the badge, though...
  13. Cade _ATL

    running boards

    They'll fit (with or without rear A/C) The hard thing is putting power boards on an Expo that didn't come with them. Power boards were a standalone option on the 08 EB and Limited, and 09-10 Limited.
  14. Cade _ATL

    What do you like best about your explorer?

    Ahhh, A bit of background, 1st. In the New York '1960s, not even old enough to drive, I had a subscription to MotorTrend. I grew up knowing my 1st car would be a Mustang with a V8. At 16, I got a '68 Mustang Convertible with a 289. A few years later I had a '66 Thunderbird with the 428 Police...
  15. Cade _ATL

    so my first question problem

    For the tool get an obdlink, I have an MX and its the best for Fords as it reads both CAN busses (no switch or mod needed), they now have a new one (MX+) that works on iOS bluetooth and android bluetooth...
  16. Cade _ATL

    08 explorer air vent

    It won't flip 180 degrees, been there tried that...
  17. Cade _ATL

    how to remove vent?

    No, the blasted designers made just the one part for both sides, useless to redirect further to the center of the car on the driver side, or more to the window on the passenger side... They should have made it full sweep to either side, but too late now...
  18. Cade _ATL

    Rubber strips on roof - Drip rails? what’s correct name?

    Roof Molding Trim... It covers the roof panel seam. I don't think the Gen 4 Explorers had any trim in its roof channels.
  19. Cade _ATL

    2010 Mountaineer Sunroof Motor Initialization

    from my old manual: NOTE: A new roof opening panel motor will only vent and must be initialized. NOTE: The roof opening panel motor must be initialized when repairs are carried out on any part of the roof opening panel system, including: whenever the roof opening panel motor has been removed...
  20. Cade _ATL

    2006 Eddie Bauer Sunroof Leak

    Mine did that, the drains were fine, it turned out to be the rubber seal around the glass panel - just got old. Replaced the seal and no more leaks. :)
  21. Cade _ATL

    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    You might want to look at a head unit that supports iDatalink. I replaced my 6 Disk with a Kenwood (but Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, and JVC also have some). Get one with Android Auto and/or Apple Car Play and you really bring the Expo into current day tech.
  22. Cade _ATL

    Adding a 3rd row seat - walkthrough

    @spbagwell Good work! Nice to know there is another local on here (me: midtown). A lot easier to get parts now that the Gen 4 is making it to the local Pull-a-Part yards.
  23. Cade _ATL

    Well - I've been whipped

    Not sure if you have drilled in too far, but the way too remove a broken stud would be to tig weld an extension onto the stud (not onto the head) to give you a good surface to grip and remove.
  24. Cade _ATL

    Aftermarket taillights on 4th gen?

    @PUR PONY : Those would be cool to program the 3 vertical red segments to flash sequentially ala old T-Bird, new Mustang, Audi. It even looks like the led module is easily accessible from the back.
  25. Cade _ATL

    November EF Lottery

    On this day of honoring all who served, my thanks. Being the owner of a Gen 4 Explorer (2009 EB V8 4x4), this 2008 Explorer from Schriever AFB, CO seems appropriate: Schriever_AFB_Security_Forces_2008_Explorer_From_the_Collection_of_James_Gillum. Big step up from the crew cab pickups (we...
  26. Cade _ATL

    Anyone Done Mud Flaps?

    Got mine on, fronts easy without pulling wheels, rear needs wheels off . Used the XLT holes for the fronts and the Limited ones for the rear. Found that the little hook on the Driver's rear goes 'behind' the wheel well liner due to that liner's slight offset. Noticed a big reduction in spray up...
  27. Cade _ATL

    Fuel gauge, empty on start up, slowly goes up, intermittent problem...

    The fuel level sender is inside the fuel pump. Not sure if you can replace/repair the sender only or need to replace the pump, but that's the issue.
  28. Cade _ATL

    TMPS Sensors needed for new tires/wheels?

    Get the Huf RDE014 stem sensors from TPMS Direct (uses the same Ford trainer and a lot cheaper than the band ones), 10 years is a good life on the originals, no sense in not replacing them now while the wheel is bare of a tire. I did that when I went from 18" to 16" oem wheels.
  29. Cade _ATL

    Anyone Done Mud Flaps?

    Just got the Ford flaps on amzn for a great price. Was going to do them this weekend, but was way laid. Thanks for the info and video. I have an EB as well. I'll do a close inspect on the XLT vs Limited info as I have rear climate, so not sure if that is the difference or if the power running...
  30. Cade _ATL

    265/65-18 BFG All Terrain on stock 2008 Explorer Limited 4x4

    I had the 18" chrome clad wheels (with the inevitable curb rash on the plastic bonded chrome caps . Went with re-manufactured stock 16" wheels and the stock 16" rubber and upgraded to stem mounted TPMS sensors. About the same price for the wheels and the tires as the tires alone in the 18"...
  31. Cade _ATL

    Salvage Yard PCM Replacement

    The cal sticker is used in the reflash to the truck...
  32. Cade _ATL

    Garage door remote compartment

    Lucky you, you mustn't have a moonroof. The only place convenient I have for my sunglasses is the little cubby just above the Microsoft Sync emblem on the center console.
  33. Cade _ATL

    2007 4.6 timing chain quote$ i got

    Debadged or not, there is no excuse! Later gen IV V8s didn't even come with an engine badge on the body. Still easy to see just by looking at the engine.
  34. Cade _ATL

    Whats up with this spark plug?

    They also changed the spark plug for 2008 - 2010
  35. Cade _ATL

    coin holder?

    The coin holder was displaced by the sync system...
  36. Cade _ATL

    2007 EB Explorer Lumbar Failure

    fyi, I had the same thing, I could hear the motor. Seems the most common failure point is the cable wind spool at the motor assembly, I took mine apart and sure enough, it was shattered. I was able to pull it by reaching up under the cover after just undoing the cover where it meets the seat...
  37. Cade _ATL

    o/d off switch not working 2010 xlt

    It's probably in the switch in the gear shift lever itself, that or the electrical connection at the base of the lever has a corroded terminal.