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    Roaring sound and flashing battery light

    I have an 06 Explorer that has this intermittent problem where the engine makes a loud, "roaring" sound when accelerating from a stop. It sounds like when I used to drive a standard transmission and needed to shift into a higher gear but didn't. This roar doesn't usually start when the car is...
  2. K

    Key stuck in the ignition

    Thanks to those who responded. I thought I would post what was causing my "stuck key" in case anyone else might have a similar problem. I took off the chrome bezel around the shifter handle and the console section under it. There was a loose metal pin about 3 inches long loose under there. I...
  3. K

    Key stuck in the ignition

    The key is stuck in my 2006 Explorer and the only way to get it out is to disconnect the battery. It will turn all the way back to the position where it should release, but it doesn't. I've tried moving the shift handle while pulling on the key, but that doesn't help either. It will start and...
  4. K

    Location of air intake screen 06 explorer

    My 06 explorer is in the shop due to water in the gas after a recent fill up. I asked them to check the ac while they had it. On Max A/C, it has a lower air volume than when on A/C. Had it checked for the same problem a while back while out of town and they said it was a filter that needed...
  5. K

    Trouble codes

    I have a 2006 Explorer. Had been idling high when I took off from a stop and I would drive slower until it seemed to go into the next gear. Yesterday, it was driving ok. I filled up with gas and drove home. My husband drove it a couple of hours later and it was driving very rough and kept dying...
  6. K

    AC comes out floor and dash vents on max ac

    The AC still isn't working correctly. Before this problem started, Max AC was maximum blower speed. Now it blows hardest on AC but is a higher temperature. When we turn it to Max, there is a drop in the force of the air coming out, but the temperature is cooler. If this is due to a "dirty...
  7. K

    AC comes out floor and dash vents on max ac

    We have a 2006 Explorer XLT. Recently, the AC comes out the dash and floor vents when max ac is selected. On a recent trip from Texas to San Diego, the power steering pump went out. We took it to the dealership there and had the pump replaced under the extended warranty. While they had the car...
  8. K

    06 Explorer won't start.

    Yes the engine was turning over but it just wasn't starting, like it would sound if it were out of gas. I had it towed to Ford this morning so we will see. I have the premium care warranty so hopefully, this will be a warranty issue. I have had the same problem others have mentioned of the...
  9. K

    06 Explorer won't start.

    Yes, he cleaned the terminals.
  10. K

    06 Explorer won't start.

    The fuel pump and filter were just replaced. When I left the dealership, I noticed that the airbag light near the speedometer was staying on. By the time I drove back to the dealership, it had gone off. It has been on intermittently since then. The day after I picked it up, there was a slight...