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    brakes question

    Your man is absolutely correct. The fittings are the same as 'old' UK cars from the 1950's and 1960's. UNF thread springs to mind but I might be wrong. Whenever I've made up new brake pipes for my Exs I just re used the old fittings as my local motor factor simply does not understand anything...
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    newbie questions!

    Yes, the 60,000 mile service is the biggie! ALL oils & fluids, spark plugs and all filters. 'Minor' services at my local Ford dealers cost around £120 for engine oil & filter change. Everything else is 'inspect and change if neccesary'. Basically, they change the oil & filter and then give it a...
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    tranmission noise

    I'm a bit confused here. Unless you are driving on a loose surface the transmission should ALWAYS be in the AUTO position. 4X4 or LOW will induce all sorts of horrible noises and vibrations if you drive on a hard surface. Not to mention damage to the drive train. Try searching the forum (or...
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    2000 X-reg North Face for sale

    Please note the new price! Simon H 07770 438935
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    North Face for sale

    Bumping this back up. (Sorry) First to offer £3,000 cash takes it away. No haggling at this price, please! Simon H 07770 438935
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    North Face for sale

    PRICE NOW REDUCED TO £3595 Cheers, Simon H
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    North Face for sale

    Sorry guys, unashamedly bumping this back to the top. I need to sell soon - I just don't have the room to park my fleet. I'm getting fed up of shuffling cars around... Cheers, Simon H Explorer North Face Frontera 2.8TD Skoda Favorit Estate Suzuki SJ420i Dutton Sierra 4X4
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    North Face for sale

    Truck has been sold Simon H
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    North Face for sale

    I REALLY need to move this vehicle. First with £3,000 cash takes it away I don't have any pics yet but I will get some done soon 'cos I'll need 'em for the Auto Trader website when I put it on there. Metallic dark green with dark grey leather and light grey carpets. Money? Looking for...
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    North Face for sale

    North Face for sale £3595 sold
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    2000 X-reg North Face for sale

    Sold. 30/07/07 Simon H
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    Front Screenwash stopped working. HELP please

    I can't remember how accessible the pumps are but as a very basic test I'd try swapping the wires over between the pumps. Now pressing the rear wash switch should run the front pump and the front switch should run the rear. A quick easy test to check if the motors and switches are OK or not. (I...
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    Agree with the above. Extremely likely to be the thermostat. I bought mine direct from the USA from Rock Auto (I think). It was here in 3 days and at half the price from Ford. The Motorcraft stat had travelled around a bit as it was made in Germany, sent to the US and then shipped back across...
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    Front Stabiliser Bar

    USAutomotive in Bedford (I think) have them in stock. I got one last year - cost about £24 inc VAT and next day delivery. Simon H
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    Rear ride leveling

    Nick. Where abouts in Yorkshire are you? I've got a full set of self levelling gubbins off a '97 / '98 Explorer, including shocks and compressor. I don't really want to sell them yet (while I still own an Ex) but I'd be happy to let you borrow the bits and swap them around by way of diagnosing...
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    Lpg Conversion

    I think the Maverick spare is mounted on the door. The Ex will need a 'gate' type carrier (or a swing down type like some Froneras had/have) as it would be impossible to lift the tailgate with a spare wheel on it. Well, not without investing in some seriously industrial gas struts... Fortunately...
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    rear door wanted, UK spec.

    You might have to do a bit of Googling to find the specs but there are 2 legal sizes of digits for UK number plates. There's the size we all know from 99.9% of number plates on cars, vans, trucks, etc and there's a smaller size that is often used on motorcycles. Both sizes are legal on all...
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    Front Fogs - Please Help!!

    Like what Blueka said. They are not fog lights. They are 'long range' driving lamps that come on with main beam. The fog light switch on the dash operates the rear fogs... Simon H
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    Clicking noise from back of Ex

    I know it's not at the back, but could it be the air con clutch engaging / dis-engaging? Simon H
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    Clicking noise from back of Ex

    What Howard said. You could try turning up the radio...;) Simon H
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    clear back lights

    Like these? SImon H
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    fuel savers

    You bet me to it Keith! I was gonna suggest getting a pair of flip flops instead of those rigger boots... Simon H
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    Help with finding a part number.

    Andy, "switch off, jack up so that the axle hangs on the leaf springs, lower to ground and switch on" I think you have to do this first before going to a mechanic. Be sure to jack up the truck by both sides of the frame (chassis) to let the rear axle and springs hang free. Hope this...
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    Ford Explorer/Ranger leaf springs

    I have had no complaints with the standard self levelling system on both Exs I've owned. It copes admirably with loads of camping gear, and it plays with all my disco & karaoke gear. I had it loaded to the roof (rear seats down) with beer and wine on a trip to Calais a couple of years ago. I...
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    Ford Explorer/Ranger leaf springs

    The UK Ford Ranger is not even remotely like the US Ranger which shares some common ancestry with the Explorer. The UK Ford Ranger is really a Mazda (B2500?) with a different label on. I very much doubt that any parts are compatable. Not even the light bulbs. You can lose the ride height system...
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    How to remove rear glass?

    I don't suppose they're left hand thread for some freaky reason that only Ford know about? They used to do it with transit wheel nuts (but I DO know why... it's to confuse the apprentices at ATS...) Simon H
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    Petrol consumption vs speed

    That's more than impessive. It's stunning!!! Simon H
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    Ball Joints

    I never said it would be easy!! I haven't done these jobs on an Explorer but I suspect that the biggest stumbling block for a home DIYer would be gaining access to a suitable press for fitting the new ball joints. I hate getting ripped off in the UK when parts are a fraction of the cost in the...
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    Ball Joints

    Buy the parts from America! Then DIY or pay a friendly mechanic to do the labour. list a variety of makes of bottom ball joints (separate ones, not with wishbone) from $9.15 to $29.79 US Dollars. Outer CV joint boots are $7.37 USD each and inners are $9.52 US Dollars each...
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    Petrol consumption vs speed

    Don't quote me on on this but I'd expect around 18 - 20 mpg at a steady 65 mph up hill / down dale. 15 - 17 mpg at a steady 80 - 85 mph. What I do know is that after 10 or 15 miles of 65mph motorway driving you'll get bored and do the rest of the journey somewhat faster... (despite the pain in...
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    No kickdown or OD

    Sorry, I can't help but I will watch this thread with interest! My Ex has is seriously reluctant to downshift and at times it seems like it's about to stall before it changes down. I'm not talking about kickdown here, this happens when plodding along at 30 or 40 mph and then encountering a...
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    Recommendation for (USA)

    I will add to your endorsement. I have ordered a few parts from them and they are always cheaper than UK suppliers (even with P&P) and they are often quicker. In a few days you will get a follow up email from them with a discount code for future orders. Cool! Simon H
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    Busy Busy Busy

    Hammering a big screwdriver through the oil filter is usually good enough to get enough leverage to loosen it. Messy, but effective. Mind you, if it doesn't work you're in deep doo doo... Simon H
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    I've bought parts from cheaper than buying in the UK even with postage. I like their ordering process as the shipping costs are calculated at the checkout - you don't have to email them and hang around waiting for a reply. AND they accept Pay Pal as a method of payment. Simon H
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    2 things - tyre pressures and clock!

    On the 7000 RDS-EON I'm fairly sure the display can be switched between 'frequency' or 'time'. It's in the menus somewhere. There are 2 lots of menus. A short press on the button lets you scroll through one lot. A long press on the button reveals another lot. Somewhere in there you should find...
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    Keep the Ex! You'll be sick of the sight of the Astra if you work in it all day and then use it for your social transport as well. Simon H
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    Insurance (again...)

    Hmmm... I quite enjoy phoning them to say that I won't be renewing my insurance because I've got a better quote. When they say "We could run you a new quote" or even "we can match it" I simply remind them that if they had given me their 'best' price for my renewal in the first place we...
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    Paint Help

    ISTR that the colour code for the black used on 1997ish Explorers is UA. Look on the VIN plate/label for something like that. I can't remember what the black is called, though... Simon H
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    New Bumpers!

    Just needs the grille colour coding now... Simon H
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    Insurance (again...)

    Norwich Union (Simple Cover) quoted me £421. Norwich Union Direct £505... Simon H