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    Stock Explorer Off Road?

    I don't mean to insult, but I'm curious if by "15 inch tires" you mean stock height. You don't have 15" tires, you have 15" wheels. Stock tires are about 28" in diameter. Bigger tires will help and will not require that you buy new wheels. You can easily fit 30" tires on a stock truck. I had...
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    auto or manual hubs ?

    I don't mean to be the voice of decent, but my factory auto hubs have stood the test pretty well. Then again, my whole truck is factory and has stood the test more than most. Maybe it's 33" plus tires that are destroying everyone's hubs. *shrug* If you're going to do a lift and all that...
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    im new to this and dont know where to start :S

    Welcome!! You're at the right place, that's for sure. My 94 XLT has done plenty and never given me any trouble. Then again, I suppose I earned the name "Idiot Stocker" and I have no fear of dents. I'm guessing your sport is a stick shift. That saves you from the dreaded auto tranny...
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    Texas Lost High Way Route 87

    Jeez. I would so love to do this. Not only have I been away from the forum for a couple of weeks (moving... no not a house... another apartment :( ) but as usual, I'm heavily involved in my church's Christmans musical and we are performing this weekend. Ah well. I look forward to the...
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    Colorado Summer Run 2005 July 22-24

    ;) Do you have a blankey to keep your truck warm? LOL Since you cut the roof off, it might get a bit nippy at altitude. As long as the weather holds, you'll be fine, but those down-draft winds and summer storms can get cold quick.
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    Colorado Summer Run 2005 July 22-24

    For those of you worried about your daily drivers, here's some advice from the idiot stocker... At CCR 2001 I ran with the modifieds most of the time. I didn't get enough pictures of my rig to put together a report on my web site, which I'm still mad about 3 years later. :rolleyes: I...
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    DFW Area Truck Show

    Helloooo. I know some of you Texas boys would like to show off your rigs. I'll bet you could swing by Hooters on the way and get some of those pictures you guys love so much. (I've seen the pictures. You can't deny it! :confused: )
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    DFW Truck show

    Any takers? Check out this thread...
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    DFW Area Truck Show

    Trophy Nissan in Dallas is putting on a truck show (open to all breeds) at Town East Mall on October 23rd. Trophies and prizes for various categories Hi-Lift is sponsering the event No-cost raffle Catered food Radio station remote DJ I've got a co-worker in the SW Xterra club. He...
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    International Ups the Ante on SUVs

    The New International CXT - Four doors, a pick-up bed, and a 20-ton hitch. :confused: I can't wait to see one of these stuck on a trail somewhere. "Sorry, man. My tow strap is only rated for 10,000 pounds."
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    F/A-37 Talon

    This is a movie prop. Notice the film crew in the bottom of one of the pictures. Also notice the style of helment worn by the pilot. Military pilots wear hemlets with O2 masks that cover your face. Can't go covering up the face of your movie star, now can you. Edit: Heh.. Brian did his...
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    Anyone in TX

    Hey all. I've been under a rock for the last couple of months and didn't know this tread was still alive. All you new guys, ain't no shame in wheelin' a stocker! Mine's done just fine. (I just moved my web site to a new server, so this link may not work for a few days.)...
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    Gilmer, TX 4-24-04

    The day after God invented mud, he invented Husky Floor Liners!! Of course, it also helps if you have DOORS! :rolleyes: Growing up around Amarillo, (Palo Duro Canyon, Canadian River) you learn that red mud is forever. If you don't want it stained, don't get it muddy. John/MSupertek...
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    I expect a full report, with pics and videos first thing Monday morning. GOT IT?! :hammer: Say Supertek, e-mail me and I'll swing down to your shop sometime to pick up that video from August.
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Well, that tears it! I'm not coming! Camo is against my religion, you pagan *******! Kidding. :p It doesn't look like I'm going to make it. I've got stuff going on that I can't miss. Plus, at 1.67/gal, gas is going to kill me. Sorry gang.
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    There's still a chance I'll be coming down. Probably driving 2's and a couple of 3's (Clydes and Whatever) on Saturday, riding Sunday. But as yet, I can't promise, so don't wait for me. Is someone bringing video? I'm a pretty good videographer for runs I don't drive.
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Very well spoken. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as fond of dents as I am. :hammer: (Plus, I still want to see your video from last August!!)
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Holy-Bend-Me-Over-Batman! See if SVO has a scrap tranny! That's just stupid expensive. You could always stop over in El Paso and make a night run to Juarez. :chug: Of course, there's an even chance you won't be able to drive on the next day. If it ain't the taquila it's the Policia...
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Ack!! :banghead: You guys are killing me. Now you've got newbies AND the Pumpkin coming! Grrrrrr. I hate this no-wheeling-until-we-have-a-house business. I read a few pages back where someone thought about having a moderate/little dawg group for the newbies and folks not willing to get...
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    Where did April fools come from ?

    All I can find on the net relates it to the Gregorian Calendar change. But I have a magazine article that relates it to a Christian saint who lived around 300 AD, Aprilius. Of course, this whole article could be a big April Fool's Day trick. I don't know. "St. Aprilius lived in a part of...
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Hey SWAK. Still thing you want to try Dewoody?? I've got a write up here.
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    Planning Stages - Next Texas Run

    Now, if that's the first thing you read after not checking the thread for a few weeks, it can be taken WAAAY out of context. For a minute I thought I was on the WRONG forum. *smirk*
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    Rolled Ranger. Ouch!

    Yeah, roll bars are over-rated. :rolleyes: You don't need them as long as your three feet tall or your spine works like a slinky.
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    gears and tire size

    To maintian you current "power to the ground" feel, use a simple ratio. (Ahh algebra) ( (cur. gear) / (cur. tire diameter) ) X (new tire diameter) = (required gear) If you've got 3.27s and are running 28" tires, 32" tires would require 3.73 gears to keep the same feel. (3.27 / 28) X 32...
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    I got skills, I got game!

    Excuse my ignorance, but what movie is that from? French Stewart cracks me up.
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    Janet Jacksons Boob

    Nice one Chris. :) Before the show even started, I was thinking of the washed up angle. Justin and Janet are washed up which makes them perfect for the half time show. The whole "oops 100 million people saw my pasty" thing just put a big, ugly exclaimation point on it. As soon as I saw...
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    Bought a ST Body to modify...

    Rather than have one go inside the other, you should cut off the "overlap" so that the two ends meet flush, then use the overlap underneith the seem to give it strength. This will take care of the uneven surface. But it will require very precise cutting. Given that you're mating two designs...
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    Nice Brakes!!

    When I got BamBam back from my ex-wift, she had put 27,000 miles on it in about 4 months (don't ask me how) and had not changed the oil. It ran like crap. The first oil change came out of the drain like pancake syrup, literally. I changed the oil about four times in two weeks with some BG...
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    Gilmer- Dec. 28th

    Aww you guys... In the high country it's not camping unless the zipper on the tent gets iced over and traps you inside! :p The last few years I was in Colorado they had fire bans, so you couldn't even have a nice warm camp fire. It sucks warming your hands over a coleman stove. Sure wish...
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    Coochy coochy coo!!

    What gets me is the category... Educational & instructional.... Ummm... ??? I've never really understood fetish folk. Maybe I'm just too simple to get it. A nice booty, and some pert yabos do the trick for me.
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    stupid people at its finest....

    Anything that involves matches and the phrase "Damn skippy" can't end well.
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    Talk about an eye opener!

    Yep. Someone is watching out for you. Have you stopped to say thanks? :) Jesus Loves You Anyway
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    Range Rover slider for Explorers?

    When I approached a custom 4x4 shop in Colorado Springs with my design, which used the pinch weld and the frame, they said, "No way." They told me that you need more "cushion" between the rock rail and the body, or else the rail could crush the rockers up into the doors. Thus a body mounted...
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    Why you should stop smoking...

    I couldn't contain my laughter (here at work), so I had to let our office admin watch it too (She sits in the next cube). She made this really funny sound, like gagging and laughing at the same time. It was kinda creepy.
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    Turbine powered motorcycle.

    Wouldn't it have that same old tubine problem though? Turbine cars of the 60's took like five minutes to get the revs up enough to engage the transmission. This is the reason that those viper guys brag about beating an F-16 in the quarter mile. The F-16 doesn't exactly jump off the line...
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    whats your pirate name???

    Strange that no one else's was even close to mine. Black William Vane Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people...
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    Its SNOW SEASON!! Lets see those PICS! (Dial UP BEWARE)

    These are from the good ol' days in Colorado. *pout* It was in the 90s in Dallas last week. We finally made it down to the 50's today. Rampart Range Road, Jan. '00 Saxton Road, May '01 I'm pretty sure that last one bent something in my front end. I've never been able...
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    A suZUKI video running through the snow on Tracks!!

    I couldn't view the video, but I guess that's what I get for trying to watch in the classroom it during my MicroSoft MCSD training class. :D
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    what kind of heater to heat one car garage?

    I believe that propane exhaust is C02 and water vapor, so there's no danger other than getting enough fresh air for you to breath. Still, in such a small space, I think I'd opt for an electric, especially since you're not paying for it. The new oil filled radiator types put out a fair amount...
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    Halloween prank that didn't go as expected.

    Actually, I was thinking what a great marksman the guy must be. Two head shots, and you know they were in a hurry. That ain't easy. What he seems to have forgotten is the warning... "Stop. I have a gun." That would have saved everybody a lot of trouble. I've got nothing against packin'...