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  1. J

    4.0 SOHC Performance Motor Build

    As for the SuperSix cams, we did not use those. We used new old stock cams fresh out of the box. Im told that a cam can be reground once and maintain its durability. I have no tests to confirm nor refute that so after ours were ground and the journals all looked over, we had them heat...
  2. J

    4.0 SOHC Performance Motor Build

    Just a bit to clarify. I don't mean to discourage anyone from building a NA SOHC. Just understand that if its going to be street driven, you are unlikley to get much more power then I did. We came in right at our predicted output. The heads were SuperSix stage three. Used their stainless...
  3. J

    4.0 SOHC Performance Motor Build

    Got away from the Explorer for a while, other projects with more potential, and only so much time. Also the ultimate result was a bit embarrassing. Went full out crazy with the 4.0 SOHC NA engine build. Two major caveates, had another well known shop do all the work and it had to appear...
  4. J

    Radio LED display fix!!!

    The Dorman board does not work with my head unit. As mentioned above, it too has the "RDS" button and a CD changer in the center console. Still looking for a fix. If Pioneer still had the parts Id buy a big ole bag of them.
  5. J

    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    Im using Capistrano Ford to replace my engine. 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. Very reasonable price too. Original engine had 275,000 miles. Blew head gasket towing at high altitude 2 years ago. It would use 1/2 gallon of coolant every 150 miles but never mixed coolant with oil. Had...
  6. J

    Just loaded 5 sand bags

    Also a left coaster. Cali has a staged requirement such as 4WD with snow tires or chains on drive wheels. The initial stage just requires that you have appropriate chains in the vehicle. You don't have to have them installed but you have to carry them with you. The final stage requires 4WD...
  7. J

    Rear end scraping noise when coasting

    You would likely end up with an improper gear contact pattern. That is what the shims do. Personally, I have someone with much more experience do them for my street cars. On the track, Im not so concerned. I do a decent enough job. Gonna rebuild every race anyhow.
  8. J

    Rear end scraping noise when coasting

    My guess, rear differential carrier bearings.
  9. J

    '02 4.0 weird timing chain rattle

    I don't think adding a pre luber will solve your problem, but it certainly won't hurt. If the chain is rattling, I believe a guide has already failed. Having said that, mine has 120,000 hard miles since the chains started rattling and they haven't failed yet. I fully realize it is just a...
  10. J

    Really rough idle, half open throttle to start, high rpm, exhaust red glowing

    A catalytic converter that glows red is getting a bunch of raw fuel. Investigate causes; horrible timing, bad plugs/wires/coils/distributor (since your distributor and coil is common to both sides this is very unlikely), misrouted wires, bad O2 sensors (is the CEL light on?). If the O2...
  11. J

    Engine dies, won't start, then starts.

    I vote fuel pump again.
  12. J

    Transfer case fluid brown/milky

    Thats what I meant. They did wear some. Maybe not enough to worry about. Just fix that vent tube.
  13. J

    Transfer case fluid brown/milky

    That sounds like water to me too. Might have experienced some wear on gears and chain. I all spins engaged on not. Not much to do except inspect or replace vent tube. Replace fluid as you already did. Then drive her till she fails. If you didn't get much wear due to lack of lube from...
  14. J

    What else would you do while replacing an Engine

    Change the front diff fluid, service trans, look at front trans (input shaft) and inspect gasket for any seaping, new O2 sensors, new fuel lines, new water hoses, flush power stearing fluid.
  15. J

    I know, I know, I know...

    5.0 and 4R70 is a fairly reliable combo. Keep the 5r55e cool and change the fluid and they are OK too but probably less reliable overall then the 4r70. The V8's only come with a viscus single speed transfer case. V8 with 4 speed, SOHC V6 with 5 speed is dealers choice. If stock, the SOHC is...
  16. J

    Rear Glass Hinge broke

    It happens, mine did. Easy job but good parts are hard to find. Dealer parts are crazy expensive. There are several interesting alternative solutions posted on the forum.
  17. J

    Where Is The A/C Orifice Tube Located?

    Poor AC performance.
  18. J

    Blend door acyuator blues

    Do you have the manual (one with knobs you turn) or the EATC (one with digital readout)? The 604-202 is the correct one for my manual unit. Just put it in 2 weeks ago. Works fine.
  19. J

    V6 vs V8

    How about the transfer case? Are they the same?
  20. J

    engine swap from mustang to explorer?

    Man 20 mpg isn't bad. Im not sure I own anything that gets 20 mpg. Certainly not my Explorer.
  21. J

    Emissions testing facility can't read OBD code 03 Explorer

    So two different locations communicated with your computer via the OBD II port. The smog shop can not. First, go to another smog station and see if they can. If so, get it passed by them. Then report the other shop to the state. File a complaint with the BBB and let your experience be known...
  22. J

    XL-rated tires: Normal driving vs. Towing

    I run floatation tires. Their max weight rating is calculated at 50 psi. I run them at 50 psi all of the time but with all my off road mods, ride isn't a concern.
  23. J

    Has anyone broken a driveshaft?

    NHRA requires it near the front so you do not become a pole vaulter when the universal joint fails. If the rear fails, it "may" drag on the ground but if the lopp is properly sized, it should not thrash around too much. Nothing wrong with looping both ends but you really do need a loop near...
  24. J

    Completed Project My 98 super charged EX

    Nice increase in torque under the curve. You are still making very good power at the end of the pull (6200 rpm?). I would be looking at increasing my shift rpm if HP doesn't fall off much faster beyond 6200 rpm. Assuming the internals will take higher RPM limits. I didn't really expect that...
  25. J

    Transmission Fluid type for the 98 Explorer?

    I have no experience with that product but the 1998 Explorers do not use Type F ATF.
  26. J

    On A Mission for MORE POWER in California

    Yep, passing smog gets more difficult every day. The CARB web site discourages even repairing a head or valves as you will likely not be in compliance. In stead, they recommend replacing with stock parts. Either new or salvaged. You see, technically, even a polish and port job is illegal as...
  27. J

    On A Mission for MORE POWER in California

    Don't forget, he wanted to stay CA smog legal. All of that is out. The accu fab throttle body is a dead givaway. The rest should go un-noticed, as long as the cam remains fairly mild. It will likely pass the smog sniffer test but not the visual. You just can't get much more than stock and...
  28. J

    A/C Not working (leaking?)

    Do you happen to know when Ford converted the Explorer to R 134a?
  29. J

    A/C Not working (leaking?)

    Didn't know the high pressure hose can't be flushed but then I've never worked on a first Gen Explorer. The "muffler" you referred to, is it a thump tube or something else. Those are usually out of the line of the actual flow path for the hose.
  30. J

    On A Mission for MORE POWER in California

    In response to your question about high flow Cat's in CA. No they are not legal. The only Cat's that can be used in CA (law changed a few years ago) are direct replacement Cat's for your specific vehicle,engine and year. They must also be located in the exact factory location. Thats how...
  31. J

    A/C Not working (leaking?)

    If you are replacing the other stuff, you might as well replace the condenser too. Flush the hoses with cleaner. That's pretty much it.
  32. J

    T/case upgrade

    The Superlift shaft is a double cardan style shaft. If its is still available.
  33. J

    A/C (HVAC) Problems

    Never use anything with sealer. Always replace accumulator/dryer if system is opened. Look at under hood tag for correct amount of refrigerant and oil (by weight) for a complete system charge. Replace O rings at all contections that are opened with the proper type of O ring. The previous...
  34. J

    Help for specifications of Ford 8.8" rear axel

    Never noticed the offset. So much for powers of observation, and I've had it completly apart. Think I'll check that to see if its true. How do the Mustang guys looking for a little stronger rear end use ours if ours are offset and theirs are not? Not questioning your info, just wondering.
  35. J

    Mercon V ATF for both trans and power steering

    Two thoughts; Ford sells specific fluid for transfer cases and power steering now that Mercon V has "replaced" Mercon. Doing some in depth PS research for another project, I have found that all manufactureres recommend against using PS or any ole trans fluid in their PS units and insist on...
  36. J

    Completed Project My 98 super charged EX

    How is the exhaust at highway cruising speeds? Any droan?
  37. J

    Transmission fluid flow

    On my '98 SOHC, the upper port on the radiator is flow coming from the trans, the lower port is the return to the trans.
  38. J

    AC quit...compressor?

    The refrigerant level was excessivly low. The compressor stopped functioning as it should so as not to burn up. You replaced enough refrigerant that the compressor started to work again. The high side pressure fluctuated wildly as is normal when the refrigerant level is still low. As you...
  39. J

    AC quit...compressor?

    So do you have cool air? If refrigerant is now at normal level with compressor running and fan and AC are set to high, you should have cool air.
  40. J

    33's on 15's

    33's generally require either a substantial lift or trimming. A few Explorers get away with a minor lift (TT and something equivalent in the rear) and very little trimming.