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  1. Robrt32

    70 camaro in rehab

    that is awesome...
  2. Robrt32

    Defeated by the &^%$ Fuel Filter Clips

    Best thing I ever done was doing away with that nonsense.
  3. Robrt32

    Forum Support Requested - Vote for Us! WE WON!!

    I voted for ya, looks like you GOT THIS!
  4. Robrt32

    I got the window motor blues!

    I changed ALL the switches, same thing.. I can check it with the voltage meter and got 13 volts on both pins with the engine running.. I give up, I have the right current all the way to the motor just like the other side but yet the motor wont turn.. Its haunted or just not meant to be
  5. Robrt32

    I got the window motor blues!

    yes, does the same thing... I just checked the voltage on the passenger side and has 10.06 on both pins, slightly less but it works perfectly
  6. Robrt32

    I got the window motor blues!

    I been trying to fix my left rear window motor. I have 3 different motors and I can not believe ALL 3 are doing the same thing. It will roll up like a champ but wont roll down. I took it back out and plugged it in , it won't turn the motor but that one way.. Its HARD for me to believe all 3...
  7. Robrt32

    Stalls Suddenly

    pull the codes... even if the CL isn't on.. From my understanding there could be stored codes
  8. Robrt32

    Temp Guage Goes up and Down

    Mine has been doing the same thing for over a year now since I bought it... I tried and tried to fix it.. I don't look at it anymore. I put a manual gauge in,, It fluctuates SOME but not near as much as the factory gauge does.
  9. Robrt32

    autozone duralast brake rotors

    You know if what you say is true yo may have just touched on the issue. When people go a while with bad brakes then replace it. They hard stop a few times trying out the new brakes not realizing they messing up the seat. I didn't do any hard stopping because I never do anyway . I'm a slow...
  10. Robrt32

    how to eliminate the push button 4wd

    It works on mine but I have yet to get in a place I need it..... 4 hi carries me everywhere I need to go
  11. Robrt32


    I have 2 sets of auto hubs I will never use.. 1 set I know it good, the other set MAY just need cleaning.. I kept them, somebody from here or elsewhere may want them one day
  12. Robrt32

    Help me please! I have knocking after a tune up.

    I would almost bet money its wired up wrong... that fits..... How did it run BEFORE the tune up? Like does now or better?
  13. Robrt32

    Anti Rattle Clips for Brakes

    I bought the pads from Advance Auto and I didn't have much money so I'm sure they are the cheap stuff........ I will upgrade next pay day and see what that does for me
  14. Robrt32

    Fuel Filter Replacement.

    Worst design Ive ever seen of a fuel filter... I completely changed the set up with compression fittings.. I now buy a filter for 7250 Case International tractor for my replacements.. takes me longer to get the shield off than it does to disconnect the and change the filter..Best thing I ever...
  15. Robrt32

    Anti Rattle Clips for Brakes

    Mine did the same thing.. The clips fixed the rattle for a while now its right back doing it
  16. Robrt32

    What can get wet

    I put new plugs and wires today.. Its suppose to rain tomorrow, I will see if it helped..I was hoping to find some cracks or breaks in the old wires, I didn't.. I got a parts truck with a coil on it... I will swap it if it continues and see if that helps
  17. Robrt32

    What can get wet

    Any ideas on this? I went through some ruts full of water yesterday going to a deer stand and it done the same thing. It cuts out when you accelerate.. You can only run about 35 or 40 until whatever it is dries back out. No light, no codes
  18. Robrt32

    code 186

    no codes..... I'm proud that fixed it because its locking like charm every time now
  19. Robrt32

    code 186

    Torque Converter
  20. Robrt32

    Temp gauge spikes

    Did you burp the cooling system? Mine still swings a little but not as much as your desribing
  21. Robrt32

    code 186

    I finally got around to cleaning the MAF, last week.. I been busy as a cat covering up ...............never mind... anyhow It fixed my CEL and get this. My TC now locks up perfectly!! Is this a Co-Inky-Dink or would a dirty MAF cause it not to lock?
  22. Robrt32

    Knocking when hitting bumps

  23. Robrt32

    What can get wet

    It runs fine now that its dry, should change the coil pack ? wires ? both? avoid pools of water?
  24. Robrt32

    What can get wet

    I'm kinda wondering if I have some bad spark plug wires. I may buy a new set tomorrow and if that doesn't fix it , I guess I change the coil pack off my 92 parts truck. It idles fine, but if you try and get above 1500 RPM it cuts out spits sputter pops. No CEL , no codes
  25. Robrt32

    What can get wet

    about my explorer that causes to act just like the old distributor Fords would do? I just went to town , ran fine on the way. I got almost to the store and met a car, it forced me into a big puddle of water. It splashed all over the hood and windshield, it was GOOD splash. Well now it acts just...
  26. Robrt32

    Disc brake anti-rattle clips...?

    The Anti rattle clips worked like a charm
  27. Robrt32

    Ok to take this Off?

    also pull all the carpet and seats but the drivers, less weight and no riders.... Sure to free up some weight... get rid of the bumpers would shuck a couple 100 also....ha ha
  28. Robrt32

    Transmission won't bolt up

    Get some longer bolts so you can hang the trans but don't tighten them up till binds ... Get your bolts run up till there barely touching the trans and shake the fool out it from the tail end.... It SHOULD pop on in.... Ive had luck like that with other tranny's
  29. Robrt32

    Any different in a 92 and 94 front axles?

    thanks, I will check the ball joints, if they show ANY sign of wear, they will be replaced...
  30. Robrt32

    Any different in a 92 and 94 front axles?

    I need to replace all u-joints in the front axles and front drive shaft. I have never been into these front ends and would rather pull the parts off my parts truck for 2 reasons. Get all new joints and seals ready to be put back together before I tear mine down PLUS I rather learn how on it...
  31. Robrt32

    Please Help! Rear Defrost wont work

    I will be following this thread.... I never figured out why mine doesn't work.. I tried several times last winter to no avail. Fuse is good. Its hooked up and the light does come on , on the stitch it just doesn't do any thing
  32. Robrt32

    code 186

    I got this code "thanks to Doonze} a 186, Where do I start , Cleaning the MAF? Its been about a year since I cleaned it, Also my air filter box isn't quite right. Some of the tabs are broken that hold it tight.. I got it zip tied down and THINK its sealed.. I got another box. I just gotta take...
  33. Robrt32

    How To: Pull Trouble Codes on a 1st Gen Explorer (paperclip method)

    I recorded my light, can somebody read it for me?? This is with the engine off, key on
  34. Robrt32

    How To: Pull Trouble Codes on a 1st Gen Explorer (paperclip method)

    THANKS MAN, Now that I UNDERSTAND!!!.... I'm going to do this as soon as I get off work this morning!! THANKS A LOT!!
  35. Robrt32

    Very frustrated.... temp needle swinging woes still!!!!!!!

    Mine does it too, but the engine is not over heating.. I don't worry about it anymore.. I too can go a week and it work perfectly, then it will act crazy, without trying to fix anything.. Every older truck I ever owned had its on demons, Ive chalked it up to that, until something breaks, I'm not...
  36. Robrt32

    Grease fitting

    There maybe different sizes but Ive never seen it, from heavy equipment down to boats all the same size
  37. Robrt32

    TC not locking all the time

    I noticed yesterday when it doesn't lock up, If I press on the gas a little harder , say 65-70 mph without it locked. I do get a check engine light.. Soon as I slow back to 55 it goes out.. I can run 85 when it IS locked and don't get the light.. The only thing to do is , read that thread some...
  38. Robrt32

    TC not locking all the time

    How would I go about checking that?.. Do they have to be set? or just bolt on?
  39. Robrt32

    How to remove Fuel Filter?

    Mine was HELL so much so that I redesigned it with another style...... Other say theirs weren't bad..... try this it may help you
  40. Robrt32

    TC not locking all the time

    I'm not good at all. Ive read those threads and don't get it.. I will check and clean the connections soon as the weather permits. I drove a 80 mile round trip this morning, going it never locked on the way back it locked perfect every time..Another question are the solenoids the same in a 91 as...