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    Leak in my 01 Explorer Sport

    Somewhere...somehow....there's a leak in my 01 Explorer Sport. It's on the passenger side...somewhere. After a couple instances where there have been torrential downpours, my passenger side seat, floor, and even back seat have been soaked in water. (As it's parked outside, all the time) So...
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    Loose gear shifter... and what is this bolt?

    Had the same problem on my 01 Explorer Sport. Took it to my transmission guy, who said it was the "PRINDL" effect (Except without the L). What happened was, what the gear shifter said the gear was, was not actually the gear. Park worked only some of the time (Which was fun with no functioning...
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    people in CT?

    Hi I'm new to the forum and I'm from Madison. There's a couple nice trails here, but I'm wondering if there are any other (and perhaps better) trails around. I'm all stock too, so nothing too rugged.