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    Really Enjoying My 2011 Explorer

    Ford Emplyees have earned my thanks. Took delivery 4-15-11. Platinum, polished wheels, limited, four buckets, navigation, trailer package, blind spot. Every ride is a new joy. No problems with anything and continue to find new little things that make this thing more enjoyable. I can't...
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    Offer me a hug and tell me it'll be OK

    I lived what you are going through. Some nice guy told me in this forum to not get to uptite. I waited and he was correct. I would not change a thing about my options or the car. Everything is a pleasure. Constant compliments on the design and a pleasure to drive. You bought a great vehicle...
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    What type of gas milage has everyone been getting on 2011 Explorers???

    MPG the first 1000. Limited AWD wide range of conditions. 17 to 23. currently at average of 21. Love everything about this vehicle.
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    Some shine better.

    Just got my new platinum limited. How is it that some explorers in these photos seem to shine like glass. There must be some secret to making the paint so shiney. Any ideas will be apprechiated and hopefully tried. Thanks again for all the great help. Philip Odenweller
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    Wallpaper problems

    Having a blast with all the features on this X. Please help me find out where I can get the details about loading photos for wallpaper. The X says 32 photos at certain details but I can't seem to make this work. Thanks for any help. Philip Odenweller
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    What's your status?

    At the dealer Ordered 2-25, build week 4-11, unloaded at dealer 4-22, sign papers and drive off 4-25, thanks for all the info. Philip Odenweller
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    Easter present.

    Just got a call from my dealer. They were in the process of unloading my new x. Ordered 2-25-11, build week 4-11=11, at dealer 4-22-11. We will pick it up Monday or Tuesday 4-25 or 4-26. At time of order they guessed 6 weeks. I had no idea of the supply and demand status. Platinum exterior...
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    Type of fuel

    Still waiting on my new limited X. I saw somewhere that this new explorer required premium fuel. What is the fact here? Thanks Phil Odenweller
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    Need possitive feedback. ( any feedback )

    I am waiting on a platium limited, 301, second row buckets, voice activated navigation, luxury seating, bliss, moonroof, trailer package, polished aliminum, mud guards, and inflatable belts. Build date 4-11-11. The problem is all the problems I read about in this forum. I can't tell how serious...
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    Ordered 3/15 and got VIN # today!

    Seems strange how similar or close this story is to mine. Same color, options, and just like you I never drove one. Have owned lots of fords and I trust the quality. I can make final decission when I see and drive. If anything concerns me it is all the stories about computer problems. I have a...
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    How to contact Seni

    Have a build week of 4-11-11 for a limited. How do you communicate with Seni to get more info on dates or sticker. Thanks Philip Odenweller
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    Sync ver 2.6?

    I appreciate your opinion about the software. Also like your taste of cars and colors. I have a build date of 4-11-2011. Have owned a couple of nice explorers, one mountaineer, and a couple of lincolns. Have had great luke with all. We also come from Ohio. We are waiting for limited platinum...
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    4-11-2011 build date.

    Anyone have a 4-11 build date. I have a order in for latinum limited, polished wheels, black interior with four buckets. Orded about a month ago. Dealer said sometime in April. Have a droid2 to use and hope all goes well. I love all the info on this site. Thanks Spoiled Rotten.
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    She's here!

    Great photo. I am waiting can't duplicate the palm tree cause I live up north, but I will have a photo in about a month. Have a manufacture date of 4-11-11. Thanks again for all the interesting stuff.
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    Which Color??

    Black Mountaineer to Platinum Explorer
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    Having fun waiting:

    This is a tough market to decide on a vehicle. To many sharp vehicles to choose from. Made a decision to order explorer limited Tri White with four buckets, Nav and more. Can't believe my other choice was a pickup. Thanks for all the interesting reading.:navajo: