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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    I think i got most of it. I mean it's only a '67 so the lights are 60% of the wiring. After a few other things i am going to redo it all.
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    yep that's what i was thinking using the old wires to power the relays then relays to power lights. The only questions i have left are 1.would 2 30 amp foglamp relay be fine one for the high and one for the low and 10 amp for the 16 gauge wire to the turns? Just to be safe. 2.would i use a 30...
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    You got it the host is rejecting the implant:D would tell ya what to look for but idk to much about them maybe the mounts. I been looks and alot of ppl with just grab w/e mounts they can find and they wear out way to fast.
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    So i take it ur not going to get it?
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    I haven't started yet but thinks for the info Sandy im going to be doing the rear lights this week end and when i got time the head lights. The work now just kinda dull. The wires that go to the head light now run right next to the battery and wear i was going to mount the relay. I was going to...
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    LOL it took me 3 days to figure it out but i kinda did. I think 12-GA wire will be fine for the rear light and 14 -GA for the head light.
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    No trailer harness not that lucky. Ya i HAVE to b/c i took a better look and the not so OE one and it was cracked and messed up. I really just need to know what size wire,fuse to use b/c the end are still good. Also my head light are dime voltage at the light is about 9.2V(40 year old wires will...
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    Redoing my blinkers and other light need help

    I just got a 67 ford F-100 and none of the blinkers,stop or head lights on. Lights works and i need to get this on the road asap. This is what i got so far.
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    ya i know so do all my friends:D only bad thing it 2 days and i still don't have any of the turn, brakes or night light to work:( so i have to redo the hole thing but don't really know how or wear to start.
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    From what i have looked up the 351c was built to be a in between the small blocks and big black sizes but still considered a small block.
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    I just saw it last year on a drive b/c i was bored and went the other day for a drive saw it with only 1500 on the window so i had to get it and why have you not got it yet???
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    Engine ID tag location

    I just got me a 67 f-100 with a swapped in 351c. Im looking to find the engine ID on the block but need to know wear to clean off some oil and look. Looked all over the top by the coil but didn't find anything so wear are some other location ford but them at. To see the trunk go hear :)
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    not much as of now just tune up and stuff like that msd coil, distributor stuff like that, but one day when i have a 30+ MPG DD i will beef it up a lot maybe 12's-13's in the 1/4 mile:)
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    I been gone but i came back with this

    well i haven't been on for a good bit. Witch is a good thing b/c it mean nothing is wrong with my EX :D and after speeding $500 on some parts it better stay that way. I been in the market for a new car and finally found one i just love.......................................................a...
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    Ford is sued for making too many 'limited edition' Mustangs.

    ^you got that right complete BS hell 200 is still limited if you ask me and being 100 of 07 or 08 still makes it limited. If ford just starting rolling them out as fast as they can it would be a different story. Hell if i had 60k i could build some thing one of a kinda and be just as good...
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    New Cluster + Paint

    are you talking about the rubber thing at the bottom of the cup holder? If so that should just pop out.
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    fuel filter wont come off?

    it's the 3/8 size if i remember correct. Slide it on bush the line and tool in to the filer and then it should pop off.
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    Ford is sued for making too many 'limited edition' Mustangs.

    God sounds like some ppl need to get a life.
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    Has anyone ever gotten a truck painted at Maaco?

    The problem with MAACO is they don't do a lot of prep work. I seen PPL do all the sanding and what not then had them just paint and lasted till they sold the car. Also one hear has a 5 year warranty on pealing, fading and all that stuff.
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    Has anyone converted their truck to run on propane? Here's a Video of my LP test.

    Not on a car but in 10th grade in shop class i made a riding lawn mower run on LP. Had to start it with a shot of starter fluid but ran for 10 mints at a time while cutting.
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    I'm confused...

    Not sure but i seen messages like that b/4 and most of the time the site is messed up and it's not listed or something like that.
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    Will sea foam unstick a hydro lifter?

    2nd that not a good idea at all to do it for to long. It thins out the oil and all the gunk that it loosens up will clog up the filter and can mess up the oil pump.
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    My new Parts list and a few pics:D

    I been putting off some needed work and i finally got the time to do it. I need to do the u-joints, shocks, routers, pads, and bearings. This is what i just picked up today but b/4 i put anything on i need to know if they are good or should i take some then back and get something different...
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    What gun do you carry everyday???

    I don't have a hand gun yet been to broke to buy the one i want but i keep my benelli nova 12 GA by my bed with 00 buck shots in it.
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    How to make this a smiley?

    Think of it like a flip book just use MS paint to make the frames and then just move it a lil bit each time. It's kinda fun to make i made like 10 so far. The more frames you have and smother it is the better .
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    How to make this a smiley?

    So after about 5 diffrent ones i found a good free one that is EZ to use. hear it is and how i made this one. I edited the pic in MS paint and then saved the 2 copys the just download it and dran drop sent how fast you want it to swith back and hear...
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    How to make this a smiley?

    Made this one with trying to find one that wont have any other stuff on it just the .gif that i want tho.
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    what would you do to get a old flame back?

    Duck tape some rope and a bottle of chloroform works wonders............If you got a call back from someone then just give a call tomorrow if she not there ask who ever pics up if she has a number you can reach her at. You could try and look her up on myspace or face book or a friend that you...
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    Little things that need to be fixed on your Ex...

    I feel lucky but nothing to bad on mine 99 sport 134,000 New serpentine belt shocks bushings finish painting the head liner and a 4 new 6X8
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    1993 ford probe GT

    that makes me think that it hasn't been ruing for to long. have you heard any problem with them in general?
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    1993 ford probe GT

    I do like probes mo after i been reading up on them. 0-60 in 7.5 1/4 mile of 15.8 and small and kinda good on gas. Kinda like my honda prelude but i think i have to pass on this one but i do think when i get some money i will get me one :)
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    I call my latest project SUPER PAINT!

    looks good hope it hold up for you.
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    1993 ford probe GT

    I been looking to get another car i don't got a lot of cash so i looking to trade my 68 vw bug it's worth about $500-$600 b/c thats what i got in it. the prope runs drives good the only problem is that the driver door and part of the fender is blue the rest of the car is red and the door panes...
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    Would you let your truck come between you and someone else?

    I wouldn't end it any or anything but is my gf friend or anyone said if you don't sell u suv and get what i think is good i chose the suv b/c if that's the kinda of person they are don't need them.
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    So what made you pick (ex vs mounty)

    Me it was price came with rebuilt tranny and 7 month warranty and jfunny b/c i was looking for a small car but bought a 99 2 door sport.
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    Night shades?

    looks great more so with the color of the paint.
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    Would i mess it up if i did this?

    Well i hooked it up. Found out the amp had rca in and out but one of the in would not work. So i hooked the amp up with the 4 high inputs like i had b4 and the Btube with the rca cables. Hooked the wires to a 3 way switch. Btube doesn't have that great of bass but it sounds kinda like if i had...