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    Painted roof racks

    The fake chrome was peeling off, and there were rust spots on the roof and hood so I thought I'd get all that fixed at the same time and body match the roof racks and end caps. I left the cross bars stock. Also replaced and tinted the windshield 85%. I like it.
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    My '07 Limited V8 'Garage Thread'

    I had the exact same symptoms as you with the tranny. The dealer recommended I use SP fluid though. It seems like SP trans fluid is going out of style though. what made you go with LV?
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    Front brake upgrade

    I got the drilled/slotted rotor and pad upgrade from summit and it's way better than stock. probably not as good as going bigger though.
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    Upgrading the Upgraded Stock Sound System?

    I would be nice to know which model of subwoofer works well in the factory box
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    Braided stainless brake lines

    I got the drilled and slotted rotor/pad kit from summit and that made a huge difference over the warped stock ****. As these explorers get older they'll benefit more from the SS line kit.
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    2010 Wind noise

    yup, its probably the rubber that the window sits in. I fixed mine by rolling the windows down, pulling the rubber off the door, running a bead of adhesive silicone and rolling the window back up.
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    Steering wheel audio control

    Thanks for the info man, I'm about to try to install steering wheel controls on my explorer and I have a pioneer headunit. Do you have any deatails or hints as to how/where you wired in the idatalink maestro SW? Thanks
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    Sorry man I ordered some off ebay last year

    Sorry man I ordered some off ebay last year
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    Vehicle surging with shudder/maybe torque converter clutch?

    I did the same, just dropped the pan, replaced the filter and like 6 quarts of SP fluid. That fixed my shutter. I then replaced the spark plugs for good measure, don't think that helped as much in my case though.
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    I need ideas where to mount a back up camera!!

    I'm wondering if anyone tried this? I'm looking for a good backup camera, preferably one where I can see the corners of the bumper but I'll use it for hooking up trailers. If would be great if it didn't block the license plate as I think that may be illegal here in TX
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    Where in the world is that keyless code?

    mine was on that box, on the left side up against the side of the car...
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    2006 4.6L v8 right bank exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    So they warp every few years and neither ford of the aftermarket had made a better option, that sucks. I wonder if headers from another 3v 4.6 would be close enough. Right now mine ticks on startup but warms up and gets pretty quiet.
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    Nav Video Interface installed w/ pics

    Thanks. I just need to find the best camera to install in the best location.
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    2006 4.6L v8 right bank exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    Would yall recommend upgrading the manifold (to a header?)while you're at it ? Maybe something higher performance and or less likely to warp?
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    bypass the radiator trans cooler?

    This may be correct, but I did read on this forum that the 6r60 has an internal thermostat that would bypass the coolers until it reaches a certain (very warm) temp. That's why they said trans flushes don't work.
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    Nav Video Interface installed w/ pics

    Just curious, do all 4th gems come pre wired for a backup cam, or do you have to run wires from the cam to the front?
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    bypass the radiator trans cooler?

    So I just got this used 2007 with the 4.6. The quick connections for the trans cooler lines at the radiator are slowly leaking and it has a separate trans cooler. What's the point of having both? I could either "rig" the radiator connections or bypass it. On other vehicles I've had with...
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    WTB roof rack cross bars for a 2007

    Let me know how much shipped to 77591 Thanks -Philip
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    2007 eddie bauer explorer navigation

    also wondering if non backup camera cars came pre wired for them.
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    2006 6R60 transmission / torque converter issue

    My 07 4.6 was doing the "bumping" or rumble strip feeling between gears at around 40-60mph. The fluid and filter change has helped so far (knock on plastic)
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    08 explorer IRS Locker options?

    I've been lurking for a while and I just registered to let you know how awesome this is. Thank you so much for doing the legwork and taking the time to do the writeup. As a new 4th gen explorer owner I was concerned about the lack of lsd.