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  1. J

    1996 Ford Explorer Rear Leaf Springs and Bushing Replacement

    I just wanted to put this information out there, I had a hard time tracking it down myself. I could not find a definitive answer anywhere on what bushings or even what size I needed for my leaf springs, so I finally pulled everything apart and measured it with calipers and found a suspension...
  2. J

    Instrument panel lights quit, now blinker blinks my stereo

    Hello All, I have a weird problem that has risen, and need someone smarter than me to help diagnose. So on the way to work this morning, with headlights on, I heard a click and the instrument panel lights turned off. The headlights stayed on. The stereo HU (an aftermarket I installed over a...
  3. J

    '96 Won't Start After Warming Up

    Okay I will look into locating and replacing that ECT sensor, thanks Jon!
  4. J

    '96 Won't Start After Warming Up

    Hello Everyone, I have an annoying issue I'm hoping someone can help me with. My 1996 Explorer XLT decides it doesn't want to start after being driven for 30 mins or more. Now this problem only lasts till it cools down say 20 mins or so. But if I drive it a ways, shut it off, then immediately...
  5. J

    4 Low Help Please

    Hello All! I am in need of assistance from those more mechanically inclined than I. I am having trouble with 4 Low in my 96 Explorer XLT. 4 Auto will engage (it clicks, then you can hear it mechanically engage, and the light comes on), but when I move the switch over to 4 Low I can hear a...
  6. J

    TT and Shackle Question

    Okay great, I will measure those bolt heights and adjust as necessary, I didn't think about the level for handling. Thanks! So you don't think driving the T bolts in all the way will put too much stress on the cv joints? As long as overall lift height doesn't exceed 1.5"?
  7. J

    TT and Shackle Question

    Hello All, I had a quick question about my recent lift. Following the well detailed threads on this forum I was able to lift my 96 Explorer with Warrior shackles and a TT, but I have a question about lift height. Upon completion, and driving around to let it all settle, I had lifted: DF...
  8. J

    Warrior 153 shackles install with pics

    I realize this is probably a dumb question, but my warrior shackles arrived today and the middle brace between the arms isn't center, it's offset, and I assume for a reason. So question is do you install the longer arms up or down? Thanks,
  9. J

    Need Assistance Running BT Microphone Cord

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum, so forgive me if this question is redundant, but I could not find a specific answer for how to run the BT microphone cord to the top of the pillar to mount the mic. I am working on a recently acquired 1996 Explorer XLT that I bought with the radio removed...