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    97-07 Taurus sway bar end links

    I run taurus rear end links in the front end of my 3" lifted explorer. It definitely helps with them being longer.
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    Looking for dimensions on 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers on any 3rd gen explorers?

    You can find his facebook post on the "Ford Explorers 3rd Generation" group. Just search his name, @tnt Off-Roading
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    Looking for dimensions on 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers on any 3rd gen explorers?

    I saw on facebook that a guy used 3.5" 8in travel king shocks for the front of his explorer, those seem to be the same size but a different brand. I don't know what he used for spring rate or anything though. He created a custom plate for the top of the shock to mount into the shock tower, I...
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    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    I’m taking it one piece at a time, first front, then rear.
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    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    For the rear, you could drop the differential low enough to pass underneath the frame, and create a rear cradle for the lower control arms, i haven’t thought too much on it, but I have pictures of Duner’s explorer saved and RIZE industries’ expedition lift kit pictures for Ideas.
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    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
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    Swapping to 3.73s to go 4.88s?

    So I have heard that you need to swap to a 3.73 front differential in order to get gear ratios like 4.88s. Is this true? I got my rear 3.55 differential regeared to 4.88s no problem. I’m currently saving up to regear my front diff but need to know why people are saying I need a 3.73 front...
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    Camber adjustment plate? - What is this?

    What would the plate behind the yellow ring be called? It is located underneath the bolts for the upper control arm and it looks like it is for camber adjustment, well… I lost it and am in need of one!
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    Running boards prevent catalytic converter theft?

    They really aren’t any more exposed without the running boards as they are with.
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    Smallest offset for a 35x12.5 without the tire hitting BTF Upper control arms

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer xlt with a 3" spacer lift and a 3" body lift, I am wondering what is the MINIMUM offset I need to run 35x12.5s and clear the UCAs. I currently have 35x12.5 tires with -12 offset but I would like to go with a smaller offset to ease the stress off of the wheel bearings...
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    biggest tires for explorer cv axle

    I haven’t ever had any problems with my axles, I’m running 35x12.5s
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    Gen 3 Explorer 7.3 Powerstroke, F/R SAS Dana 60

    I’m from Madison! I cantj Im from Madison! I can’t wait to see this build put together! Here is my Explorer! Crazy that you aren’t too far from me. I have 6” of lift and 35s.
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    2002 Explorer rocks side to side real bad! Help!

    Yes i have and my rear upper ball joint and front outer tie rods are bad, but I don’t think that’s causing the swaying, and No I am not running the BTF Uppers but will be soon!
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    2002 Explorer rocks side to side real bad! Help!

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with a 3” body lift, 3” suspension lift, and 35 in tires. My explorer has started to rock real bad side to side going 65+ after every bump. I have extended beefed up sway bar links front and rear, I replaced my rear struts and that made it go away for about a...
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    I put 35s on my 3rd gen...

    Just 3 in btf strut spacers, the reason the rear is so low in the pics is because i was hauling my old tires and rims on a hitch haul. It looks good as hell and yeah i trimmed a little bit here and there but it’s definitely worth it. I have always loved oversized tires and I couldn’t stick with...
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    What oil for my 4.0L

    You shouldn’t have any issues with 5w20.
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    I put 35s on my 3rd gen...

    What do y’all think?
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    I put 35s on my 3rd gen...