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    Right turns causing radio to short, antenna to go up and down

    Well.. that gives me some thoughts... The stereo has a wire that goes to the antenna mechanism to tell it to go up when you turn the stereo on. Maybe this wire is shorting out? It doens't make a whole lot of sense tho because it still happens when the stereo is off. I don't know if...
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    Speakers for sale

    2-way speakers actually have 2 seperate speakers, usually a woofer cone for the bass, and a tweeter for the highs. 3-way speakers have 3 seperate speakers. 1 Woofer. 1 mid size tweeter for mids, and one small tweeter for the highs. Most stock car audio speakers you find are 2 ways, with...
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    Right turns causing radio to short, antenna to go up and down

    Definitely sounds like you are losing the main power to your deck. This is most likely one of two things. 1) Power wire is being grounded out or 2) power wire is losing connection, i.e. being severed. However, if the power wire was being grounded, you would likely end up with a blown fuse...
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    Cell Phone/Stereo Mute

    I have an LG TM510 cell phone, and i have a hands-free car kit, that plugs into the cigarette lighter, has a built in speaker, and a mic wire. This kit has NO cell phone mute lead, nor can i find a kit that does. I have a Blaupunkt Casablanca CD50 stereo, that has a telephone mute lead on...