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    What's this sound?

    I will take a pic of where the sound is loudest. I sounds like something making contact with the flywheel in an on and off, almost pulsing, manner. As mentioned, I will rerecord from a bit further away so the sound is more distinct. Thanks
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    What's this sound?

    Eddie, Thanks for the reply. I'll try to get a better sample and check if it happens when going into over drive. Is there any other way to test the torque converter?
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    Fuel saving tire's(Low rolling resistence)

    IMO, the lower resistance tires just have a smoother tread. To that end I'd have to recommend the Firestone Destination tires. They wear like iron and are very quiet. I never bought Firestone before until the Exp. I must say I'm very impressed.
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    What's this sound?

    Hi all, I asked this question before and in an attempt to address and was told the sound was a noisy torque converter. However, a few people told me it wasn't so. So..... I've recorded the sound and uploaded to FileDen. This noise started with my '02 not long after new...maybe a year or...
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    General consensus on tires

    ...and highly regarded @ Tirerack. I put a set of Destinations on the Ex and a set of Pirelli P4 All-seasons on another car at the same time, two years ago. Two of the Pirellis are shot and all four of the Desinations look new...(While there is a difference in miles driven the contrast is...
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    Warming Up In cold Weather??

    Synthetic oil is far superior to dino oil as it retains it's viscosity at temperature extremes.
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    Warming Up In cold Weather??

    My 4.6 warms up in a seemingly "normal" amount of time. One factor is the outside temp. Another consideration is, if you had your Ex running for 5 minutes on a frigid morning, hopped in and it was still cold then you'd at least have a head start on seeing heat come from the vents.
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    How many miles with fully synthetic?

    As I mentioned, I do not subscribe to the extending oil change intervals by too long a period. Where did the sludge come from? It had to be from the synthetic oil. Quote from www.NordicGroup.US: How Sludge Forms "As explained above, modern detergent oils suspend contaminants so they do not...
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    2003 Hatch Applica' cracked

    My second piece cracked and it ain't gettin' fixed. Someone should come up with a reasonably priced and attractive molding to disguise the crack. They'd do well saleswise.
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    How many miles with fully synthetic?

    After many, many discussions over the years, on various forums, I'd have to agree with Exproblems. As mentioned, synthetic oils vary in properties and qualities between brands. While certain positive traits remain intact longer in the typical full synthetic, in time they also suspend and...
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    Where can I buy the bsi

    If not BSI then there's a metal shoulder in the shift mechanism that has to be filed down to allow smooth operation. There's a thread on the procedure. If I can find I'll post. UPDATE: Here's the thread I spoke of:
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Hubs

    Ignis, the bearings are quite large. I'd be surprised if you find a socket that size. Also, wood will crush under the required pressure. Please be careful with a homemade press. Remember, this operation had our press at it's absolute limit. The machinist doing the work was at the edge of his...
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    cup holder inserts

    The attached pic shows the two, round inserts for the front cup holders....along with the other inserts... (Item #: 160695054843 @ $9.00 + $5.00 ship for the set)
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Hubs

    I'm going to guess that a floor jack may not be the way to go and could be dangerous. Even with an arbor press we had to scour the shop for the appropriate scraps to use as adapters. We wanted everything to fit together precisely for the pressing operation. Some here have had good luck by...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Hubs

    Sure, if you have at least a 15 ton arbor press. I removed the hub assemblies (w/ 90k miles) and had my bearings pressed out here at work in our machine shop. The 15 ton press was maxed out when we finally heard a loud pop. I didn't think we were going to be able to get them out.
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    Am I the only one who's windows freeze shut?

    As we all know Glycol is what's in anti freeze. Winshield De-icer and Gas "Anti-freeze" additives usually have very high concentrations of Alcohol / Methanol, which evaporates very quickly. You probably don't want to use on your paint for extended periods of time either. A google search showed...
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    Whining, scrubbing noise

    Sounds like it may be your front wheel bearing. Check this out:
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    Parking brake

    As mentioned it may merely be an adjustment. It could also be the brake shoe media becoming unbonded from the metal shoe backing/bracket. This is very common. Time to pull the wheel off.
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    replacing 02 sensors

    If replacing the O2 Sensors then consider using Bosch Universal sensors. Many parts stores carry them and they're much less expensive. With "Universal" units you clip the connector off your old sensors and use the included (waterproof) splice to attach to the new sensor. I replaced 4 sensors...
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    General consensus on tires

    I went with the Firestone Destinations (17"). First Firestones I ever bought and I'm very impressed, especially for the price.
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    Alarm will not stop going off!

    This was happening to me, typically in the middle of the night. Turned out to be the Door (ajar) switch. Do a search on how to clean with electrical contact cleaner or WD-40 and see if it helps.
  22. R closeout prices 2002 Explorer

    Some great prices there. Thanks. Anyone thinking of doing rear brakes or rear bearings should consider the E-Brake shoes. They're pricey pieces.
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    Window Issue

    Rondo: I wish I knew you needed this. I have a place that sells Dorman regulators with free "overnight" shipping for $59. I may also have a coupon code for a discount. I did my pass side front and it works great.
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    Engine Interchange Compatibility - Help!!!

    Did you check There are many '02 6 cyl engines with less than 100k (some much less) and less than $1k. Plus the vendors typically negotiate. Ask for documentation (including a carfax) to back-up mileage claims (as best as possible).
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    Has anyone here worked on a Exp steering rack?

    Thanks Rocco! I'll have to bite the bullet and dig in this weekend.
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    Whine in rear

    I used the Motocraft recommended by the service bulliten. I mixed with a full bottle of Lucas trans additive. It quieted the rear down quite a bit....not completely, but by a very noticeable amount. The Lucas bottle also states the "additive" can be used 100% without the rear oil.
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    Advice on used engine purchase, install

    Dunn: I sourced a 65k mile engine with the same documentation through My 8cyl was one year specific so I had less to choose from. Cost was $1100 or $1200 shipped. Most sellers on the site will negotiate. I found a very competent tech to install the engine through Craigslist...
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    Battery Drain or time to replace?

    Yes, your Door (Ajar) switch can be causing battery drain. It did for me. It also sounds like SCD has good advise on considering a new battery. A recent thread compared different brands. My choice is the Walmart battery.
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    Has anyone here worked on a Exp steering rack?

    Due to a leak I need to "re-gasket" the hydraulic hose end connections to my steering rack and have no clue how to access. Even when on a lift I had a hard time seeing the connections. Plus I'll likely have to tackle this job without the benefit of a lift....very intimidating. Doing some...
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    Fuel Pump Replacement: What is the level of effort?

    Actually $900 sounds like a lower end price from a dealer. Effort? Let's start have to drop the gas tank. Another more direct route is explained here: Just add the cost of the pump.
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    Out of the blue, battery dead

    So did mine...problem was intermittent and found by accident.
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    Out of the blue, battery dead

    This happened to me a few years ago. Turned out to be the Door Ajar switch. It would malfunction and turn the interior lights and/or alarm on randomly.
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    2002 Rear hatch window trim cracked

    Just discovered a crack on the replacement piece. Not worth fixing.
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    reccomendations for a new battery

    Not to start a pissing match but....I'm familiar with the Optima site and the recommendation is that the yellow top be utilized in an "SUV' when making use of very deep draw accessories such as winches, lifts, light bars and other high current demanding equipment. If that's the profile of every...
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    reccomendations for a new battery

    BTW, WalMart batteries are made by Exide, Delphi or Johnson Controls. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about batteries: For a list of who makes what, choose "Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List"
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    reccomendations for a new battery

    Instead of going from memory here's an excerpt from a great site on the subject: Quote from 7.1.10. Can Deep Cycle Batteries Used As Starting Batteries? Some things to consider in using a motive deep cycle (or Marine/RV Dual Purpose) battery as a starting battery are...
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    reccomendations for a new battery

    I'm surprised you go with yellow tops as they are deep cycle and not ideally suited for typical automobile usage. AFAIK the red tops are designed for "civilian" use. Unfortunately Optimas are a real pain to recharge after they go dead. Unsuspecting owners give up on them as you need to really...
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    reccomendations for a new battery

    I have had very good experiences with Walmart Batteries. Battery comparison reports rate them up there with all the others as 2-3 manufacturers make for the majority of the brands. Also, I have returned batteries two years later (one because of a bad alt) and instead of prorating the cost of...