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    Wheel bolt circle size

    On a 1994 4x4 explorer is the bolt circle 4.5 or is it 4.75 If you know please reply Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr
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    Heat shield rattling

    I used a very large stainless screw band clamp on the shieds to stop the rattling. It work great for me. Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr front and rear class 3 hitches
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    Our radiators ARE repairable!!!

    I replaced my radiator on my explorer Cost $125.00 Warranty for life I thought that this was a good deal. Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr front and rear class 3 hitches
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    How common are leaky radiators?

    The ford radiators are junk. I have change them all the ford we own. 1 in my explorer, 3 in the other tauras we own. The radiator shop I deal with says every time we get a real cold week in NJ he sell more ford radiators then any other brand. The problem is that the radiator are plastic and lead...
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    Wheel Bounce ^^^^?

    Try adjusting the air pressure when the tire are cold. Try 26lbs in the front and rear and work up in 1 lbs readings until you find the right air pressure. Have a tire shop spin balance the tires maybe one has bad radial belts separation. Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr class 3 front and rear hitch
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    Bearing whine OR Bad Customer Service???

    Does your truck still have autolocking hubs. Maybe one of the hubs are going bad. It could be the little bearing in the hub. Pull the wheel off and check the hub Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr class 3 hitch front and rear
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    How do I wire some lights into the rear lights

    I use backup lights one every truck I owned. The best lights a have found are used for salt spreaders. I mount them under the bumper and wire them in the reverse light circuit. This way them come on every time you backup. These light are rubber mounted and flipup when they hit something. Bob S...
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    Attachment Points on Offroad Bumpers

    Take your class 3 hitch and cut off the 2" square part where you attach the hitch. You could weld it under the bumber or cut out the center of the bumber 2" and side in the hitch part and weld it. You could you that for pulling, towing, and winch attachment. I have also seen spare tire rack for...
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    Wheel Bounce ^^^^?

    Since the shocks are new check the tire pressure. That is the first thing I would check. Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr
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    Class III Hitch on FRONT END of '94 XLT

    I am building a class three hitch for the front of my 1994 explorer. The 2" opening will be even with the front license plate. I am using the class 3 from a 1994 bronco all I have left to do is weld the side plates. It bolts through the holes on the bottom of the frame, the holes have been...
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    I paid $40.00 from I person selling them on ebay. I bought them 2 manuals for 1994 explorer (factory repair manual) He had about 400 sets of differant ford manuals. He said he work for ford for 30 years. He lists on ebay and is from south new jersey. Bob S 1994 explorer 4dr 4x4
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    barometric pressure sensor

    I think it part of the EGR system. That is located on the right side of the intake manifold by the master cylinder. Bob S 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr
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    steering stabilizer's

    I just installed one from James Duff it help with the steering contol. It cost about $50.00. Check the site for installation report. Just make sure on a 1991 to 1994 you more the brake line when you drill for the bracket on the front rear. 1994 xlt 4x4 4dr Bob s
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    superchip needs premium fuel ?

    If I remember right they ask me what type of fuel I used and would burn the chip for that type. They also said you get more performance from the chip using premium fuel. Bob S 1994 xlt 4door
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    Poly Bushings

    I bought mine from explorer express. or try or try I put the poly bushing in my front and rear sway bars and it tighen up the truck. 1994 4x4 xlt 4dr
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    help my dad (catalytic converter)

    Try this site You email them you items you need and they email you the price. They are in Cal. So you have to pay shipping but no tax. I hope this helps. Bob S 1994 4dr xlt k&n air filter Poly bushings on Susp.
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    Locking Hubs Fantasy?

    Check this out Dead Link Removed it has step by step instructions on changing from auto hubs to maunal hubs. From 91 to 94 the hubs are the same. Try summit racing or keystone performance on line to see if the carry the hubs and conversion kit Bob S 1994 xlt
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    When you take the truck back to the dealer just remove the superchip. When you install or remove a chip you need to disconnect the battery first. The computer will relearn the old settings. I installed a super chip in my brother's expedition and it improved the power and shifting. He was happy...
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    radius arm bushings

    I replaced the radius arm bushing in the summer with poly bushing. I did mine using the port a power method and did not cut the rivits off. I was not to bad of a job. Check out this site for some tips on replacement of r.a. bushings. Dead Link Removed Bob S. 1994 xlt
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    Cleaning the engine and other things...

    The best thing I found for cleaning engines is s100 total motorcycle cleaner. It costs about $15.00 at the bike shop. It is to be sprayed on a cold!! engine. It is a strong surfactant soap. It works well!!! Bob S 1994 xlt
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    K&N FIPK

    Here is K&N filters web site. You an try email them to see if they have what you want. Bob S 1994 xlt with a K&N filter
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    Small Leak in radiator

    My Radiator started to leak two days ago when it got cold. This is common on the plastic and aluminum radiator. Last winter I changed 2 on the 2 Taurus I own. The best price I found for the Explorer radiator is $130.00 with lifetime replacement. So you know what I am doing on saturday. Bob S...
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    Which Chip to use?

    Try here for you super chip they were $200.00 for chip and k&n air filter bob s 1994 xlt
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    EGR valve not opening??

    Just checked out my 1994 and the EGR valve is located on the drivers side right behind the throttle postion sensor. It is mounted sideword to the intake manifold with 2 bolts and has a tube coming from the ext. manifold. It is about 1.5 inches round and you can check it with a vacuum pressure pump.
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    Engine light on/codes showing up

    I just change the DPFE and EGR on a 1993 Taurus Wagon. The DPFE was a dealer item and cost $80.00 and the EGR was bought at the an auto part store for $35.00 You can clear out the codes in the computer when you purchase a code reader. I hope the helps. Bob S 1994 XLT
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    Codes Check engine light

    I replaced the DPFE sensor (Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor) and the check engine light has not come back on. Thank for your help. Bob S 1994 XLT
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    Just install one in my brother 1997 Expedition and he notice better shifting and more power. He bought it from for $200.00 included a K&N filter. or try Bob S 1994 XLT
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    Codes Check engine light

    The Code is that egr valve position circuit below minimum voltage. I change the egr valve. The light still comes on. Does any one know if it is the Electronic vacuum regulator (egr postion sensor) or the Differential pressure feedback sensor (DPEE sensor causing the problem. Thank for your...
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    Looks aren't everything

    Eric Which brand of add a leaf did you use. I am looking to install a add a leaf to my 94 XLT to be level it and carry more weight. My truck rearsags when I have the hitch haul loaded or when I am pulling the popup. Bob S