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    1994 Explorer Front Window Motor

    I did a search and found only one post... something about drilling out rivets to get the window motor out? I do see 3 rivets (door panel removed.) Is this what I need to do? If so, once the rivets are out - does the motor just slip out/off a gear or something? Thanks!
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    '94 Clutch Master Cylinder

    OK guys - I replaced my clutch slave cylinder in my '94 and am having problems bleeding it. Started out with not much pedal - then tried to follow a .pdf I found on this site where you disconnect the line at the slave and have someone push the pedal while you open the valve in the hose. I ended...
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    Trying to pull 5-speed - stuck on step 1!

    Ahhh... the web is a wonderful thing! Pulled right out - now that I see it's like a wedge. Thanks Brock94! I'll check out the tips/tricks - because the next hurtle is getting that funky quick-release hydraulic line freed. Thanks again!
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    Trying to pull 5-speed - stuck on step 1!

    Hey guys. '94 Explorer 5-speed manual. (Hydraulic clutch went out.) Step one is to remove the shift lever. I pulled up the boot, and there's this nut on a stud sticking through the shift lever sorta to the side - in the horizontal position. My Hayes manual says "remove the bolt and pull...
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    '94 5-speed hydraulic line release tool...

    OK - thanks! That's exactly what I need. I guess as RangerX said - the tool presses the white (plastic?) piece in towards the tranny/bronze-copper housing which should release it! Thanks again guys! Mark
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    '94 5-speed hydraulic line release tool...

    Here's a pic of the connector. Clutch slave cylinder hydraulic connection...
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    '94 5-speed hydraulic line release tool...

    OK, thanks guys - I'll try a different search. I just don't seem to see where I'd even put the tool. I see the white "plastic" sleeve - but don't see what needs to be pushed to release it.
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    '94 5-speed hydraulic line release tool...

    Hey guys, I have a '94 Explorer with a manual 5-speed that needs to be pulled. My Haynes manual says I need a special release tool (looks like a U or on the end of a handle) that somehow releases the hydraulic (brake fluid) line at the tranny for the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. I...