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    Various - Rims, Roof Racks, Limited Steps, Torsion Bars (Local Pick up Only- Miami)

    Been a while since I came on here. I have a bunch of stuff I just found all piled up. Prefer local pickup as I'm just trying to get a few bucks for the stuff. Torsion Bars (From a stock 96 2WD Pretty sure they are D or F) - $40 for both Gold Limited step sides from a '95 Limited, they have...
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    I sold him my EE swaybars. He send me the money order for the total immediately. We had some issues with UPS scaring us with a lost package(which turned out to not be lost at all, and fully intact), but he was understanding. Good guy to deal with. :thumbsup:
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    Windows 7 - XP Mode Warning...

    Skip the XP mode and download Virtualbox. No need for a specific chip to run it, and it's tons faster. edit: oh you already did that.
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    argh, alignment=good, still pulls

    Make sure the alignment techs set your steering wheel before doing the alignment.
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    Does lowering an explorer compromise towing capabilties?

    Depends on how you lower it. If it's a simple block lowering for the rear, no. If you switch out springs, your new springs will dictate the towing capacity. You will bottom out easier though.
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    Do all wheels with 5x114.3mm fit explorers or do other factors come in to play

    In order of importance when picking wheels : Pattern > Weight Rating > Offset > bore size > Hub/Lugcentric > Style
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    Worlds smallest HID kit Group Buy!! Christmas Special

    Are these single beam or high/low?
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    sway bar links

    Swaybar work should be done with the truck on the ground. Make sure it's sitting level. Then loosen the brackets mounting it to the frame just enough you can turn the bar. Insert the end links,washers/bushings/etc. Tighten down, and then tighten down the frame brackets. Don't torque em...
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    Torsion bars different between the V6 and the V8 Models?

    Varies by packages/engine/suspension combos. I believe the order is 1,2 A,B,C,D,F From stiffest to softest. 1,2 only being put on sport tracs from ford.
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    Tips for removing broken front sway bar link??

    Can't you just hammer it out with a screwdriver?
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    Spring sale! 20 Explorers for parts!!!

    I need the front window motors(passenger and driver)from a 95-98 (not sure if it's the same up to 01 or not). If there's a radio from 95-98 that's be nice too, but I know those are costly.
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    Will a 2000 Ford Ranger Roush front bumper fit on a 2000 ford explorer sport??

    I thought the rangers were a *tad* smaller and you have to stretch out the bumper for explorers?
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    Hypermileage is it possible in an Explorer?

    Hypermilers are some of the most retarded, unsafe people on the road. To put mileage over safety is ridiculous.
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    What material is the OEM front bumper for 1999-2001 Explorer??

    98 was the year they changed the hatch, bumper, and miscellaneous features. Some early 98s came out looking like 97's though.
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    How to install a Mountaineer roof rack on your Second gen X

    You should know, you're explorer is haunted. I bought a set of roof racks as well from a mountie. Shame the holes don't line up with the early second gens. =(
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    Bought a $10 mercury emblem from him. Nice guy. Wish he would used a beefier envelope, but all is well.
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    Quick question about "K" ratings of HID lights...

    I'm using 6K bulbs. The light is more than enough on a clear night. But once the rain starts I can only see reflections of shiny things. Luckily almost everywhere I drive they'res lights/roads/etc. I'm think of buying 4300K bulbs.
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    Close up shots

    The frog or the two part expansion foam?
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    98 roll pan with 97 corners

    You may have a problem with the pan matching the hatch. I know the 98 hatches are "bulgier" but I'm not sure if they share the same edge.
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    has anyone messed with these HID's?

    I bought a kit of ebay like half a year ago. They're all pretty much the same kit with different stickers. The housings for halogen are gonna glare the **** out of everything, but they light output you get is amazing compared to stock. Except in the rain. HIDs suck ass in the rain. I'm...
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    Close up shots

    I see your frog, and I raise you 5lb Foam!
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    Deion Sanders take on Vick

    How is sanders excusing the behavior? He's not. He's apply the degree of importance the people often forget. Hey guess what? Murdering a family of five is worse than dog fighting which is worse than stealing bubble gum from the 7-11. He is in no way defending sanders. He's...
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    Replacing Torsion bars

    Balljoints could be shot. My ride improved dramatically after putting new ones in. Should do that again soon...
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    Torsion bar question

    Quoting in case you missed it.
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    pimpedout97x's worklog. body work + bags

    About time son.
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    Factory Foglights

    Whats the problem? Pull a power source from an always live wire, run it to the switch, then to the lights, and ground it. Power -> switch -> Lights -> ground. Just make sure you have a fuse between the power and lights, and you're golden. edit: lol housed by a two year old thread...
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    What should I expect to pay to replace front wheel bearing?

    Yeah, we need to know if you're 2wd or 4wd/awd.
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    Projector Headlights For Explorers

    Just had a few emails exchanged with the guy from the site. $750 pre-discount with the hid kit and not including the housing parts. Sounds like a nice guy, but a bit too steep for me.
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    Projector Headlights For Explorers

    I think you're reading that wrong. At the top of the page the price for the item is $300, then underneath the option is +$450 extra on top. It even makes a note of you having to provide the housings which means the projectors and shrouds are costing you $750 before "discounts".
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    Projector Headlights For Explorers

    ? The starting price is $300 dollars. Then take off $200 for the bumper sticker, then $100 for your own hid kit. Zero. But there's a mandatory $450 item which is for the projectors. That's without the angle eyes and the bezel chroming. So...
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    i heard explorers flip easy....

    Does the system have any effect on ride quality? I hate going through construction zones (and there's too many around here) that throw around the rear end up and down. I know it helps with the handling, just hoping it would do something for the ride when the thing is empty.
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    i heard explorers flip easy....

    Every couple of weeks I find my explorer on it's roof in the parking lot after sitting over night. =/
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    Torsion bar strengths ?

    1 and 2 bars only came on sport tracs if I remember correctly.
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    Torsion bar strengths ?

    I'll assume you have another truck apart from your '93? Cause before 95 there were no torsion bar explorers. edit: nevermind, just read you'll be using it on another vehicle.
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    lowering/alignment problem...

    lol that's pretty funny that hey just turned the bolts back in. You may have to explicitly tell the shop not to touch the torsion bolts, and do an actual aligment. Chances are pretty high that they'll tell you need the camber kit though.
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    Torsion bar strengths ?

    Sway bars from 95-97 are the same, Hollow front and back. 98- 01 have a solid front bar and a hollow back bar. T bar ratings range from 1,2 A, B, D , E , F (I think those are the right letters). 1 being the stiffest, F being the softest. I'm not sure how the t-bars were distributed...
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    Broke 1 bolt from my rear axle

    Just ask for a wheel stud for and explorer with your year at any store. If they need you to specify more ask for : 1/2" x 20 Wheel Stud Napa sells them as sets of 5, and autozone sells them individually.
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    Just got a set of Eagle Cobra R Replicas...

    I rub the swaybar before I get close to rubbing on the control arms.
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    Just got a set of Eagle Cobra R Replicas...

    are you lowered or raise? I'm running 255/60/17 lowered about two inches. I'm pretty sure if it was stock height, or raised the sidewall would be rubbing the balljoint. I had to tie up the ebrake line in the back with some zip ties btw. But that doesn't make sense. hah. Anyways there's...