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    2 18"s installed in 04' Ex *pics*

    im not bothering to get a new one(alt) im just getting mine rewound im poor al of a sudden so i cant afford a nice new one
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    For those of you with a torsion twist

    my bad man. noted and changed
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    For those of you with a torsion twist

    that link only shows the rear end and i have a first gen so i cant do a tt
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    For those of you with a torsion twist

    what about going down not up can i till only go 2'' or do i have to actually do a twist instead?
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    Where is this leak coming from (pics)

    power stearing im having the same problem except my powerstearing fluid level barely changes and its going up not down. im finding a little patch of fluid on my hood and a little on the top of my power stearing cap but i cant tell were its coming from i have also tried to turn the wheels and...
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    yet another sub question...

    what subs are you planning on putting in and what kind of box are you thinkin of buying?
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    i have recently had the exact same problem in my 94 xlt infact i parked it for the same reasons. i found that the longer it stayed parked the worse it got and it seemed like my seal was shrinking. I had about a litre of water in my driverside door and my headliner has mold on it but i found that...
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    Can I remove my emblems?

    use the search button man and i removed my emblems from my 94 and i have holes
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    box sugestions

    i have decided not to do the wood grain but im still wondering what you guys think so give me you input please
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    box sugestions

    im putting in a single pioneer premier ts-w5102spl specs: 6000W Competition Class SPL dual voice coil subwoofer for professional use Ohm Rating: 1 or 4 Ohm Frequency Response: 18 – 2,000 Hz Lowest Resonance Frequency: (Fs) 30 Hz Qts: 0.34 Vas: 26.7 (Litres) Recommended Sealed...
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    box sugestions

    bump come on someone has got to be able to help me
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    box sugestions

    hey guys im putting in a t3001bd and a pioneer priemier ts-w5102spl and im looking for suggestions from the real heads as to what type of box i should built
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    Shaving Emblems

    anyone know if there are holes behind the 94 xlt emblems
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    hey guys im new

    so hey guys as you can tell im new and im in the vancouver island area (bc) wondering if anyone knows where to get good ex mods around here