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    1998 wading

    Saw this old thread and thought I would put in my 2p. Flooding up here with significant ice (Canada). 18 inches or so of water but 4 to 6 inches of broken ice in it so ice breaker and boat all in one. Really slow so as not to destroy anything and about a mile of wading. Check engine light...
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    Dual Climate Control problem, passenger side blows hot while on AC

    Well I figured mine out with thanks to the posters here and elsewhere on the net. Same symptoms accept wife not gf. 2007 Ltd. Dual zone. All electronic, no knobs. Drivers side fine. No control on passenger side most of the time. If you screw with the controls enough, sometimes the passenger...
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    98 Explorer loading/unloading a boat

    I have towed and launched from 94, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2007 explorers and a 2012 Escape. Boats range from seadoos, a 3000 lb tandem axle Grew to a 4600 lb (yes overloaded the escape but no problems) single axle Four Winns and loads of sail boats runabouts and the like between. Vehicles have...
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    2010 Escape, Rear liftgate won't open ?

    Latch assembly is now up to $200 plus tax for a known flaw. I tried the $5 Chinese motor but it was backward, fixed that and it turns out the motor works but does not draw enough current to properly actuate the time delay in the lift gate open circuit so it stays powered open until the lights...
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    6CD player, "Load Error"

    6 disc LOAD ERROR fix A little late but fixed. Our 06 was in a ding and we did not notice that the cd player was giving us a load error (wife does not use her's much). Tried the power cycling and everything else, there were no cd's in it. Load button would cause it to stir and wirr about but...
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    3rd row seat ????

    The third row is ok for adults as long as they are not to tall. I am just under 6 foot and can sit in the third row of my 07 Ex Ltd fine. the seats are narrower than the back seats but do have headrests. I do not know how access is on the 7 pass. Mine is a 6 pass and the two rear buckets...
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    Replacing Multifunction Switch

    MFS inside picture Excellent news on the win. I finally got the MFS pic up on the net at or
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    Replacing Multifunction Switch

    Refurb of the MFS Well the first fix about 4 years ago has lasted about as long as the original equipment did. The steering column on the 01 EB started smoking on the wife and son today. In the first fix I used what grease I had after cleaning things up inside the Multi Function switch. It...
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    06 EXPLORER code

    If yours has a rear bench seat (not buckets) it will be on the computer module, probably in small print, under a couple of cover panels near the passenger side seat belt as noted above. I have a 07 (gen 3) 6 seater and I have yet to find the module. I took it to the dealer and for $30 bucks...