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  1. C of the truck

    Damn Alto, Trinity is hot! :D Oh, and thanks for the comments guys :p
  2. C of the truck

    I was going to try to find the stock CD player, not a custom one. And I'm painting the rille guard myself :D
  3. C of the truck

    A little rust on the brush guard, but I'm repainting it soon. Cassette...will be changed ASAP
  4. C

    Another Newb

    I plan on lifting it a bit and putting bigger tires on it for a little offroad action. :D It has 56,000 miles on it. Oh, and I have no pictures :( , my digi cam isn't working. But it does look something like this.... Just 4 doors and no flares or running boards.
  5. C

    Another Newb

    Hey guys. I recently bought a 1995 Explorer XLT, a 4WD V6. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Long Island. This is my second automobile, my first was an '85 BMW 325e. I got sick of the expense of maintaining it, so I sold it and bought the Explorer. Stig told me about this site, we are both...