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  1. J

    Alignment after lift???

    I just put this lift on mine not to long ago and it does put your tires at a pretty good angle. They will not last long like that. I can't really see any other downfall to not getting it aligned right away. New camber bushings will be required, the alignment shop had mine in stock. The total...
  2. J

    How do wou know if 95 XLT Bearnigs are going out??

    If it's a wheel bearing going out then it's urgent. Try jacking the front end up till the wheels are off of the ground and spin the wheel. You should be able to hear or feel a roughness. Also try to move the wheel on its verticle axis to check for slack. If your X is a two wheel drive then...
  3. J

    Unknown Axle Code....Not listed

    I've got the same one in my '94.
  4. J

    gear swap questions

    bump I know somebody out there can answer this question. BTW it's a '94 model.
  5. J

    gear swap questions

    Okay I want to swap out my 3.27 gears for 4.10's but first I've got a few questions for ya'll. It seems like I've read somewhere that 4.10's won't fit on the same carrier as the 3.27's. If that's right, then I was just planning on getting an auburn ls for rear and a Trac-lok for the front...
  6. J

    Tow Hitch

    two holes, no problem I'm gonna buy it and if it turns out that it doesn't fit I'll post it for sale here. thanks for the help
  7. J

    Tow Hitch

    I've been offered a tow hitch from a '97 X for $40. Will it fit my '94?
  8. J

    Rear View Mirror Decoration??

    Rattle Snake rattles and a rosary. Rattles came with me from last 2 vehicles and rosary from my wife who is Catholic.
  9. J

    Manual Transmission Slipping?

    probably just your engine turning over. it has lost compression over the years and easier to roll now.
  10. J

    Rear Diff

    3.27 HUH, I was afraid of that. My gas milage was to good. Guess its time for an axle swap now. Does it ever end?! Thanks for the help guy's.
  11. J

    Rear Diff

    I have code d1 on my door and no tag on axle. Anybody know what this means. It's a '94 xlt.