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    What is your axle ratio?? My 98 with the 4.0 SOHC and 3.73 can tow up to 5200 lbs. If you have the 3.55 axle it will tow less. The 4.0 OHV will tow less too.
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    Ford Recalling 1.2 million Trucks and Vans

    I printed out the recall code from My Ford website, will that printout be ok to bring to Ford?? The recall letter will be mailed to another address where I will not be.
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    Grinding Sound from Transfer Case

    I just had experienced this problem on my honeymoon this past week up at Grand Marais, MN. Thanks for those who posted this problem!
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    98 4.0 SOHC questions

    205 hp 250 lb/ft 5 speed auto
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    Best AT tire for snow?

    My Duralon Baja A/T widetrack tires work great in the snow and ice.
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    1999 Explorer Sport 2WD - Brakes Shot

    Depends on how much money you are willing to spend and what braking performance you want. I get mine from Ford, I just do everyday driving and some offroading. Google for what you are looking for.
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    Getting ready for winter?

    heh, i would hate to have that blower...........bad enough with the snow in your face let alone the exhaust!!! Also I thought the lil motors were bad enough to make ya deaf, this big one would remove your ears! Vibration..........
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    finally got inked

    When you turn 80 (if ya make it that long) that will read a lot different........
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    Where you at fool??? (this is cool)

    Nice way to show where everyone is at or not at.
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    actually you don't have to have a special tool just use like a small metric socket, like 5 mm or somewhere around there.........anyway thats what I use to adjust mine. No you shouldnt have to take the headlights apart.
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    My Sport Trac with 37x14.5s

    Awesome ST!
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    My 10 month old TV died today, i am very sad.

    Thank you for changing that, i almost had a heart attack!
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    Ebay Sport Trac W/cheap looking woman

    Yeah but that image of an ugly lady is still burned in your eyes after the lights go out! :p
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    Swapping shocks....

    Would shocks from a 98 Ex fit on any of the Sport Tracs?
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    HOW many live in apts/ or own your house,

    Live in a fully furnished basement of a remodeled farm house. Pay $250 a month including utilities. Got a few trails to offroad and got horses to ride! Also have a river to fish in and deer to hunt.
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    new ford classic in the family..

    Gotta love the T-Birds!
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    Ebay Sport Trac W/cheap looking woman

    Ain't no Daisy Duke.............lots of miles on that ST too!
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    Dre is "Back in the game"!

    I wish ya the best of luck! Turn that ugly duckling to a beauty queen!
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    sand dunes + sway bars??

    Yeah I was gonna ask you guys about cornering without the sway bars..........!
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    Mustang sound?

    Do a search on here for what you are looking for. There are a lot of ideas for modifying the exhaust and motor. Welcome to the clan! :)
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    Ford UK

    Hell we americans can't even get anywheres with our own Ford warranties or any coverages.
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    trans question

    In relation to this thread I've been pondering about this issue: According to my owner's manual I have a 5-speed auto. What do they consider the 5th gear? I have 1,2,D, and R on the column. My dad's '03 explorer is considered a 5-speed also but he has 1,2,3,D and R on his column. Do they...
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    1965 Convertable Mustang

    Gotta love the 'Stangs! Someday I'll have to come to you for rebuilding a '65 fastback I always dreamed of...
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    Something draining battery?

    More than likely its your DVD/LCD monitor. Somewhere you or the instructions that came with it (not sure if you did it yourself or followed directions) messed up with wiring. BTW, where is Circle Pines? sounds familiar....
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    Hvac911 Explorer

    looks good! altho i never understood why people lower trucks........but i live in MN and probably wouldnt understand till I move to the SW.
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    Nissan Xterra? Yay/Nay?

    hell I almost needed 8psi of O2 shoved in my nose for breathing at 9,000 ft! LOL
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    A4LD RPMS @ 65mph

    @65 mph my rpms are a lil over 2000. My dad's '03 is around 2000......little less than mine cuz he has 3.55 gears
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    Synthetics in older engine?

    I agree with rookieshooter on this. Call me old fashioned but I'm not into the synthetic stuff yet.....
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    Manual transmission possibilities

    where in Canada do you live? If you live by Winnipeg, come down to Minnesota here and there's quite a few junk yards with mazda tranny parts
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    Nissan Xterra? Yay/Nay?

    Superchargers and turbochargers USUALLY hold performance good up to very high altitudes........thats why majority of planes coming out of or thru Colorado or the Rockies in general have turbos........piston engines anyways. Imagine what your BII could do with a supercharger.......... ;) I...
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    Nissan Xterra? Yay/Nay?

    That I did not know! Wish planes had a system like that.......instead I would have to find the right mixture setting.......sorry getting off topic here! Back on topic: I think the Xterra looks cool and has the capability of offroading...... Might be the next vehicle I would get if my Ex...
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    Door wont open from the inside

    You should invest in an Explorer mechanics book, ie Hayes, etc. It has helped me out a lot with repairs and general information.........of course not as good as what this site offers for info! I've taken apart my drivers side door trim. If my memory serves me right, you need to unscrew the...
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    Nissan Xterra? Yay/Nay?

    Of course you would kick my a$$ with a V8! :p And yes I know all about density altitude and a pilot :) I was just happy that my Ex worked at 9,000+ feet! Its never seen those altitudes in its lifetime before im sure! I was still able to take on some vehicles at...
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    defferential tune up

    It wouldn't be a bad idea........I got mine done right after I bought her........had all fluids changed and at that time I had 75,000 or so miles on her.
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    Dre is "Back in the game"!

    What the hell did they do to it?
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    Synthetics in older engine?

    I used to get Motorcraft filter but now switched to Puralator. As for oil I used to get good ol dino 5w-30 but Cenex stopped making pure oil and now has a blend of synthetic and pure. After this next oil change I will be using this blend........hope it turns out ok :(
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    02 XLT just died at stoplight, what to check?

    Noticed you live in NYC...........possible you were doing a lot of rapid stop and goes at lights?? My explorer quit once in Omaha, NE from stopping and going traffic. Just a thought.
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    Missouri lift law?

    Well a good buddy of mine (departed) had a 85 F-150 with 6 inch lift and big tires (cant recall what the exact size was) and he was from Columbia, MO. If that helps any.