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    locking brakes

    I had my front brakes start dragging, it turned out to be my master cylinder, after a few months, one side locked up, I replaced the calipers and pads, got a pair of pre-loaded calipers for $60 at Autozone, everything is fine now. Gary
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    air in hcu

    What is an hcu? or is it a typo, it would help in getting help. Gary
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    Removing gas tank on '94>> OUCH Help!!

    I had to replace my fuel pump, and bought an Autozone pump, it lasted 8 mounths, and I had my mechanic replace it, he told me that it is one of the things that should be a dealer only part, hope this helps. Gary
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    Ca. smog fail, new cat

    Thanks for the replies, I am putting a cat and a new oxy sensor Sat., should do the trick
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    Ca. smog fail, new cat

    My nox is high and the smog guy said if I put a new cat on, it would pass, I have a pre and and aft cat, could I get away with replacing one??
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    It was shamaal's diagram from the search on the forum that pointed me to the location, I replaced the sensor today, and the cel did not come on as ussual. Thanks to all you guys for your help, I have learned a lot from this forum. Gary
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    OK, I found the plugs I needed thanks to you guys, I pulled code #118,---Engine coolant temp sensor above max voltage / 0-40 deg indicated. Does anyone know where this sensor is, I see one at the thermostatic housing, could that be it? Is there a diagram showing where all these little buggars are?
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    I found a plug that looks like half of an octagon
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    on the '92 its on the passenger side, between the airbox/fusebox and the firewall. I could only find one plug in that location, it had 6 connectors, and the reader fit 2 ways and it showed a solid light on both, any other suggestions? thanks Gary
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    On the 94, it was on the driver side center of the wheel well, are you saying that it is on the pass side in front of the fuse box?
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    cel on 92 Explorer

    I have a code reader, and used it on a 94 Ex, no problem, I can't find the plug-in for the reader on my 92, anyone know where it is?
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    Headlights On & Off & On, etc....

    You might try replacing your headlight plugs in back of the bulbs, if the connection is not tight, it could cause your wiring to get hot. Gary
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    Headlights On & Off & On, etc....

    I had the same problem with my 92, check and see if your headlight switch is hot to the touch, mine was and I replaced it cheap fix, problem went away
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    91 Explorer Won't Start

    I had a problem like that with my 92, it was the crankcase position sensor. A cheap fix.
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    What is this piece ?

    Looks like your open door buzzer
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    Replaced fuel pump, still won't start, help!!!

    Where is the ignition relay located?
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    Replace rotors?

    Most auto parts will machine the rotors for $10 apiece, they will tell you if you are within tolorance. you can buy a new rotor if you are not, good luck. Gary
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    Headlight/Parking light relay location

    There isn't one, I had a problem with my headlights burning up the plug connections, and ended up replacing the plugs at the bulbs. I was running a 100 watt bulb and that is too much for the stock headlight switch on the dash to handle. I hope this helps. Gary
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    help, high rpm at idle

    OK, I changed the IAC valve, and that seemed to fix the high idle problem for anyone who cares, good luck, Gary
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    help, high rpm at idle

    Well I restarted it today, and disconnected the IAC valve, and it idles fine now, I will see if it stays that way, the mechanic said that that is a common problem for the fords. We will see, the idle is too smooth to be a vacuum leak in my opinion, it was like someone had reset the idle set...
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    help, high rpm at idle

    I've got a 2000 2wd ex, and I took it to a mechanic, and they cleaned the injection system, and replaced the serpentine, now it idles at about 1200-2000 rpm, and is getting bad mpg. I tried to back off the idle screw, but that wasn't the problem, anyone have a clue?? thanks, Gary
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    Door bushing replacement

    Door bushings Does anyone know if the hinge bushings are the same front and rear upper hinges?
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    please tell me how to disactivate the 4x4

    I am working on making a mechanical shift for my 92, I took the three small torx 20 screws out of the electronic shift motor on the transfer case, and took the cap off, and used a magnet to take out the worm gear drive and that exposes the real shift mechenism, you can then turn the v shaped...
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    AC Compressor

    Since you put the oil in at the low side, I don't see why this is a problem, it is a long way from the compressor, and the dryer takes oil too. I am not an expert, but I called one and that is what he said.
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    AC Compressor

    I called a shop that sold me a new compressor and they said 7 oz would be the right amount of oil.
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    93 Explr Where To Start? San Diego

    Where in SD are you located? I live in Lakeside, and work in Chula Vista, I am married, but I am a welder, and mechanical. Gary
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    94 explorer EB question again!

    Usually when the abs light comes on, it's because the brake res is low, I have a 92, a 94 and a 2000 Ex, both the 92, and the 94 abs light came on because of this, try and fill the brake res with fluid and see if this doesn't fix the problem. Good luck, Gary
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    Question about transfer case

    I cleaned the shift motor, but it still didn't work, I just need to know how long I can go until I can replace the motor without killing my transfer case.
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    Question about transfer case

    I am stuck in 4 wheel drive, so I installed warn manual hubs so I could at least drive the Ex with the hubs on free wheel. How much damage or wear will happen if I am engaged 4X4 but free wheeling? Or will everything be ok except for a little poorer gas milage?? TIA, Gary
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    anyone have a diagram of the fuse panel in my 91?

    Chiltons has the diagram with numbered fuse applications and sizes
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    Rear end Sag

    I used Garbriel, and run about 50 psi, and 125psi if I am loaded. Easy and cheap solution, these aftermarket leaves will make a harsh ride. I run the air shocks with independent air valves to eliminate the turn roll effect.
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    Rear end Sag

    I put air shocks on my exploder, they lift it about 2+ inches, possibility?
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    Jeff Singleton's Explorer Site Is Up Again..

    Thanks Sid, I was hoping I would be able to access that information again. Gary
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    warn hubs

    Thanks for the info glfredrick, my internet connection was down, so I just now got the reply. Gary
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    warn hubs

    Where would you get the Dana 44 nuts and washer?
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    MPG isn't what it should be?! ideas?

    You are probably getting better mpg then you think, your tires are 3 inches taller than your speedo is geared for, so one mile on your speedo might actually be 1.2 in reality I haven't done the math, but you see what I mean? Gary
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    warn hubs

    Don't everyone respond at once! I found a site, hubs spindle kit and shipping for $232.45
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    warn hubs

    Does anyone know the best priced online Warn manual hub purchase place? 92 xlt thanks, Gary
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    Headlights blinking

    Repace the headlight switch,the one on the dash I had the same problem, the switch would feel hot.
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    No running lights on 94 XLT

    Maybe you have a short in your headlight switch, not hard to change out, and not too much $$ Good luck, Gary