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    Noise from Rear, Not Wheel Bearing

    Yeah, I did the diff fluid. No clear improvement. More time passed and eventually I WAS able to determine it was a wheel bearing. It became obvious when the sound was quieter on left turns. The bearing was in pretty bad shape - siezed in place. Now at 180k and rolling nicely.
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    The old brake swtich problem, but worse.

    I picked up another switch and it fixed the problem. I took the cover off the other two. Both looked fine. The wire harness at the switch shows no signs of excessive heat. It's just a cheap switch that fails all the time from what I can tell. It must be cheap conductors at the contacts...
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    The old brake swtich problem, but worse.

    I pulled the pigtail off and shorted the contacts and heard the shift lock release, so clearly the circuit is working. Seems like I got a bad switch. These things are ridiculous. MAYBE good for a year at best, and at worst bad out of the box. Hopefully get it working again by tomorrow.
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    The old brake swtich problem, but worse.

    Here I am again dealing with my annual failed brake switch not allowing the Avi to shift out of park. Which also means no brake lights, and I've also lost cruise control. The past couple times I just replaced the $15 brake light switch in 10 min or so and went on my way. This time...
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    Considering timing chain guide and tensioner replacement

    Finally got to the halfway point. Was hoping to be close to finishing up by now. Anyway -- the liner on the left guide is gone. Part of it (4" or so) was laying at the bottom of the front cover. Don't see the rest. That is concerning. I took a stiff piece of wire (old hanger) and reached...
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    The overdrive planet gear broke and that gouged the input shaft. It was about $1550. Tech said he'd never seen that particular failure before.
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    Got the initial diagnosis today. They are hopeful that replacing a piston which can be done w/o removing the transmission could be a fix. That's ~$600. Beyond that it could be a servo problem which they said is ~$1400. If that's not the answer it will need a full rebuild est. $3k. Fun...
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    Yeah, it's there now. I expect to hear back later tomorrow. Short of pulling an engine there's not many repairs I won't at least consider doing myself. But my one venture into transmission repair went horribly, so I've pretty much decided to draw the line there. Plus, I've been putting off...
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    So after a long day of kids wrestling I took a few mins to chk it out... It actually IS still driveable, but it's clearly not right. No lights/warnings at start up. No weird noises or clunks going into gear, or at any point really. I was originally just going to pull it into the garage, but...
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    That'd be fantastic. <40k out of a $4k Lincoln rebuild.
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    Not enough info to speculate at this point?
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    Ahhh crap -- Transmission in first only

    Hi, '03 Aviator AWD. I bought this truck with 137k, having had the trans rebuilt by Lincoln at about 135k (and I have the service records). It now has about 175k on it. Late in the summer I changed the trans filter/fluid since it had been 30-35k since the repair. Until very recently everything...
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    So... Antifreeze is really important in the winter...

    Actually, it's not. They're core plugs that are required to cast the block. The fact that they CAN in SOME cases relieve pressure in a freeze is just a coincidence. In a lot of cases they don't pop, and in others they do pop and the block is still damaged. Counting on them to protect the...
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    Considering timing chain guide and tensioner replacement

    From what I can tell, the DOHC is identical except there's an additional "secondary" sprocket behind what would be the sohc sprockets that runs a short chain to the 2nd cams on each head. Several photos out there... If I'm going to open this thing up I would LIKE to replace the secondary...
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    2002-2005 Ford Explorer Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Very nice demo. I did the removal/install on both sides, but took the knuckles to a pro to have the bearings pressed. The first side was relatively easy. The machinist simply pressed it out and pressed the new one in. He took a few minutes to install new e-brake shoes as well. The whole...
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    Considering timing chain guide and tensioner replacement

    Thanks 4. I found this thread via websearch (didn't find it in my forum search??). That's going to answer a LOT of my questions. If I determine I need to do this I'm hopeful I can just do guides and probably just primary tensioners...
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    Considering timing chain guide and tensioner replacement

    I have a high mileage Aviator that has treated me pretty well since I've owned it (2 yrs, ~35k). Recently I've had some rattles/squeaks coming from the front of the motor. I started by replacing all the idler / tensioner pulleys for the serpentine belt. That made some improvement, but there...
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    Replaced intake manifold this weekend

    What were the estimates?
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    Ah sweet silence

    I (well, SHE) has been driving the aviator for close to 40k now (bought it with >135K). Ever since we bought it there has always been some noise from the rear end. Initially it was pretty subtle, but it was just loud enough to bug me and I REALLY wanted to figure it out. My immediate thought...
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    Whining noise on startup and acceleration

    I'd start with checking the serpentine belt tensioner. Sounds like it could just be a loose belt.
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    My new Mountaineer

    $600?! Geez. Why didn't they just GIVE it to you?? Hope you get the bugs worked out. That's a whole lotta truck for a few bennies.
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    What kind of motor oil do you use?

    In all the 15 yrs or so and well over 500k miles I've been doing my own maintenance -- I just buy what's on sale - correct viscosity -- and change at 4-5k That ranges from the store brands to an occasional "platinum" grade oil. I try to buy a "better than fram" filter, which is often Puro...
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    Start up squeak -- not the obvious

    Now at 170k it's not surprising that there are some minor problems... I've been hearing some less than pleasant squeaks, groans etc at start up in the cooler weather. I recently replaced all accessory idlers and the tensioner expecting a nice quiet start up. Unsuccessful. It still squeaks...
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    Fuel Mileage, Open to everyone

    Wife's aviator will do 17+ on the highway if I'm not driving 80. In town it's more in the 13 range. Really not that bad considering the granny van I've been driving the past few weeks ('04 Chrysler T&C 3.8L) only gets me about 23, mainly hwy.
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    Ugh - stupid drain/fill plug leaking

    Such a simple problem, but haven't solved it yet. My trans drain plug is leaking. I had it out for a filter change recently and have been getting a few drops on the floor about every day. Is there a seal or gasket that should be there? I believe it is leaking from the main plug, not the...
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    pads and rotor question

    Because that's what they're engineered for. Typically you see them on high performance cars with HUGE brakes. There's a reason for that. Taking a normal vented rotor drilling random holes and cutting slots in it does NOT make them better rotors. It makes them worse. Material is removed...
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    pads and rotor question

    I would never EVER put drilled rotors on anything other than a race car. And only with pads specifically designed for that kind of abuse. It's a zinc plating that will wear off anyway. I doubt anyone would ever notice they were once black except you.
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    Transmission refill not going great

    Ok, thanks. It seemed like I had put plenty back in -- but maybe not. It started to clear up and bit and the stream slowed down. I took it for a test drive and it seemed generally normal but MAYBE a bit slow to down shift during acceleration. I won't be able to work on it for a few days, but...
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    Transmission refill not going great

    Did some work on the Aviator today. Replaced the catalytic converter system, and replaced the trans filter. I've done some reading and a lot of people are saying they're only getting about 3 qts out when they drain/drop the pan and replace the filter. Well, my 7 qt drain pan is full close...
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    2005 Explorer Catylitic Converter problem

    A couple months ago I went through the exact same process you're going through but with a V8 (aviator). The truck had been running fine, but the rattle of the cat (which I thought might be engine/trans) was driving me crazy. The consensus seemed to be it wouldn't be worth the effort to cut and...
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    Driving without parking brake shoes

    I'm not an expert on these brake systems at all, but from what I recall when I had one of my rear bearings pressed -- there's nothing happening hydraulically with the parking brake system. It's just a cable system that uses the inside of the rotor hub as the "drum".
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    Glad to be a member, have a wheel bearing question

    Not sure what size the axle nut is on that truck, but you can just rent (no cost upon return) the axle nut kit from your local parts store. Advance, O'reilly, A'zone, all have the loan-a-tool program.
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    Catalytic converter noise - no codes - runs fine

    Hi - 4.6L DOHC My driver's side catalytic converter is making quite a bit of noise during acceleration when the engine is warm. I have no trouble codes, no cel and the truck seems to be running fine in general. I am exploring repair possibilities. I've talked to two shops - one general repair...
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    Noise from Rear, Not Wheel Bearing

    I'm in the same boat. I would describe what I hear almost exactly the same as you did. Ours has quite a bit more mileage though. We bought it with 137 and is currently going on 164. I noticed a bit of a noise when we bought it, but I think it's gotten slightly worse. I have pretty...
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    Major UGH - engine knock

    Had it checked out today. I was surprised when the tech traced it to the driver's side catalytic converter. There were two tech's listening with a stethoscope and I stood under it as well. I was happy to hear that, although having it replaced won't be any less than $1k -- I spoke with the...
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    New(ish) transmission "rattle" (recorded sound)

    Took it by a general mechanic today. Surprisingly, they traced it to the DS catalytic converter. That's good news vs new trans or motor, but still not cheap. I contacted a 2nd shop specializing in exhaust and they were somewhat cheaper -- still pretty pricey. The cat system is...
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    New(ish) transmission "rattle" (recorded sound)

    I have a high mileage Aviator, but the trans was rebuilt by Lincoln less than 2 years ago (26k). There's a rattling noise that I originally feared was the motor, but it seems to be coming from the transmission. It doesn't happen when the trans is cold, but shows up only after a couple...
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    Major UGH - engine knock

    I got underneath today and gave it a much better listen. The noise does not SOUND like it's coming from the engine. It sounds like it's coming from above the transmission. I recorded some sound -- ever heard anything like this?
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    Any experience with 4.6L swap?

    My wife drives a high mileage '03 Aviator - DOHC 4.6l. It has run great since we've owned it (137-162k), but there's an engine knock in the bottom end that has become painfully obvious over the last week or so. I'm assuming the worst and planning for an eventual engine replacement. I always...
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    Major UGH - engine knock

    I adjusted the oil level and drove it again quite a bit yesterday. It seems to knock very little (or at least much quieter) when it's cold, but once it warms up it's there during light to moderate acceleration. I can't hear it on the hwy but I'm guessing it's still there. I'm going on the...