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    Air ride suspension - help please!

    Smokegrinder, thanks for the info on UK xp's not jacking up when engaging 4x4 - I had assumed that mine was not working because of the 'light on' fault. My light's been coming on for over a year now usually after about 10-12 miles of continuous running but seems to stay off longer if I'm running...
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    Can not get this check engine light off!

    Well done Lubeman - nice to see that someone has beaten the maniac's at Ford design! Pat McMaster.
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    EGR Sensor

    When you replaced the EGR did you check that the number stamped on top was the same? most important that the replacement has the same code stamped on it. Code 332 also means 'EGR valve not opening'. Just realised something, is yours a 94 model? if so there not fitted with a DPFE system, 95 and...
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    TPS voltage very high - 01 SOHC owners please read!

    According to my Haynes with ign on and engine not running, the TPS closed value should be less than 1.5 volts so your 1.3 volts is fine. Opening the throttle to wide open should give a steady increase to 5.0 volts. Pat Mcmaster.
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    Air ride suspension - help please!

    Simon Might be a fuse in the block of fuses that are in side of door pillar but have you checked the compressor relay switch? its in the power distribution box in the engine bay (not sure which one as there's 3 or 4 relays that look the same - one nearest bulkhead is the fuel pump relay)...
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    Air ride suspension - help please!

    Definately should work at all times - hence warning messages about jacking up vehicle without Ride Level Control turned off. Ride control computer is triggered by door/tailgate being opened. When they are opened computer stores current settings of sensors. When they are closed computer checks...
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    Can not get this check engine light off!

    I'm not sure as mine is fitted with a DPFE but acoording to Haynes your model is fitted with the earlier PFE sensor. The difference is that the PFE only monitors downstream exhaust pressure (it will only have 1 pipe to the EGR valve tube) while the DPFE monitors downstream & upstream pressure...
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    obd 1 code 543 ?

    Bit obvious but have you checked the fuel pump relay switch? can be faulty or sometimes corrosion on the terminals if its never been removed. When its not running its easy to check power to the fuel pump at the Pump Inertia Cutoff switch, When you turn ignition on (not starting) power runs to...
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    EGR Sensor

    If this is any help - test from Haynes. EGR tests Disconnect harness to EGR vacuum regulator, with ignition on there should be voltage at the harness end. With ohmmeter check resistance of regulator - for DPFE systems should be 26-40ohms (PFE systems should be 20-70ohms). Voltage at the harness...
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    Alarms Goes Off When Touching Keypad

    Key on engine not running. Dont know if my advice is at all relevant but when I had problems with a new fuel pump not working I went throught the Bosch VIM manual with the dealer mechanic and I noticed several references where after 'system disturbance' or new parts fitted that where linked to...
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    Which 1st: DPFE of EGR?

    If an EGR error is thrown there are several causes, MAF sensor also Throttle position sensor (TPS), Engine coolant sensor (ECT) and Trasmission Control Control i.e. the control that controls the controls (only Ford could come up with that one!!!) (TCC). EGR tests Disconnect harness to EGR vacuum...
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    How do I get the code for 97 Explorer keyless entry?

    Sorry I'm lost - my door key is just a plain key
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    Can not get this check engine light off!

    If yours is fitted with a DPFE sensor (rather than a PFE sensor) it is mounted on engine beside oil dip stick. If an EGR error is thrown there are several causes, as BradE says MAF sensor also Throttle position sensor (TPS), Engine coolant sensor (ECT) and Trasmission Control Control i.e. the...
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    How do I get the code for 97 Explorer keyless entry?

    Am I missing something? I have a 97 X but I have a key fob and that only has one button - how can I press two buttons? (mines fitted with a Bosch immobiliser)
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    Alarms Goes Off When Touching Keypad

    If its a Bosch unit you need to turn ignition on and leave for 45minutes to reset
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    Compression test psi for 5.0?

    Haynes dosnt quote the compression only gives a minimum (100psi) and lowest must be within 75psi of the highest. Pat McMaster
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    Radio shows 'Phone' and mutes sound

    My radio is standard fitted to 97 4.0L sohc estate (EXPORT). Recently the thing keeps flashing up 'Phone' and mutes the sound and refuses to let me change station or anything else. There's no cell phone in the car any ideas how to turn this 'feature' off or any ideas as to where its picking up...
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    Stumbling, stalling on acceleration

    Sounds like a Fuel pressure problem - dirty injectors? clogged filter?
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    1997 Explorer XLT Hesitation

    Not had that problem but possible causes: 1. Ignition (Crankshaft Position Sensor faulty). 2. Fuel Pressure (Dirty/Clogged Injectors) or (Clogged Filter) or (Faulty Pump). 3. Idle Air Control Sensor. 1 & 3 should throw an error code also low pressure should in theory throw an error code. I...
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    Cyl Compression and Vaccum test #'s 4.0L

    According to Haynes: Minimum cyl pressure is 100psi. lowest reading should be within 75psi of the highest reading (no 'average' psi given). Vacuum: with warm engine and at approx 2000 ft above sea level the vacuum should be 17 to 22 inches of mercury and a fairly steady needle. For each 1000 ft...
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    99 xlt idle problem. please help.....

    Sounds like the IAC but the Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) also plays a part in engine speed control. Is the engine management light on (MIL)? if so you need to get any error codes checked.
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    Strange "BEEP" just started...

    If yours is fitted with an immobiliser it can give some odd signals if the battery is run down. You can sometimes clear it by turning the ignition on (not running) and leaving for 30-45 minutes. Pat McMaster.
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    Fuel Reset Light?

    Fuel reset light is triggered by the Inertia Fuel cutoff switch, sounds like yours is not completely off. The Inertia switch is in the drivers side foot well, make sure the button on the top is completely pressed in. Pat McMaster.
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    Whats this code mean??

    Further info: on your model the ignition is controlled by an Ignition Control Module (on later models the PCM controls ignition) on the ICM cable connector, terminal 1 is the PIP signal which appears to connect to the EECM. No idea what it does though - possibly controls the ignition settings...
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    Whats this code mean??

    Profile Ignition Pick-up circuit fault
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    Possibly Purchasing a 98 Explorer

    My 97 4.0L sohc is a youngster - 103k miles still runs like new. My beef is all the bloody computers - nothing happens without a computer being involved!. Fuel pump failure seems to be a common problem. Try searching General Exporations as I've seen this question asked several times.
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    Need help with a Misfire...'99 SOHC

    Have you tried dosing up the petrol with one of these injector cleaning chemicals? Dont forget the air inlet also has an intake air temperature(IAT) sensor (next to the MAF) the PCM uses this to control fuel flow & ignition but in theory this would throw an error code. According to my OBD-ll...
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    1998 Engine

    I've a 97 with the 4.0 sohc done 103k no probs. Does your question mean that your old engine was a 4.0 ohv?. If so I know that there's a number of differences in the sensors/electrics etc. i.e in the sohc the ignition system is controlled by the PCM via a coil pack. The camshaft position sensor...
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    Air ride suspension - help please!

    Have had exactly the same with my 97 for last 9 months. Although mine appeared to be working ok (you can hear the compressor running & see the back jack up/down when I hook/unhook my boat/caravan - with engine running). Last week I was checking the handbrake cable and I jacked the RH side rear...
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    Need help with a Misfire...'99 SOHC

    The other item you need to check is the Crankshaft Position Sensor (this sends TDC to the PCM which then triggers the relevant pair of coils in the coil pack. Testing the coil pack Ignition off: Disconnect plug cables(check they are marked) & electrical connection block (on side of coil pack)...
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    Octane levels

    Not sure on your 1999 but my 97 4.0L sohc is fitted with a knock sensor (RH side cylinder head by intake manifold) This sensors 'knocking/pinging' and signals PCM to retard ignition. Although mine is an 'export' model I believe theres no difference to 'home' models and mine runs quite happily on...
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    Brother needs help kinda long

    When the engine cooling jacket has been subjected to high pressure its not unusual to find that the head gasket has 'blown' between the water cooling jacket and one of the oil drain channels that drain oil from the valve gear back down to the sump. This of course leads to water in the sump oil...
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    Car will not start

    If you have a Bosh immobiliser see my thread on 'Bosh Immobiliser controls fuel pump'. It isnt until you see the wiring diagrams for this Immobiliser that you realise that it has its 'finger in every pie' , fuel pump, ignition circuits, starter motor, central locking, even a 'tamper' detector...
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    97 Explorer cranks but won't start

    Marilyn - I'm sorry I gave you some bum info the other day about a HF suppressor on the fuel pump. please find following info which I know to be correct (although not necessarily of any use to you but the immobiliser does also lock out the ignition and starting motor). All this started for me...
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    For Info: 96+97 Exp = Bosh Immobiliser controls fuel pump

    For anybody with a 96 or 97 Exp 4.0 fitted with a Bosh immobiliser (VIM). If you are having intermittant fuel pump problems and there is an electrical block fitted to the top of your fuel pump assembly (PSM=Pump Switching Module) (check the wiring harness at the block near to the rear of the...
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    97 Explorer cranks but won't start

    The HF is High Frequency Radio Interference (think this effects radio coms/transmissions rather than the radio reception on the car radio) the suppressor is fitted to the top of the fuel pump assembly (the round plate thats bolted to top of tank), its a black block, held down by a metal cage...
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    97 Explorer cranks but won't start

    Marilyn, I know you say say that you have fuel but for what its worth I have had the near identical problem i.e car would run perfect for several days then would refuse to start, leave to following day then it would start perfect as if nothing was wrong. The several days then became every other...
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    Anti theft light? flashing a '121' code - any ideas

    In sorting a starting problem I killed the battery and the electronic door locking didnt work so I unlocked with key. This set of the anti theft device but it responded to the electronic key & stopped ok. Now I've replaced the pump and all working ok the anti theft light? (red circle with key &...
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    Dead fuel pump?

    Snap just the same for me, luckily the fuel tanks for my boats outboard were all empty so I had something to put it in. One thing I found I couldnt get the hosepipe I was using to syphon it out down the filler pipe. I had to undo the rubber filler pipe at the tank end first and stick the hose in...
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    98Ex. Check Engine light, speedo not working

    The VSS is mounted on the rear tube to the transmission. 1) simple test, with ignition on (engine not running) disconnect cable meter the VSS +terminal to ground, should be 1.5 volts. 2) Remove VSS from transmission, with meter set to AC voltage connect to terminals and spin the VSS drive gear...