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    Strange Plug

    A picture would be nice.
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    Air filter element?

    Uh, it looks like Zodiac, the original poster, already figured out where it is and replaced it:
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    Air filter element?

    This shows where it is and how to replace it. The dealer will probably charge $100 for this job. Cabin Filter Replacement: Ford Explorer 2011-2017 2016 Ford Explorer Limited 2.3L 4 Cyl. Turbo The above is the same for all Explorers. You can buy the Cabin air filter for less than $10 at Walmart...
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    Tekonsha 118272 7-Way Tow Harness

    Does your Explorer have the factory towing package? If it does then you needed one of these: Trailer Brake Control Harness
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    License Plate frames for newer Fords?

    Wow. Whenever I have bought a new car and it came with a license plate frame it was off and in the trash right after I got home. When I bought the Explorer I told them I did not want the front bumper drilled for a front license plate holder (Kansas only issues one plate) and I definitely didn't...
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    B-pillar issue

    Ah, been there, done that. The final repair was done with 3M weatherstrip adhesive. Pull it out like you show in the last picture and far enough to glop in a bunch of the weatherstrip adhesive, wait a few minutes and then clamp it down and leave it for a few hours. I used a big metal clothes pin...
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    Rusty Brake Rotors

    Wow. I've been messing around with cars for 55+ years and have never heard of rust "pitting" rotors. I presently own three cars and it is not uncommon for one of them to not get driven for several months (my Mazda Miata convertible for instance) and have never seen this. Learn something new...
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    2017 Oil Pan leak

    Actually the air scoop/deflector runs under the oil drain plug and has to be removed to get to it. The oil filter sits in front of the oil pan and is easily accessible. However as tucked up into the engine block as it is it would not seem to be exposed enough to be damaged from road debris.
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    Hood lettering question

    Okay, I never heard of magnetic being a color.
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    Hood lettering question

    Magnetic? Good luck.
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    What a week...

    From the 2017 Explorer Owner's Manual: This summer, when towing our travel trailer, we found this to be true.
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    4WD w/2-speed transfer case vs. AWD and "just let the computer decide"

    I'm pretty sure that the Ford V6 in the RWD vehicles is the same as the V6 in the FWD vehicles.
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    2011 Explorer with leaking moon roof

    A safer way to clean out the drain passages is to use string trimmer line. As the drains may use rubber tubing for part of their runs the plastic trimmer line would be less likely to damage them. It's what I've always used on other vehicles and trust me you do NOT want to damage or unseat one of...
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    Car or Truck?

    We call ours "The Whale".
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    Dealer installed Class 1 Hitch

    Here's my take on a hitch for your Explorer: Always, ALWAYS go for the class III hitch. Even though you may not ever need its capacity having the larger receiver (2"X 2") will result in a more secure mounting for your bike rack or cargo carrier.
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    Front recovery hooks for 4WD / Plastic Bumper Cap

    To those who can't find the "tow hook": wrecker drivers, especially flat bed operators, carry with them a selection of tow hooks to fit a variety of vehicles. They know how to pop the cover off and which tow hook is needed. The only problem is that occasionally the little round cover gets lost.
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    2017 Front License Plate

    Before giving the dealer the check for our 2017 Base I stipulated that I did not want to see a front plate holder or the holes for mounting it, would not accept locking lugnuts or a license plate frame with the dealer's name on it. I also stated that after giving them the check I expected to...
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    Does F-150 use same ecoboost as Explorer Sport and Platinum?

    Actually it can. Several automakers have done it in the past. The longitudinally mounted engine will use a different transmission of course as well as having more room in the engine compartment for accessories, exhaust manifolds and turbos.
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    Battery Recommendation?

    Wow. You married well.:chug:
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    Battery Recommendation?

    +1 My experience exactly.
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    2011-2017 wheels same pattern?

    Yes, all are 5x114.3 (5x4.5). Google is your friend.
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    Engine compatibility 2012-2013

    LKQ, one of the largest national recyclers (they're in Canada too), has a website that will show you what is available in your area. Their website, shows that the 2012 3.5 V6 is going for $1,400 to $1,700 in my zip code. They will be able to tell you how many miles are on the engine...
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    looking for honest opinions on 5th Gen Ex

    You'll have a hard time finding an SUV in today's market that doesn't have a transverse engine. See above. Yep.
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    Anyone using magnetic drain plugs?

    How are you going to stick those magnets to the oil pan?
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    Brand new 17 Explorer shakes so bad makes us sick,

    Uh, my '17 Base came with Michelins.
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    What does everyone want to see in the redesign of the Explorer?

    I bought an Explorer but what I really wanted was a Ford Everest:
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    Brand new Explorer / Rust on Rotors

    And the first time you apply the brakes after setting for awhile it will all disappear.
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    Opinions on pulling travel trailers

    I just pulled a new Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD (approximately 3000 lbs dry) up from Oklahoma City yesterday and I will say that if it is windy you WILL notice that there is a trailer back there. On a windless day you will easily be able to go 65-70 mph without too much unpleasantness. I have...
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    Explorer hood vibrates

    Good video. Before taking it to the dealer you might try adjusting the hood latch. I just checked out my 2017 Base and can see that there are two 8mm bolts holding the hood latch to the bracket above the radiator. By loosening these you should be able to move the latch down a slight bit to bring...
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    Which is the best year

    Thus endeth the lesson. :cool:
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    Lower Air Dam Intake Duct Falls Off / Missing

    That makes sense as the duct ends where a turbo would be. But why does my NA engine have it? Are you sure? My 2017 base model with the tow package definitely has them.
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    Lower Air Dam Intake Duct Falls Off / Missing

    Some thoughts on this "air intake" that leads to the back of the engine and only appears on Explorers with the tow package. I wonder if it has something to do with getting cooler air to the back of the engine when the Active Shutter Grille Vents are closed?
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    Is this a normal pattern ?

    Uh-oh, it's got to go somewhere so it's winding up in your crankcase. Probably because you don't drive it enough.
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    2016 Sport Transmission how to question?

    No, it doesn't. There is only air going through the turbo. Fuel is injected directly into the cylinders "downstream" of the turbo. That's how turbochargers work.
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    Oil Change interval

    Whoa! Thanks for the link. Another good reason for doing your own oil changes or at least checking to make sure that scoop got put back properly after the oil was drained at a shop.
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    Is this vibration normal?

    You need a CO detector, not a CO2 detector. They are not the same thing. CO will kill you. CO2 makes bubbles in your beer.:chug: