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    NW Explorer facebook group page?

    Anyone have one started? If not, Im going to kick one up!
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    Golden Gardens Get-Together Idea Revisited!

    Come on you lazy *******s, lets have a Golden Gardens Explorer get-together this summer! ****! Link to the park info page... The park is PERFECT for car rallys, and indeed is the host of many. Here is a Nissan car show at the park to...
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    shake @ 65 to 73 mph

    Indeed, go from what touches the ground in. Check your tires. A good way is to find a tire service place that has a road force machine to check both tires and rims... is a type. After that, lift your rig so the whole suspension assembly can hang free from the ground...
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    20 inch 100 spokes

    Spokes aint that bad, just get the right kind of spokes, and the right kind of tires. Too low-pro and it looks like ****. These are O.G. Wire Wheels - 150 spoke... 100s will bust on you in due time cause of weight... and Lexani LX9000 high-performance tires at 295 40 20... the width and little...
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    How do i replace a headgasket?

    If I ever have to do one, I will be sure to make a good thread about it. A good resource for diagrams, instructs, tool references, etc is alldatadiy. Google it. Speed! Whatup foo!
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    2008 NWE gathering PART 2

    Ive always wanted to rent out the picnic shelters at Golden Gardens and have a rally down there. They have a beach house thats rentable... and I know of a few bands who would love to play... or a badass mp3 player :)
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    2008 NWE gathering PART 2

    Down, but my truck ain't built for trails... got the spoke wheels and all.
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    2008 NWE gathering

    Im down to ride out next weekend, as well! :thumbsup:
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    2008 NWE gathering

    Is the 830 safeway meet on Saturday morning? Where we campin tonight???
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    2008 NWE gathering

    Someone post a final message with directions, times, etc... as Im confused a little... or I just smoked too much today grr LOL!
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    2008 NWE gathering

    IM campin no matter what... shoot man Ive been waiting to go campin for a while now :D I'll bring an instant shower hehehe!
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    2008 NWE gathering

    WOOHOO!!!!!!! Add me on... 3 people, 2 explorers! Im down to camp and stay over as well! Ive been looking forward to a local run yaaaaaayyy!!!
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    Steering wheel wobble

    Update on that issue 2fs?
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    Alignment questions

    That it is! Referenced the alldatadiy specs.
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    Odd sound / find.

    Quoted from alldatadiy... There are two types, an aluminum case one, and a plastic one.
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    Need opinion on shocks for 95 Limited...

    I got an oil change, alignment, all four shocks installed, and a tranny service for 391. I went with the monroe sensa-track light truck shocks and noticed MAJOR stability compared to the shot stock shocks. They are firm on casual road driving and give petty well offroad (light). I recommend them.
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    Squeek....Where to look?

    I spent forever tracking down a squeeek and found it was a long zip tie in the rear wheel well rubbing on the tire going squeek squeek. Plastic on rubber, but the sound was amplified on the metal it was connected to.
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    Thump - not sure what it is

    Define that thump a little more... does it repeat? From what area is the thump coming from?
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    Grinding Noise in Left Front???

    I have the grinding when moving only. I have yet to do exploratory surgery, but thought I would continue in this thread since the title matches the symptom perfectly! So, when moving at a very slow pace, the sound is moderate, definitely audible in the cab. Funny, but it reminds me of the sound...
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    shuddering when turning

    Up and lock to lock, that really works? I have a slight shudder and think that may remedy it. Will follow up here :)
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    I guess I should say hi...

    Welcome! Nice rig :) Man you guys are making me miss my 93 wtf!! So how come no one told me about this m50d mod before I replaced my a4ld twice?!? Looks good!!!
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    Albino's about to get busier with Abby's half sister Gail

    Hey I have 3 white doors and a control arm bracket (right side I believe) if you need em :) Nice rig! Like mine, a 93 ltd, now owned by my brother :) Let me know if you need any help in the Seattle area, I know this truck inside and out.
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    Seattle Explorer Owners... Rally? Get-together?

    Well kick ass! Lets plan for dixies then fellas? The weekend of the 22nd or the 29th works well for me!
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    This is how we do it!

    HAHA I love your windshield decal... MOVE! Classic lol! Nice rig man! I swear Ive seen you luggin around town.
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    Seattle Explorer Owners... Rally? Get-together?

    Whats up Seattle & Vicinity people? I smell a summers-end BBQ at Golden Gardens??? Sounds like fun to me! My truck is pretty, but I wanna meet some Seattle Explorer owners! What do you guys think? I can get a permit for a party there, and I will even bring my grill. I dont really care about...
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    Cheap local rebuild for my A4LD?

    Cheap isnt best, take it from experience... 3 a4lds down the road. The last one was built for me at a cost of 2200... Welded planetary, shift kit, HD parts, better torque converter, etc... even repainted the case and bell housing. Still going strong after 2 years, needed one adjustment...
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    Evans creek Aug 23-26

    Dammit! I always log in AFTER an event. WTF lol :rolleyes:
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    is it my rack & Pinion????

    I tracked some horrible sound down to zipties close to the tire. Get under there and look behind the wheel. There are zip ties that hold a cover on in there. It its close to the tire, thats your noise.
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    The Busy Wild, at it's finest

    holy **** lol!!! And I thought people didnt know how to mud anymore LOL! Reminds me of the virginia days.
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    left turn noise weird though!!! help

    I get a squeek in my 2000 xlt around right hand turns only. I am going to check the e-brake. It is definitely a sound that is oscillating, like something rubbing under pressure. I know its not the following things... Shocks Springs Joints Exhaust rub Anyone else have a similiar issue?
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    Wiring Diagrams TSB's Repairs - Got Access!

    So I got pissed trying to find connector wiring etc when installing my new glow gauges. Broke down and bought a subscription to I have a years access to the site, so if anyone needs any particular information... Shoot me an email and I will do my...
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    I ran my mouth off, but got it on video

    Thats funny as hell!!! Bit his ego.
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    Switching To Amsoil Synthetic

    Im switching to full synthetic today on a 2k 5.0 XLT... I will let you know if I get any leaks... but there isnt any true feasable reason why synthetic would leak from something that held conventional.
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    5.0 Exhaust Thread

    Yes, I want to know about more power and not so much on loud sound. Im looking at the setup like mountianeergreens... anyone know bout the difference in power?
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    Do we want to plan something for this summer?

    So is the meet on the 7th still a go? Im down. Just got a 2k 5.0 xlt so I havent done anything to it yet, but I would love to meet some of you. (Ryan, if you recall, I ran into you over in B-town or the dale like last year in my friends POS 97 xlt... your white ride made me jealous as **** man!)
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    Finally!!! Bought a 5.0 XLT... Bring on the MODS!!!!

    So Ive been rolling my sweet White 93 Limited with that 4.0 for years. I went thru 3 trannies, replaced EVERYTHING twice under the hood as far as bolt-on components. That ***** is STILL running like a champ at 181K miles :) Okay, so I never got rid of the clunk from the suspension and it was...
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    Aggravating front end pop?

    Im in the same boat Darrman. Any update? I have no clue where this sound is coming from, but mine is identical to what you describe... and Ive done the same repairs while trying to remedy it.
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    Cle Elum Meet Sept. 9-10

    Count me in on this one guys! I have 2 tents I can bring... and I could get there early if needed.
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    NW trail run '06

    Im there Im there Im there! I got street tires tho... some aquatreds... eek!