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    More power

    Go with MSD (red) over Accel. They'll usually be cheaper, but from what I've heard, better quality. I think it's a good idea to go for the whole set
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    I don't know, but you'd probably have to fabricate a bracket despite the similar shape. I was wondering the same thing about aviator headlights because they're HID and similar shape as well, and I can get a set for $200 near me. Edit: just found someone who did the opposite, explorer front end...
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    Light bar behind grille

    What I've thought about doing for pods is mounting them into the metal bar behind the bumper. I removed the faded trim pieces around the fog lights and I think there's good clearance for a small pod on each side, and the larger openings will provide light through the bumper. It will only really...
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    02-05 Custom Front Bumper

    Looks so damn good, do you have the lights on a switch or wired into high beams?
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    One of the best on here by far. Looks great.
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    For Sale Upper control arms... Extended WITH UNIBALL

    Do you have the "sport" 2-door edition? If so, that would make sense, but if you have the 4 door with that setup that's a first to me
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    2004 Explorer XLT

    Your best chance to see blacked- out 3rd gens is looking through the "3rd gen modified pics" thread. Many good ideas in there. I have a black/ gold EB and I put in a black billet grille which adds to the look. Also you could look into blacked out headlight assemblies or painting them yourself...
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    Light bar behind grille

    Ji Just wired it up with my high beams now. Ridiculously bright and was totally worth the work
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    Light bar behind grille

    I went ahead and did it, and I just need to get it wired up. I bought a 22" ECCPP bar and mounted it upside down from the header panel. I had to take out the air dam, which I really won't be able to put back in unless I heavily cut it. I also had to cut the support out between the hood support...
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    High speed shimmy

    Okay thank you. I think ball joints are all good. I'll check tie rods and the bushings
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    High speed shimmy

    I have a 2002 with the 4.6 (I think engine is irrelevant in this case), but while highway driving I get a little wiggle back and forth, and it seems to be UNrelated to bumps in the road or throttle. I think I need a new rear u- joint soon but I don't know if that's it. Could it be body...
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    I thought I'd finally post in here. Nothing special, but I'm just getting started. 4 piece billet grille, crazy bright LED fogs (a new one is on the way due to a defect) Spyder LED tails and license plate lights, LED interior and puddle lights (they light it up like its daytime. Here's...
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    2005 XLT Roof rubber strip

    I have seen that also, and it's strange. I have small amounts of rust in the rain channels as well.
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    Has Anyone Used 100 Watt High Beam Bulbs?

    I have no clue, sounds great though. Do you know the lumen output?
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    Grill Guard Anyone?

    Are those the ones on EBay? I've seen them and they are so cheap that I'm considering them So do the 4th gen full on brush guards still fit our 3rd gens? I know the mounts are the same, but I feel like the headlight guard areas may not look that good with our different front end
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    Grill Guard Anyone?

    Yeah there was one that had a set of taillight guards with it for $50, but it was about 100 miles out... I really regret not making the drive for it Those are good prices, do you or anybody you know have this specific one?
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    Grill Guard Anyone?

    I'm in the same boat. At this point I may have to either drop about $250 (the cheapest ove seen) on a new full brush guard, or Paypal someone if an add pops up somewhere for a used one. There's cheap bull bars on eBay, however I'll probably hold off for a full guard. One question I have is if...
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    How to: Mountaineer Cluster installed - Pics, problems, fixes, walk-thru WARNING! 35 pics!

    Digging this thread back up. With help from the LED gauge cluster swap thread, I would like to throw a mounty cluster in with LED blue or white replacement lighting. I still have some questions. In this original swap thread, the cluster didn't work because of it being from a different sub model...
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    Can I add a 3rd row?

    As far as I know, you need panels that are specifically made for the 3rd row, like mounting panels that would take the place of the two hidden storage areas.
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    Another light bar ?

    Those wheels are great, they look like bronco wheels. Are they cragars or soemthing?
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    LED headlights

    What brands of LED bulbs are you guys running for regular headlights and high beam? There are many options, but I want to match the 6000k of my fog lights and I'd like to stay away from HIDs
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    Light bar behind grille

    I'd like to get a billet grille (4 pieces probably), but I'd also like to get a led light bar. I would prefer to put one behind the upper or lower grille, as I know some people have put them behind the OEM upper grille, but I'm not sure if the billet would allow enough light through to still be...
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    Have 02 EB Explorer and need parts, will 04 XLT Explorer work?

    With the seats, you may run into wiring issues with the plugs for power/ heated seats. I put 2003 EB seats in my 2002 (just for the non- ripped vinyl) and the plugs didn't match up, even though they are both the Eddie Bauer trim. So,bif you want to add heated or power seats, you're going to have...
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    2013 rims on 2003 explorer

    Looks really good, I have Spyder brand LED tails, they have the LED cluster with black housings. They look good with my black paint
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    2013 rims on 2003 explorer

    Did you ever have the canbus error with the LED signals? I had (and sometimes still have) it in one of my taillights
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    2013 rims on 2003 explorer

    I really like the aviator mirrors, do you have the LED signals wired up? I just have regular 4th gen mirrors
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    2013 rims on 2003 explorer

    They look great, I'm glad they work
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    Aviator Swaps

    Other than mirrors, are there any other parts that come from the Aviator that fit on Explorers? I sort of regret not buying an Aviator, and I understand that it is entirely different than the Explorer and Mountaineer, but I am just curious if anyone has swapped anything. I really like the true...
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    Remote fob question

    From what I understand, the computer treats all of the programmed fobs as originals, so it won't really matter what you use, as long as they're programmed in
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    2013 rims on 2003 explorer

    Which rims are they? What trim did they come from? From this thread, apparently it shouldn't be possible
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    3rd Gen Guy needs some help

    I just bought heated ones, the plug was the same (8 hole 6 pin I think), and I have LED puddle lights. They look great, thanks guys
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    2wd to 4wd

    That's cool, and it should fit better than a v8 swap, I guess the intercooler(s) might be a little tricky but it would be awesome if it works. I would really like to supercharge my 4.6, but the transmission can't even handle the stock engine, so I'm lookin into a supercharged Mustang...
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    LED Flasher Relay

    Okay thank you. I really didn't want to burn through (literally) the resistors, and the canbus error hyper- flash makes it not worth having LEDs
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    2wd to 4wd

    As in the 5th gen twin turbo? That would be crazy if you pulled off the swap
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    LED Flasher Relay

    I have Spyder LED taillights and i think i will switch to LED front signals (switchbacks) soon. I don't feel like messing around with cheap resistors, and the Canbus error I already have in the left taillight is annoying as all hell. Has anybody installed an A/M LED flasher to correct the...
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    5th Gen Wheels

    I've never realized how similar they are, but the adrenalins look great
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    Truck jerking when turning slowly?

    I had mine out for a bit before I replaced my front diff, and it seemed to be quicker like you said. Plus, I could finally do burnouts
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    5th Gen Wheels

    I have been considering possibly picking up a set of 5th gen chrome wheels, I think they're 20 inches. The bolt pattern and offset range are good, but it's there enough clearance for the wheel and tire? Has anybody done this swap?
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    Steering Jumps

    I just tried it, and I'm still getting the jerks. I can also now hear a knock whole steering at slow speeds. I'm beginning to think that it is mechanical or I did the power steering fluid fix wrong.
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    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    Just ordered two mirrors (separately), but both have the right plug. Cost came out to $88 total, because of ordering the mirrors as cheap as possible from eBay. Estimated delivery is he 9th