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    steering problem making me worry

    generally i never go offroading, but a friend and i went to a really secluded place that took some offroading to get to. since then, there is a strange clunking coming from my steering column. i can feel the clunk through the steering wheel, and can hear it as well, but i cant feel it from...
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    best HU for my setup...

    im thinking of the apline 7892 or 7893, they are within my range and have exactly what i need, except for mp3 but oh well, cd-rw works good enough. thanks for the advice.
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    best HU for my setup...

    my setup is in my sig below, and im thinking of replacing my pioneer with something a little better. are there any HUs that are worth it to replace my pioneer with for some better SQ or mp3 capability? or would it be a waste of money? btw, i searched around, but my questions is a little more...
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    university ford in seattle

    university ford in seattle sucks i ask for very simple things. first, i need a coolant leak fixed, second, i have a starting problem, and third, pinging is very very bad. so i bring it in, get it back, 2000 dollars later, it seems ok. i get on the highway, and the pinging hasnt changed a...
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    Best Intake?(from experience[91-94])

    yup, love my kkm =)
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    keys locked in car, need help

    i am out of AAA uses for the year and my friend was getting a cigarette out of my car and locked the keys inside. is there any way to get in there with a hangar or something? thanks much.
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    need immediate help, key stuck in ignition!

    alec, god bless you!!! it was in park, but the shifter needed a little jiggle. you are my savior! i was already calculating costs for repairing and towing. thank you so much!
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    need immediate help, key stuck in ignition!

    like the title says, the key is jammed in the ignition and wont come out. it is stuck between on and off positions. furthermore, turning the igntion to start the car does nothing, no crank and no noise. WTF is wrong. please help me...thanks...
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    Pinging in '92-'93 4.0 engines !!!!

    Re: Procedure ditto
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    need new tires, have a question

    i need some new tires for my 94 X. i want toyo m410 open countries because they were rated hella good and i have heard good things about them from some friends. i called les schwabb and they told me that the m410 was replaced by the open country a/t. the m410 is an all season and it was...
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    anyone got Toyo's?

    ive read an article in consumer reports about them, they were rated the best for i think all season suv tires, im planning on getting a set myself.
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    Where's your ground point?

    i have my ground going behind the panel where the stock sub was. my wire goes into the slot where the seatbelt goes through the plastic panel. sorry im not very good at explaining where. hmmm, i grounded to one of the bolts around the rear side windows in the back.
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    the zeb

    they absolutely kick ass, and i think everyone will agree with me, great service, great prices.
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    plug wires please help

    i would change your plugs when you change your wires, it makes life a little easier. i chose magnecor kv85 8.5 mm wires, and i have had no problems and they have a great smooth idle and smooth revs.
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    Air intake idea

    i managed to run a flexible 3" stove pipe into the end of the filter and then down below the bumper to get some cool air, works pretty well.
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    Bilstein Ride Quality

    definitely an improvement over stock. the ride is not as bouncy, much firmer. i noticed the biggest difference on the highway. i used to hit a bump and go up and down for a few seconds, now i hit the bump...and thats it. well worth the money.
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    kicker comps or Infinity kappa perfect

    yea i got the kappas go with them, i couldnt be happier. i hate systems that rattle everything but sound like **** because they just hit hard and have no quality.
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    anyone ever had problems with stuff?

    they kick ass, i got everything quick and cheap, very friendly people =)
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    bad mileage (with mods)

    yes i have 3.73 gears, stock size tires, and 112000 miles
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    bad mileage (with mods)

    yes i have, but on some tanks i have tested my mileage by trying accelerate at a normal rate, and drive around 60 on the highway, and 45 on main roads. at best i get 16mpg, which still sucks.
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    bad mileage (with mods)

    ive got a 2.25 mandrel cat back exhaust, kkm, bosch plugs, magnecor wires, and i get 15mpg, maybe 17 on highway. that sucks its the same as i got before i did the mods. i have reset the ecu, no change. any ideas? is it normal and im stupid?
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    hooking up stereo in a house?

    well i guess to be more specific, his amp has a lo pass crossover, and he is going to use the preout on his receiver to go to the amp, and he only needs to worry about giving it i guess 12v power supply is all he needs?
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    hooking up stereo in a house?

    im not sure how my friend is planning on doing this. he wants to take his box and amp and hook it up to his stereo in his room? is this possible? how does it get powered?
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    subs?? advice needed!!

    ive got 2 infinty kappa PERFECT 12s and they are beautiful subs. they have incredible SQ, not as much SPL but enough to hit hard. dont get the regular kappa subs, the perfects are much better.
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    powering everything

    its in my sig, kenwood excelon
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    powering everything

    i have a 600w rms amp, a 22x4 rms deck, and will soon have some neons inside the car. im wondering if getting a 1 farad cap for the amp will open up enough room for my stock alternator to power everything else, or should i just shoot for a 130 amp alternator. is an alternator easy enough to...
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    securing my amp

    well, the amp wont fit on top, so i suppose its going on the back of the box, piggyback style. i figure it will look good back there too. its not going to get rattled to death on there is it?
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    exhaust pricing and parts

    its some allied exhaust. allied systems or something.
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    securing my amp

    i thought that was bad for the amp because the heat isnt dissipating properly?
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    securing my amp

    im referring to my sub box, 2 12s. my amp is in my sig.
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    securing my amp

    my amp sits between my box and my rear seats and i was wondering what the best way to hold it down is. drill through the floor and bolt it down? or what? thanks.
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    exhaust pricing and parts

    just called a few local shops and the lowest price i could get quoted was 250 plus labor, and the damn thing isnt even mandrel bent. the a-hole told me that it was a waste of money to mandrel bend it, and that my KKM intake is bad for performance. another shop said 275 for labor, 2.25" mandrel...
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    what HU do you have? some HU have a feature to turn off the pre out signals. check that.
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    sub distortion

    just out of curiousity what do i do if the surround is unglued and that is my distortion source. is it fixable? or do i need to get it fixed or exhanged.
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    sub distortion

    the distortion sounds like the speaker is unglued rather than a bad seal. ya the box is the new q-logic with the qring. ill go pick up some of that material on monday and see if it fixes the problem. if not, ill be back posting here =) thanks for the help.
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    sub distortion

    ya i already drilled the holes in, damnit. my stupid neighbor doesnt know ****, hes the one that did it. how do i check the surrounds? forgive me for the ignorance but which part am i checking?
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    sub distortion

    im not sure how to describe the way it distorts. its like there is a flapping noise in the speaker. could that be due to an air leak. i pushed on the woofer and heard air leak out the sides, but i also heard a leak on the good sub, the one that sounds perfect. hmm.
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    sub distortion

    its a prefab q-logic box. i think i fixed it though. how stupid a fix this was. there was a sticker in the box that had a corner sticking up and was vibrating like hell when the sub hit. i ended up rescrewing the sub down like three times. for some reason if i mount it the way the screws...
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    sub distortion

    i just got my 2 infinity perfect 12s installed on my kenwood excelon amp. it runs perfect, but one sub has a strange distortion from it. i tightened all the screws down around it but its still there. i hooked the two subs up in parallel like the instructions say (using the sigma servo). the...
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    wiring it up

    so i need some kind of adapter to hook a 4-guage line from the battery to the amp? what about the ground do i need an adapter there too? btw its 600 watts rms, 1200 max.