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    96 vs 2000 - your guess why one feels more "lively"

    I thought I covered this in OP but I guess not.. Both are 4wd but the 2000 Controltrac system is technically "always on" in some level while the 96 is not.
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    96 vs 2000 - your guess why one feels more "lively"

    No, both idle correctly, no missing or dead spots in RPM band etc.
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    96 vs 2000 - your guess why one feels more "lively"

    Actually the 96 does have the zip tie mod, but didn't think much of it. I will check out the cable on the 2000 and see if slack is an issue.
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    96 vs 2000 - your guess why one feels more "lively"

    I currently have two Explorers, a 96 XLT and 2000 XLT. Both have the 4.0 OHV. Both have an auto trans. Both have 3.73 gears with the factory rear LSD. Both have 235/75/15 tires. Even down to the mild suspension lift with TT and AAL+shackles, both trucks are nearly identical. The 96 has 240k...
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    Getting the most out of what I have

    Do not buy cheap LED lights for the dash cluster. All the cheap Chinese LEDs will die within a couple months and you'll be tearing it all down again. Superbright LEDs has 194 LEDs that are perfect for the cluster and their LEDs are quality sourced...
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    Low Mile Explorer Advice

    My daily driver is a 2011 Frontier that I have put 210k miles on with zero mechanical work other than fluid changes, spark plugs, a new serp belt, brakes, shocks and tires - all stuff that wears out on any vehicle after that long. It rides & drives like it did when it was new. It's stupid easy...
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    Anyone still driving 2nd gens?

    Most of the ones I see on the road are thoroughly clapped out. They just never got the following that the Cherokee did. Many owners didn't maintain them, which spells the end of the 4r55e/5r55e. They need regular fluid changes. Many people turned them in during Cash for Clunkers a long time...
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    Suggestions on front sway bar endlink setup

    Thanks fellas for the suggestions. Is there any end link parts commonality with the larger F150 & Expedition from this era that had torsion bar setups? What about longer stock style links for the Ranger that are compatible? It looks like I'll have to start doing parts research and see if I...
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    Suggestions on front sway bar endlink setup

    My dad and I both have Explorers (96 & 00) that have been lifted about 2.5" through TT and shackle/AAL. Last year we took my 96 hunting and ended up on some FS roads that were just awful. Total moonscape of rocks & washboard. I was trying not to beat the **** out of the truck, but by the end of...
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    Lift installed

    When you stiffen the spring it will sag less under load. Even the stock springs sagged a bit on these rigs, so the AAL alone will give some "lift" over what came off the factory floor, simply by virtue of the rear not sagging under its own weight. I prefer the ride of an AAL + shackle as the...
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    Purchase 1999 4.0L 4x4 with 185k for $700?

    I would buy a 4.0 OHV without much hesitation, just check the transmission for good operation. I've owned several high mileage 4.0 OHVs and the engines themselves have been solid. I even have 230k mi on my current OHV/4r55e and it has no trans issues. The highest mileage 4.0 OHV I had was north...
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    leveling kit question for my 97!! Help!

    Warrior 153 will give around 1.25-1.5" in rear. I used 153s and Procomp Explorer 13120 AAL in the rear. You will get around 2.5". Then do TT on the front to match - though I would suggest setting the front to slightly lower than the rear, as the AAL may settle, and you want a little bit of rake...
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    Light shudder/slip in 4-Low

    96 OHV 4.0 /w about 230k miles. Drives without any issue on road, but I do have a shuddering issue when in 4-Low. The Explorer sees a lot of off road use but nothing abusive - mainly trails and some light hill climbs. What happens in 4-Low is that when going up any minor incline, you can feel a...
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    4405 rear case output bearing egging

    I have been chasing a vibration on my old 96 that seemed to be coming from the trans tunnel/driveshaft area - the vibration does not feel strongest in the steering wheel but instead was very strong when putting my hand on the top/side of the center console. It starts around 50MPH and continues...
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    Reinstalling upper ball joint

    Probably sway bar bushings. However if you were that far into the suspension to change out UCAs, you really should have done the lower joints. They're an extra 30 mins per side at best, and go in easily using the jack & smack trick - you insert the new joint into the LCA, place a jack under it...
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    Become discouraged

    If you are able to build up that much condensation while running, you will want to make sure you are really reaching operating temperature, and make sure to hit the highway occasionally. A compression test and test for exhaust/compression into cooling system (i.e. does cooling system frequently...
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    1997 Explorer Sport 4.0SOHC w/135,000 miles / Problem areas

    How I resolved this issue in mine was to eliminate the mounting grommets and mount the motor directly to the inner door frame using nylon washers to replace the grommets. The grommets are there mostly to reduce audible noise from the motor, so far as I can tell, but they also allow the motor to...
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    Front differential

    I was under the impression that the IFS D35 is a standard rotation/cut diff, and can use any ring/pinion/carrier that a D35 rear can use - this would include any number of LSD products intended for Jeeps. If I had my hands on a used Jeep TracLok I would take a shot at rebuilding it and throwing...
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    Lower Ball Joint Replacement How To (lots of Pictures)

    Thanks for the method in OP, it works great. Just replaced both lowers with Moog "Problem Solver" units, and it was easy to get them in without any special tricks. For the uppers I just replaced both UCA assemblies with complete UCAs from OReilly, which had new bushings and joint. I eliminated...
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    4R55E OBD transmission fluid temperature sensor

    I have a really cheap Chinese Android 4.4 tablet (on sale last year Amazon $50) that I bought for our son, it has BT but not sure how reliable it is. I may pair it up just so I can see. I have also been thinking of buying a cheap small Chinese note/tab specifically for the BT OBD reader.
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    4R55E OBD transmission fluid temperature sensor

    Depends on year, but on the early OBDII Explorers, trans temp is one of the most important. The sensor will read the ECU coolant temp sensor, intake/ambient air sensor. You may also have catalyst temp on the late 90s Explorers.. Other interesting data includes torque converter slip rate...
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    4R55E OBD transmission fluid temperature sensor

    Yes. Once you add the Ford specific PIDs, you'll see several available PIDs for transmission fluid temp. One of them should work. Go to Settings -> Manage additions PIDs > press android menu button > Add predefined set > Ford
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    1995 Explorer EEC-1V or EEC-V

    I have a late 95 manufacture which is considered a 96. OBD-II is implemented fully and it is EEC-V. I don't see why earlier 95s shouldn't be the same - haven't heard of them not fully implementing OBD-II protocol. Ford unlike GM was pretty good about such things.
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    Bleeding Power Steering

    Yeah had the same problem.. Tried for hours to bleed the system. Drove it out to the local school parking lot and did donuts. Still made a ton of noise and notchy steering. Went home frustrated, parked the truck and left it overnight. Came out in the morning, started it, and after the first few...
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    Thoughts on a rear end noise?

    You can't really be sure unless you remove the entire rear brake assemblies and spin the axle shaft all by itself. The bearings aren't a big deal to replace but you will need a slide hammer and bearing/race installer kit, which are available cheap at Harbor Freight You will have to pull the...
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    Let's Talk Guns!

    I have had one for years. I'll tell you a couple things. First the gritty trigger can be resolved by polishing the trigger transfer bar. You'll have to completely disassemble the pistol to get to it. The bar is just a stamped steel part with lots of rough edges and rough surface, and it runs up...
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    96 Ex - new stereo install, ignition noise while running

    Recently installed a cheap MP3/bluetooth head unit in the 96 which has factory "premium sound" amplifier, but no subwoofer - this same head unit model has worked great in the 91 that I gave to the MIL, which also had factory premium sound but /w woofer. I purchased the Metra 70-5600 harness...
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    Yeah if the fluid is burnt smelling it should always be changed, as it's lubrication qualities are likely reduced
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    Do the fluid and filter change. If the transmission is in bad enough shape that the fluid change harms it, it didn't have much life left on the clutches any way. Use quality Mercon V and consider having an additional cooler and in line filter added. 205,000 miles on original 4r55e here...
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    Gen 2 map lights - festoon to 194 socket

    I bought an interior LED kit which included two festoon bulbs, but they are far too long to fit in the map light sockets. Fortunately I was able to use them in my Jeep interior overhead light bar, and they fit perfectly. Looking at where to find the shorter festoon LED bulbs, I discovered that...
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    Throwing codes

    The OHV is known to develop vacuum leaks at the upper intake gasket (really O-rings) and fuel rail gasket - the fuel rail sits between the upper and lower intake. The upper intake O-ring type gaskets are easy to replace and most with higher miles seem to need it done.
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    1999 Explorer not shifting into 4th/overdrive

    Yes that is consistent with the airbag lamp failure. Have had family members with a 2000 Ex and 2002 F150 with the same issue. Unfortunately neither one repaired theirs, they just lived with the intermittent chimes. Check the wiring on the front sensors, and clean the connectors at the...
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    1999 Explorer not shifting into 4th/overdrive

    As for the ding noises, do they return after several minutes of driving? There is a common issue with these vehicles where the airbag warning lamp in the dash fails. As part of the airbag test procedure the GEM self tests the airbag lamp, and will chime the dash bell if it senses that the...
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    Shackle length & hitch interference

    After adding the AAL and cranking the Torsion bars about a half inch, this week I made a 600mi round trip with cargo trailer attached & loaded. Whereas before the empty cargo trailer (which is overbuilt) would sag the rear so that the tires were dipping into the wheelwell, the rear now only...
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    1999 Explorer not shifting into 4th/overdrive

    Rear center? What are the actual codes? Does the speedometer work?
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    Just another poor mileage tread..

    I have gained a huge amount of info using the BAFX Bluetooth scan tool on my 96, with Torque Pro for Android. You can monitor fuel trims, O2 voltage, IAC and ECT readings, etc. If something is reading incorrectly you will notice it really fast. By watching fuel trims you can also spot a...
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    Shackle length & hitch interference

    I use the Ex for towing and hauling fairly often and prefer that the rear sit an inch or so higher than the front. But I also want to at least maintain the current ride quality that I have with the single AAL and mild TT. I definitely did not crank the front up to the full 1-1/2 inches that many...
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    Quick Detach Rear Glass

    Back before I got a Jeep, I thought about making a frame that could replace the window for part of the year. The frame would have the same outer dimensions of the window, would mount to the hinges and struts, but instead of glass it would have removable thick marine clear plastic. The plastic...
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    95 Ford Explorer 4L V6 with 225k+ miles

    there's no harm in trying to change the diff fluid first. try using the heavier 75-140w weight which was later recommended by Ford. the heavier oil could potentially quiet up "loose" carrier or pinion bearings. Make sure to use LS additive if you have a limited slip - this can be determined by...
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    95 Ford Explorer 4L V6 with 225k+ miles

    I drove my wrangler for quite some time with a bad pinion bearing before I finally replaced it. Depending on what part is failing, you may be able to go for a long time. Worn out carrier or pinion bearings can still run for quite a while so long as they are lubricated and don't overheat, but...