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    Spark Plug clarification for V8

    I'm soon coming to this phase to replace my spark plugs. According to Fordparts site the correct replacement part is SP462. Newer (better?) part seems to be the SP514. I also saw the SP515. It looks like it would fit. I think only the side openings on the SP515 tip are cut deeper than SP514...
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    Code P0155 -Help

    Great job on detailing all diagnostic steps so far and finding all relevant circuit diagrams. It seems you may have a problem with the PCM. Have you tried measuring the voltage at the pin 2 (ground side) of the O2 sensor heater? For the heater to work the voltage on this pin must be low...
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    Ford Programmer to access Service Menu's 2010 ST

    You could try a free (for PC) forscan tool first... I found it pulls a lot of manufacturer specific codes.
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    Quiet catback

    Try Gibson? It is pretty good balance between noise and comfort: Not disturbing during cruise but let's itself know when you step on it.
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    Just got new explorer, fluid change??

    I have had good luck after pan drop and filling with Mercon LV on my 06 4.6L (6R60). That was over 15K miles ago and transmission works now better than it did with original Mercon SP.
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    Getting P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire

    I'd say it can. Loose plug would leak causing low compression. Low compression is one cause for misfires. After you put it all back together, did the misfire go away?
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    FORScan tool

    Check the Manual I don't know about misfire count but I had quick glance on the long list of supported PID's... I wouldn't be surprised if that was supported.
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    2007 ABS kicking on not touching brakes, cant move

    You could also buy cheap ELM327 OBD-II Bluetooth adapter and pair it with a PC loaded with free forscan software. It does recognize ABS module among many others. You might search my other thread I made yesterday about this for more information...
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    FORScan tool

    Good to know... I thought about resetting my trouble codes (since it said that they are previously set, not currently present) by performing forced module resets on PCM and IC. I'm just a bit worried that this might erase the programmed keys memory etc... Anyone has any knowledge what the...
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    FORScan tool

    I tried a diagnostics tool called "FORScan" available for free download: I have a clone ELM327 bluetooth adapter and it paired well with my windows tablet and this software. It found the following modules from my 2006 Explorer: PCM, TCM, OCS, ABS, RCM, IC, (and...
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    4th gen rear differential fluid change

    I'm going to leave it alone for now. I'll look at it again after couple years if I still have this vehicle.
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    4th gen rear differential fluid change

    My 2006 explorer (with slightly less than 60K miles) still has its original rear differential fluid. I have been thinking of changing the fluid and today got to a point to evaluate the current fluid condition. I removed the fill plug and slight amount of very clear and fresh smelling gear oil...
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    '07 v8 4x4 Transmission Leak - Wiring harness?

    Mine is early 2006. (Bought it in November 2005.)
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    '07 v8 4x4 Transmission Leak - Wiring harness?

    If your 6R60 is anything like mine it really likes the Mercon LV. I had pan drop and fluid changed to Mercon LV over 2 years ago. Immediately after and ever since the transmission is behaving better than ever before.
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    Explorer V8 Transmission Service

    Just adding my reference point: I had my transmission pan dropped and fluid changed couple years and 12K miles back at Ford dealer. They did add Mercon LV to my transmission and in my experience the transmission works now better than it ever did with Mercon SP.
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    Several Problems

    For #4 you can try spraying water mist to the belt only from a spray bottle. (Assuming the noise is there when car idles and you can test it at park with hood open.) If that quiets it down then it is the belt that is worn and needs replacing. If that makes no difference then you will need to...
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    K&n cai

    Is it just me but the torque curve shape doesn't look at all normal for the 4.6L engine...The peak torque should be around 4000 RPM. (And measured torque results around 200 when engine supposed to make over 300 at stock seems to indicate excessive drivetrain losses?)
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    2006 4.6L v8 right bank exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    My 2006 V8 manifolds are original and have not warped. All the header bolts were there when I checked few months back. Based on my experience not all headers are bad from the factory. If you are taking them out you might want to straighten them out at machine shop. Hopefully they have settled...
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    2006 OEM Navigation in a non-stock navigation Explorer?

    If you find used OEM nav unit that is taken from Explorer having same audio system and same steering wheel control buttons then it probably works as plug and play. (Don't forget you need to get GPS antenna too.) I have put nav unit taken from Fivehundred and it required reprogramming to get...
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    Just to verify ATF type

    I believe Mercon SP is getting hard to get and at Ford dealers they put Mercon LV for 6R60. They did for me when I had my transmission pan dropped and fluid changed about 18 months ago. At least for me the Mercon LV has worked great, I'd say better than the SP.
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    Looking for a "new" Ex, V6 w/ 5R55W or V8 w/ 6Rxx Tranny?

    For me the 2006 V8 explorer has been relatively good vehicle. Apart the transmission bump (TSB helped it, tranny fluid and filter change further improved it for not being an issue any more), radiator replacement and 3rd row seat motor replacement it has been trouble free. I have not had issues...
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer Overheating

    Have you tried the "idle RPM increase" experiment yet? Let us know.
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    Trying to improve take-off from stop

    Interesting... Only problem for me just to test this is that they ask over $300... K&N claims slight gains in HP and TQ across the whole RPM range: I have issues with the TQ curve shape: They say the max TQ (stock or with K&N) is already...
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer Overheating

    What I'm not getting is why the upper and lower radiator hose temperatures are the same (hot)... It either means the radiator is not cooling the coolant at all (unlikely, considering all the checks done so far, and it works when driving), or the coolant is not circulating? Maybe when sitting...
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    Trying to improve take-off from stop

    I agree with banditxp that the Gibson cat back seems the best mod. (I really did not expect more than better sound, but my personal butt dyno feelings and my 0-60 measurements confirm that the Gibson does improve power noticeably. Butt dyno says that most gains are at lower RPM torque, really...
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    2007 4.0l Overheating

    You might want to check your radiator cap. If it has leaky seal it will let the pressurized coolant flow slowly back to overflow reservoir.
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer Overheating

    That sounds very odd and surprising nothing has yet to fix it! Have you checked the fan shroud and other air guide pieces in front of the radiator are good and in place? If they were broken/removed the fan might just circulate hot air through the radiator explaining why it can not cool when...
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    Head unit size ?

    If relying only on cell phone navigation you could use mapping service that lets you pre-download maps into device. For example Here maps which I believe is now available for iPhone as well. I have had dedicated navigation systems in my cars now for some time. Before that I used phone/tablet...
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    Replaced Radio - Now no Line In

    I believe the SAT/AUX inputs configuration is software programmable feature that your dealer may be able to do it, or you may have to send your radio to third party service/repair shop. Expect to pay little over $100 on either case. How I know? I had replaced my factory 6CD MP3 unit with a...
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    Radiator leak?

    I did look into the old radiator over the weekend. I cleaned it up and looked into the leak area. My radiator was original part with -AB revision code. It does not seem corrosion or electrolysis has played a role. Everything looked bright/shiny and did not see any pitting you would expect...
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    Brake shudder after 30 minutes of no braking on the highway.

    I had similar few months back after driving on highway for longer distance. Once slowing down slightly breaking there was quite noticeable shudder. You may want to check the rotors if you can see any rust buildup, or if you can see brake pad imprint(s) on them? I had pad imprints and it...
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    2006 Limited 18" wheel construction?

    No, the 18" wheels are alloy wheels but covered with plastic chrome looking trims.
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    Radiator leak?

    Just got my (original) radiator replaced during the last couple days. I finished it yesterday. I did it in my garage with normal hand tools. Took about 5 hours total, including frequent breaks to chill down indoors. (It was nearly 100F here, and the garage certainly was hotter than that!) As...
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    What I saw at the Ford dealer.

    I'm sure you already know Brenspeed sells supercharger kit for 4th gen V8 Explorers?
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    10 Minute Ignition Delay

    You might save your hard work and look the electrical wiring diagrams using link provided by Tech By Trade:
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    New to me 2010 Mountaineer AWD V8

    You could have referenced the Gibson exhaust thread:
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    radiator leak - mystery plug

    If you are going to use leak stop do not use any "heavy duty" stuff that contains fibers... they will block bigger openings what are meant not to be blocked...
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    radiator leak - mystery plug

    ... Or you could put some radiator leak stop there. If you have a slow leak there is good chance it will work. (Talking from experience: I had radiator leak few years back and was able to seal it with Bars leak stop. After coolant change it held few months and started leaking again, and fixed...
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    concern with starting

    OTIS must be rather new feature since my 2006 definitely doesn't have it. Does anyone know from what model year it got implemented, and if it applies for both V6 and V8 engine versions?
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    Dimmer Switch problems?

    Issue is not the dimmer switch I received the 7L1Z-11691-BA part today and indeed looks identical to the original part. The bad news is that it did not fix the problem... There is a difference that the new part is missing the two 49 ohm resistors in the dome light off selector. Because of this...