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    New guy with another whining rear end question

    Just had the dealer look at my 03 V8 AWD for the rear whine. I needed to have the rear diff. replaced. Good luck. Let us know what happened.
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    Extended Warranty and Rear Diff.

    I have the Ford ESP Base Care Plan and it has the same wording as yours. Coincidentally, I just had the rear differential (and transfer case and power steering pump) replaced two days ago. It was fully covered by the warranty. You should be okay.
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    are 2002's really that bad? (it's a bad title I'll try to explain)

    FWIW, I have an 03 V8 AWD. I bought it in June 2009. In less than a year of ownership I had to: Replace ignition coil Replace fuel injector Replace both rear wheel bearings Replace an O2 sensor Replace the radiator Get a transmission rebuild Replace PVC I also had some standard...
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    just bought an 02 Mountaineer

    I just got tired of the steady decline. It got to the point where the vehicle shook and stuttered at each gear (although it would eventually shift if I let off the accelerator and then reapplied gas). So I just continued to drive it until the issue became more conspicuous and the check...
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    just bought an 02 Mountaineer

    I bought an extended warranty shortly after I bought the truck. At the dealer's recommendation, Ford paid for a complete transmission rebuild.
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    Just purchased 2003 Explorer

    Had the exact same issue on my 03 V8 AWD when I bought it. I've read various diagnosis on these threads about the cause. In my case, I replaced both rear wheel hubs and the noise went away.
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    just bought an 02 Mountaineer

    I won't go so far as to say you got ripped off, but I think you overpaid by about $1200 considering the "lurking/existing" problems you're experiencing. But you're right, "that's life". More importantly, keep an eye on that tranny. I have an 03 V8 AWD Explorer. Paid $5900 for it with 106k...
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    2002 t0 2005 V8 Explorers

    I got an 03 V8 XLT with AWD. Its got the simple/manual climate controls. The AC works great into the second and third rows. We're a family of five. The infant rides in the second row with my wife. Our two toddlers are in high-back booster seats in the third row. A dual seat stroller fits...
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    Fordwarrantys Inspection Question

    I just re-read the fordwarrantys site. Althought the requirements have changed, there's no language that says you have to purchase the vehicle BEFORE it is inspected. So theoretically, if you find an explorer you like, you could place a refundable deposit on it to hold the vehicle while you...
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    Fordwarrantys Inspection Question

    It seems things have changed since I purchased my warranty a year ago. Here's the new requirement on the ford warrantys site: Vehicle Inspection Procedure A vehicle inspection is required for the purchase of Used Ford ESP coverage. The inspection will be performed by Centro Inspection...
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    2003 Explorer bra recommendation

    Looking for recommendations on a front bra for an 03 'ex. The paint on the hood and lower fender is bubbling and chipping. I need a cover to hide the chipping and hopefully slow it down by protecting the exposed areas from the elements (car wash, so-cal sun, road debris). I've been searching...
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    Is this Explorer worth $10K?

    Either way its a crap shoot. I'd bet on the '04 though just because its newer.
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    Is this Explorer worth $10K?

    Or the previous owner could have been one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that lost their job due to the economic downturn and was unable to afford the car note. Just saying..
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    Is this Explorer worth $10K?

    FWIW I bought a 2003 XLT AWD V8 last year for $5900. The only cosmetic issues were a few dings in the paint (especially the front hood) and a missing vanity mirror cover. The trans had to be replaced about 5 months later though...
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    Does this sound like a good offer or should I offer more or less?

    FYI, you can buy an explorer from a private party and still buy the Ford extended warranty. Do a search on my username and you'll find a few posts with my experiences on the warranty plan. In short, I bought a 2003 XLT AWD in June 2009 with 106,000 miles on it from an independent dealer. I...
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    rough idle..HELP

    P0305 is an misfire in cylinder #5. My most recent encounter with a misfire was due to a bad fuel injector and oxygen sensor. You'll need to investigate the unique source on your Explorer... Causes for the misfire could be: Faulty spark plug or wire Faulty coil (pack) Faulty oxygen sensor(s)...
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    2002 Explorer Transmission Problem..Need Help

    tbe2002 is right. Try the cheap stuff first. Fluid/filter change, etc. A thorough mechanic should take their time driving your truck to duplicate the problem. Mine was doing the same thing. If its a true mechanical problem with the transmission it will continue to get worse. That slight...
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    To anyone with extended warranties...

    Go to this website to see if your Explorer is eligible: You can get an ESP even after the original warranty has expired. You will need the vehicle inspected first, and all pre-existing issues need to be corrected to obtain coverage on those parts. So for...
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    To anyone with extended warranties...

    My transmission rebuild was only done about 10 days ago. The term rebuild bears some definition though to make sure we're on the same page. Typically on a rebuild, the dealer will only replace the failed components with new ones. Components that are still in working condition don't get...
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    To anyone with extended warranties...

    Forgot to add specifics to your two questions: 1. Can I only go through Ford for one of these? With the Ford Extended Service Plans you are directed to Ford dealerships primarily. However, there is a clause in the contract that allows you to get the vehicle serviced for ESP covered...
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    To anyone with extended warranties...

    Your best bet is the Ford ESP. Its backed by Ford Motor Co and all your service is honored by every US and Canadian Ford Dealership with genuine spec parts. No middle men, no fine print hi-jinx, no hemming and hawing to get a repair honored. I paid $1400 for the Base Care ESP for my 03...
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    05 Ford Explorer... Wheel Bearing?

    Most likely its bearings. I had the same problem (no vibration though). On my 03 the whine started at about 40mph and was audible during acceleration. When I took my foot off the gas it decreased. I Replaced both rear bearings and the noise went away.
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    Tranny Problems

    Just bite the bullet and shop around. I am by no means a transmission expert but the cost will depends on the extent of the labor, who is doing the transmission work and what type of parts/components need to be replaced. I just had my trans overhauled at the Ford dealership and the cost came...
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    2003 XLT bogging down

    I just drove it until the problems became blatantly consistent and the check engine light came on again. I went to a different dealership than the usual one I frequent. Based on the problems I detailed (strong exhaust, transmission shuttering, poor acceleration) they identified the injector...
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    2003 XLT bogging down

    Finally got to the bottom of it. I had a bad fuel injector and oxygen sensor. Also needed a transmission overhaul. Now, it shifts and accelerates like butter.
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    How much did you pay for your transmission rebuild?

    Just had my transmission rebuilt this week. 1. How much did you pay for your transmission rebuild? The rebuild cost about $3500. Thanks to the ESP, my out of pocket cost was only $376. 2. Where did you take it for the rebuild? Ford dealership. 3. What kind of warranty did the rebuild come...
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    Soon to be 03+ explorer owner

    My new owner experience FWIW Welcome aboard Jason. Since you're considering a used Explorer, you will definitely find this site to be useful. I think the more experienced and mechanically inclined members will be able to answer your questions. However, I just purchased my first Explorer 2...
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    2003 XLT bogging down

    Did you ever find out the problem? I'm experiencing the same problem on my 03 XLT AWD V8 (108k miles). The first time this happened to me, my mechanic retrieved the code (P030) which indicated cylinder misfire. Diagnosis was a bad ignition coil. I also replaced the spark plugs to be safe...