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    FORD MechCANic Needed

    I have a 03 EB Expedition and need to know how to remove the center console. I am trying to remove the top of the center console to customize it so I can install my CB. I am able to pop the back out but the front seems to be secured from underneath. Does anyone know how I can remove the...
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    New 2003 EB Expedition

    Does anyone have one of these? I need to install my CB for round town haulin and I cannot find a place to put this. I have a sun roof so mounting on the ceiling is out. I do not want to mount it to the dash. I have a great Midland CB so I do not want to purchase one of those under the seat...
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    Header for new Explorer

    This is for my father in law that has just purchased a new 2003 explorer. He is trying to find an exhaust system for the v8. He cannot find headers that will fit the new truck. any suggestions?
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    Pipe Bender

    Well Hix? Did you ever get the pipe bender. I am thinking about getting that same one. Let me know
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    What is that?? Damn screeching sound

    Check dem roters I would put it on a lift and check out your rotors. I had the same exact problem. I measured my rotor width and found out that it was below what is recommended. What I was told is that your rotors cannot dissipate the heat and produce a high pitch squeal. This squeal stops...
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    Wheelin in Jersey.

    Nothing like a heavy chevy Welcome. I to have a blazer. 79k5 to be exact. You need to check the threads for PARAGON or PENDELL. Both of these sight have people from NJ and PA. I have just moved to AZ and cannot play with ya but email TANK and he will let ya know whats in the area.
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    Firestone 16

    Don’t hold your breath. I have just received my letter from FORD telling me that my truck tire IS NOT one that is being recalled. So if FORD things it is important enough to tell me that my 16 inch tire is OK then unless some outside force makes them change their minds they are not going to...
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    Truckhaven 2001!!

    Cool! Thanks for the fast reply. I actually have two places. My main residence is in flagstaff but I work in Phoenix. Since I don’t know anyone yet (i.e. don’t have a life) any weekend is good for me. I will check my private messages. Look forward to finally meeting the two of you.
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    Rear Bumper Fab

    Superman MAT R I have some questions about the bumper you are making. What is the material you are making it out of and how are you bending the steel? I wanted to do something similar but could not figure out how to make very intricate bends. Are you using some sort of machine? Is so what is it...
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    Truckhaven 2001!!

    Count me in :-) I just check my calendar and nothing had been penciled in. My Sport is pretty much stock so I would like to stick to the easy trails. Has anyone done the cinders in Flagstaff lately? Would this be a good practice run? I have never been there so I don’t know what to expect. The...
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    Hey METJEEP. I checked out your pictures. Cool job again. But I do have one question. What's up with the Isuzu Amigo? Was is stock? Did it get a boo boo? Let me know I am curious.
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    Big Foot X/T tires installed

    Well I finally got those d#$% Firest*&% tires off. I decided to go with the Big O Big Foot X/T. I know… I know… It sounds funny. But they were the only tire manufacture in my area that offers a tire that was in-between an all terrain and a mud terrain. The tread in more aggressive than the BFG...
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    Centramatic wheel and tire balancer?

    Go ask TANK I know a lot of HUMMERS that use these. They all love them. I personally would not use these on my everyday driver. Most people that I know that use them are installed on the trail truck only. One nice thing about them is that you don’t need a ton of lead weight on your rim. I do...
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    BFG AT KO vs. GoodYear MT/R

    Holly price batman to was looking at the new Goodyear MT. That was until I saw the price. The Goodyear tire deal by me wanted 202.00 for a 36 inch tire. That did not include mounting, balancing, road hazard or labor. Forget that buy a Super Swamper. That is what I have now on my other truck and...
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    Trailmaster '98-'00 update...

    Partial Kit? Does anyone know if you can buy half of a lift kit? I had custom rear leafs put on my 98 Sport to level the truck after my torsion lift. They rearched the back mono leaf and added a custom add-a-leaf. When they were finished it lifted the back a total of 4 ½ inches. I really like...
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    "HELP" I have fallen and I can't get up. How about all that spare titanium lying around. Just replace every part that breaks with that stuff and we can change you name to the million dollar man :D or Regis for short. (Is that your final answer.) So it wasn’t even 48 hours before you bought the...
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    Copy Cat So I take my truck to Paragon and twist my front end. Then you have to follow suit by bending you front end. Mmmm if you were jealous we could simple trade trucks. ;) I cannot wait to see the pictures. So when are ya come out west?
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    Copy Cat

    So I take my truck to Paragon and twist my front end. Then you have to follow suit by bending you front end. Mmmm if you were jealous we could simple trade trucks. ;) I cannot wait to see the pictures. So when are ya come out west?
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    Just installed custom Add-a-leafs for my 98

    Not much I cost me a total of 253 dollars. That included everything and only took 4 hours. Now if I can figure out how to lift the front a few more inches I will buy warrior shackles for the rear and have a true lift. It ride is a bit more stiff but I knew that ahead of time. I actually like it...
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    Just installed custom Add-a-leafs for my 98

    Well I first did the torsion lift and that jacked up the front about 1.5 inches. I then took the truck over to American Springs Inc. located in Flagstaff, AZ. They fabricated custom add-a-leafs for the rear and rearched the OEM spring. Now my rear doesn’t sag, looks a lot better and rides more...
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    Auto 4 Wheel on a 98 Sport

    Say WHAT? I have a 98 Sport with the auto 4 wheel drive system. I currently have 37,000 miles on my truck. I have never heard any grinding or squealing coming from my front end. I checked both in and out of 4 wheel drive and nothing. I would take it to another FORD dealer. Tell them to put it...
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    Why didn't I think of this?

    So you can print these things up?? Dead Link Removed
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    Recalling 15's and NOT 16's??

    Not yet I have the 16 inch on my Sport with the tall tail signs of tread separation. I went to a firestone dealer and they told me that they are not replacing the 16 inch tires. After I pointed out the obvious defect on the tire he said there is nothing he can do. So I went to FORD :fire: for...
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    Next Pendell Run

    Why they call it the M trail The reason why they call it the M trail is because people who try it are mentally unstable :D And if ya knows TANK... well... need I say more. Only playin with ya. I am just jealous that I will not be there to see this. As far as I know no one has ever completed the...
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    Header Tape

    Has anyone ever used this? Does it really work or does it just peel off after a few months? Does anyone have any alternatives?
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    Firestone taking their time replacing tires

    Picture KILROY were is the picture of your tire. I would like to compare it to mine.
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    Next Pendell Run

    Pictures, Pictures, Pictures If you do the Voodoo without me I will never speak to you again ;) Make sure Jen has the camera in one eye and the video in the other. Damn I wish I could go with ya. What club is sponsoring this trip? Will you see Jason and... mmm... the other guy. You know the...
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    Firestone taking their time replacing tires

    Try Big O Tires I live in Flagstaff and had the same run-a-round as you did when I went to my Firestone dealer. Make sure that the Firestone shop is NOT a privately owned store. They could care less. I went to the Big O tire store by me and they said that they would replace any tire and give...
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    Torsion twist

    Is it a 1 to 1 relationship? If I tighten the adjuster bolts one inch will that raise the truck one inch or will it raise it more? Just so I know what to expect.
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    Torsion twist

    Another dumb question Please bear with me. I have read the article on how to do the torsion lift and understand it. My problem is finding those darn bolts that I am supposed to turn. I am confused. There is no picture showing were those bolts are located. My 98 Sport does not have tension bots...
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    CB not so good...

    The cost to peek and clip your CB really depends on what you have. Some are easyer than others. It averages around 20 30 dollars. What kind of winch did ya buy?
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    Torsion twist

    Can you say stupid Yep your right.
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    CB not so good...

    Try these people Hey J91FORD I am back. First off do not buy Radio Shack Sh*t. Their coax cable isn’t worth a damn. I had all of my CB equipment tested and hooked up by a CB shop in Delaware. They are called R & R Communications. It is well worth the trip. They will come out to your truck and...
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    Torsion twist

    Coil Spring spacers and Torsion Lift Is it possible to do both? Place a one-inch spacer on the coil springs and do the torsion lift? Am I going to run into steering problems or such?
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    BIG pines run 6-17 & pendell run 6-18

    Great commentary That story told it all. Great photo of me doing my best Vana White impression.
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    CB info message board?? or some way to get a few questions answered...

    Here is another This is a message board for CB and HAM's. Dead Link Removed
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    Possible lift solution???

    Well I came across this searching for something else. I was thinking (can you smell the smoke) about installing this on my 98 Sport with a custom 2 – 21/2 inch arc to the spring. Has anyone heard of this company of about these type of leaf springs? Is it worth the 500 bucks it will cost...
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    Air horns anybody?

    KILROY is right You need an air compressor and a large storage tank. You will have to run compressed air lines to a valve in your cab. I went to a truck grave yard and ripped out the entire system from a international. For about 50 bucks I got two 4 foot air horns, air lines and all the vales...
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    BIG pines run 6-17 & pendell run 6-18

    Here is another idea.. Lets make a run to Arizona!! We can call the trip the "run for the border." We could probable get corporate sponsorship from Taco Bell. Hell I would even use that little dog as a hood ornament. What do ya say guys.
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    CB info message board?? or some way to get a few questions answered...

    Try This It is an old link so I am not sure if it is going to work. Anyway it is a page full of CB links. I mean tons. From online CB stores to books about CB's. You might find something in there. Dead Link Removed