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    Does anyone actually love their 5th gen Explorer?

    I like our two 5th gens - but I loved my '00 5.0 like a child. Just my $0.02
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    Drivers side speaker

    I had the same issue in my 04 before I traded it. I ended up running new wiring to the driver's door from under the dash to fix it. There was no continuity between the OE plug in the door and the OE plug in the dash, and no obvious place I was able to find where the wire was broken.
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    2012 MFT w/ Nav - Stuck on v2.11

    Well, I decided to take the plunge this morning on my drive in to work. I grabbed the v3.10 files from the thread peterk9 linked, extracted the zip, formatted a flash drive FAT32, and copied the files over. Started the Explorer and popped in the drive and the update process started. It took...
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    2012 MFT w/ Nav - Stuck on v2.11

    Thanks for the info! I gathered that 2.11 was rather old. I purchased this vehicle used but am guessing based on the install date that it was never updated. Any suggestions on how to get the updates if not through the SyncMyRide site? I'm guessing due to the age that I won't be able to go...
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    2012 MFT w/ Nav - Stuck on v2.11

    Hello all, Having some trouble updating the MFT in my 2012 Limited. I'm familiar with the update process and have done it in my wife's 13 Fusion/Edge and 16 Limited. When I check the SyncMyRide site, it happily informs me that I'm up-to-date with the following: Date Confirmed: Dec 2, 2011...
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    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    My 04 did have heated stock mirrors, but everything I read jives with what 1Bad04 says - the wiring is all there and the heat is activated with the rear defrost switch. This was an easy swap and after a month I'm still very happy with the end result.
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    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    You could certainly do that. There are a few signal mirror kits available for the Gen 4 that you could wire in. Or I would imagine the Aviator mirrors would work also. For my truck, I didn't want them - the turn signals on the body are visible enough and I don't use it to tow.
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    Gen 4 mirrors on Gen 3 4 Door

    Hey guys - just wanted to take a few minutes and confirm that yes, this swap does work. I picked up my 4th Explorer, a 2004 Eddie Bauer 4.6 4x4, back in March and was disappointed that it still had the same small mirrors that my 2000 has. Especially after driving my F-150, I find them to be...
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    4.0 airbox in 5.0 Explorer?

    Kind of what I was thinking too. Guess I'll grab one and see what we get. Thanks all!
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    4.0 airbox in 5.0 Explorer?

    Hey guys - hoping someone can shed some light as I can't seem to get a concrete answer about this. Years ago, I pulled my stock airbox and installed an eBay MAF adapter and cone filter. I'm tired of the washing and re-oiling game and want to put a stock airbox back in. All I can seem to find...
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    What tires to choose?

    Grabber AT2 I'll third the Grabbers. I put a set on my '00 last year and have been VERY happy with them so far.
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    5.0 Mountaineer Trans problem I think.

    Sloppy U-joints won't keep it from going in gear, but they can cause a clunk similar to what you're describing. Too low of a fluid level can keep the trans from going into gear or shifting correctly, so checking there is a quick & easy way to start troubleshooting. Remember that you've got to...
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    tires...whats everyone running?

    Cooper Discoverer ATR in 255/70/16, very happy with them.
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    Pneumatic tires for a rollaway tool chest?

    Maybe check out Harbor Freight? They sell pneumatic casters at the store near me, they'd probably have something to fit the bill
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    I went with Monroe Reflex for the front, and Sensa-Trac load leveling shocks for the rear. I've had Sensa-Tracs on other Explorers, but from what I've read, the Reflex is a bit firmer, and that's what I'm after.
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    5.0 AWD: 4.10 gears with stock tire size?

    I'm curious about this too..subscribing!
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    Looking for anti-virus recommendations

    I'll second Microsoft Security Essentials. I used AVG free edition for years, but the detection rates started dropping and the application started getting bloated, so I canned it. I've been really pleased with MSE so far. I can't in good conscience recommend McAfee, Norton, or AVG at this...
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    Shock Recommendation?

    Follow-up on an old thread - I ended up going with the Monroe Reflex up front and load-leveling Sensa-Trac in the back (seeing how bad she sagged with the back loaded up made this an easy decision). I'll follow up once they arrive and I get them installed!
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    HELP - Tire Air Intake Cap Is STUCK

    They'll probably just break the bead on one side to get to the valve stem, which means the tire won't rotate on the it shouldn't need to be rebalanced.
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    Replacing emissions diagnostic connector (OBDII) on a 2001 Ford Explorer 2001.

    Assuming they're referring to the OBDII connector (I can't think of any other diagnostic connector?) it's under the dash, roughly below the steering column. Shine a flashlight in or feel around and you'll find it. The connector should look like this: You could probably replace it...
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    I love my Mountaineer

    Nice! I hope to get that many trouble-free miles out of my 5.0 Explorer
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    Any Droid users here?

    I got an HTC Hero back in January (after years of various Windows Mobile phones) and have been absolutely in love with it. I can't wait until I'm eligible for and upgrade; the Evo addresses both concerns I have with the Hero. (screen size and speed) 1.) Facebook for Android (I know, I know..)...
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    5.0 #4 spark plug wire routing

    Thanks for the valve cover didn't have that clip on top, so I guess they changed them somewhere along the way? Or mine broke somewhere along the way?? I ended up running it the same way as before, but liberally using zip ties to make sure it wouldn't end up against anything it wasn't...
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    Help lowering driver's seat in 2003 Ranger?

    I'm also interested in this..depending how I sit, my head rubs the headliner in my Explorer. An extra inch or two would be great! Anybody done this before?
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    Fog Lamp Mod 2001 (1999-2001?) Explorer

    Finally got around to doing this on my '00 5.0 - all went smoothly. Took me less than 5 minutes, including digging through my toolbox for a pair of cutters. Can't wait to drive at night now!
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    2000 XLT V8 Flat Spot on Acceleration

    P0401 was a DPFE sensor on mine. I didn't really experience the other symptoms you're having, but it might not be a bad place to start?
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    V8 but not all wheel drive?

    Newer 2nd gen V8s have an emblem on the side that simply statees 'V8,' regardless of whether 2wd or AWD - I think this started in '98? 96-97 AWDs have the 'all wheel drive' badging
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    5.0 #4 spark plug wire routing

    Hey everyone..I did search this, but couldn't find a definitive answer/good pic.. I'm just wondering what the correct routing is for the #4 plug wire (passenger side, rearmost plug) on a 5.0 - I had it routed between the valve cover and the intake, there was a clip on the back of the valve...
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    Exhaust sound and headers..

    FWIW, I have a dual in/single out Magnaflow in the stock exhaust (with hollowed rear cats and deleted resonator) and am very, very pleased with the sound.
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    '02 V6- pinging on grades- 97k on motor

    Have you tried cleaning the MAF sensor? Mine pings pretty bad when it's dirty, might be something for you to look at as well.
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    best aal kit

    I got the Pro Comp single leaf AALs from Amazon last year for around $30 if I remember. Not as much lift as the dual leaf kit I'm sure, and I'm not sure if they still carry them, but it'd be worth a look. I got around 1.25" out of them with my stock leaves.
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    No outlook on Windows7? Any solutions?

    Older versions used to come with Outlook Express, which was superceded by Windows Mail in Vista, and absent in 7 until you install Windows Live Mail. As others have mentioned, Mozilla Thunderbird is an excellent mail client, and if you grab the Sunbird add-on, it makes a solid calendaring app...
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    Shock Recommendation?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far! Should have mentioned, I'm mostly on-road. Joe Dirt, I'm leaning towards those Monroes for the front, and the sprung SensaTracs in the rear. Turdle, I will check into those Edelbrock IAS's. Thanks again, keep 'em coming!
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    can I get away with no muffler?

    Not totally relevant to your 3rd gen discussion here, but I installed a Magnaflow dual in/single out muffler and K&N-style cone filter on my 2000 5.0 and noticed a 1-2mpg increase (when I can keep my foot out of it!)
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    Shock Recommendation?

    Hey guys, looking for some opinions here.. It's time to replace the shocks on my 2000. Handling and ride quality have been steadily declining and the D/S rear looks like it's leaking, so I know where some of my tax return is going this year. I will also probably replace the '5th shock' in...
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    How many explorers have you had?

    I'm on #3 Had an '88 Bronco II Eddie Bauer (2.9, 4x4, Auto) - Totaled it... Then bought a '94 XLT (4.0, 4x4, Auto) - Trans took a **** and the rest of the truck was really rough, so it went to the scrapyard... Then bought my old man's '92 XLT (4.0, 4x4, Auto), ran it for about 2 years for a...
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    who has trailered (towed) a car with there Explorer?

    I've got an '00 5.0 w/3.73s and have used a dolly with it a few times..Buick LeSabre, Cherokee, and a Blazer..did very well with all 3, just give yourself enough room to stop and you'll be fine!
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    painting wheels

    I used paint stripper to get the clearcoat off my factory wheels. It'll take a few applications and some elbow grease to get it all, but it does come off.
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    leveling it out

    Unfortunately, it seems like they all sag, 2 door or 4. I know some guys with Sports will put in a 4door leaf pack and get rid of the mono-leaf that the sport has. For us 4door guys, our options are pretty much to go with an add-a-leaf or replace/rebuild the pack.
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    creaking noise from front left suspension

    These guys are right, it's probably a balljoint. Mine was doing this a couple weeks ago - loudly enough that it was pretty embarrassing in parking lots and whatnot. I used a needle fitting and pierced the boot on the balljoint to grease it temporarily until I had the time to replace it. Upon...