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    Rear Camera - No Guidelines Show

    Backup Camera Lines disappeared So the other day i put my 2011 Explorer Limited in reverse and the camera went black. I put it in park, then back to reverse and the camera came on but the backup lines are gone. I went into the settings to make sure they are turned on and they were. i turned...
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    iOS 7? How's it with MFT

    Hi Everyone Just did some testing on this and wanted to share some info; My config: IPhone 4s and iOS 7.0.4 MFT version 3.6.2 Bluetooth "Show Notifications" set to ON I have message notifications turned off on my lock screen by default. (SETTINGS>NOTIFICATION CENTER>MESSAGES>Show on...
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    Doesn't new explorers come with 2 keys, a manual and navigation SD card?

    The dealer definitely forgot those. I'm sure those items are at the dealer waiting for you. Hopefully the rest of the dealership experience was a good one. Enjoy your new Explorer! I know i love mine
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    Slight roll when putting in Park...

    All automatic transmissions will roll a little bit when put into Park without the emergency brake on. My 1969 Mustang does it, my 2003 Odyssey does it, my 1999 Ex did it. Its normal. I however ALWAYS use my e-brake. I dont want the weight of a 2.5 ton vehicle resting on a cog in the...
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    MFT Battery Saver message on shutdown

    I had this same message last week. My 2011 original battery was on its last leg. I left the accessory on for 10 minutes in the garage and when i went to start it, it just clicked. I charged the battery full and i got the message again the next day. I replaced the battery and its been perfect...
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    Proud owner of a 2011 Limited!

    Thanks so much Rebecca! I performed my Sync update yesterday and it worked flawlessly. I'm still learning about all the cool stuff my Explorer has, but wow am i loving it!
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    Proud owner of a 2011 Limited!

    Absolutely enjoying it! Took it on my first long drive and i love all the features and comfort it provides. I was impressed how well it did in the snow with the 20 inch all seasons too. Sync update gets applied tomorrow and its first car-wash since it got dirty with all the road salt! Cant have...
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    Proud owner of a 2011 Limited!

    Took delivery of my CPO Ingot Silver 2011 Limited the other night after much research on this forum. Feels great to be back in an Ex after a 6 year hiatus! The technology and comfort blow me away, and the 4wd system got a workout yesterday with the snow in upper MA. I just got registered with...
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    Brakes Applying all by themselves??

    well to eliminate the brake booster as the culprit, Ford disconnected it from the master cylinder and drove it. Once again, the brakes applied themselves. They released the pressure at the master and the calipers released. So they believe its definitely a bad master cylinder. I told them...
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    Brakes Applying all by themselves??

    THe pedal doesnt go down when this happens. And when i shut the engine off, it doesnt necessarily relieve the pressure (at least right away). I do notice that when this happens, there is NO play in the brake pedal. Just breathe on it and the brakes are right there. Theres not the usual brake...
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    Brakes Applying all by themselves??

    E-Brake is free and clear. No warning lights on the dash. No ABS pulsing. Its like the brakes just apply themselves (and pretty hard too).
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    Brakes Applying all by themselves??

    Hey all...ive been plagued by a phantom braking problem thats becoming really dangerous. While driving, the brakes will all of a sudden come on all by themselves without me putting ANY pressure on the brake pedal. What is THAT all about? Today, i had the Explorer almost come to a crawl on the...
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    ? for everyone with 31's

    i run 34-35 in my BFG AT's. works good. more pressure = better mileage but a real bouncy ride. Everything's a compromise :)
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    31 10x50??

    31X10.5's will make your X look real sweet without over doing it. I have 3.73 gears so the slight loss of power feel is made up by slightly more right foot on the V8 :D
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    Bug Shield -vs- Gas Milage

    i have a bug deflector and when i put it on, my mileage dropped from 19mpg highway to 18.99mpg highway. ;) I highly doubt that its creating enough of windfoil to significantly influence fuel mileage. Tank after tank, i know that tire pressure has much more significant effect on fuel...
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    Tire/Rim Size

    im proof of that too :)
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    my truck's now a true "OFF ROAD 4X4"

    looks good AK. Definitely unique because ive never seen an X with those decals on it. :)
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    Anyone ever experience Fram oil filter probs?

    yeah i thought that same thing at first but i made sure that the old seal was off both times. Im thinking there is a problem with the PH2 filters or maybe the PH2 really isnt for the X as indicated in the filter books...
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    Anyone ever experience Fram oil filter probs?

    I do my own oil changes and have had this same scenario happen to me TWICE now with Fram Extra Guard oil filters; i change the filter and oil, put the new filter on the same way ive been doing for 25+ years and the last 2 Fram oil filters have failed miserably within seconds of starting the...
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    V8 got 272.4 miles on a tank..the most?

    ive gotten close to 400 miles on the tank a few times with my mpg close 21. Of course that was in summer, all highway, and stock tires. Lets see what i get this summer!
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    Can't stand this poor gas mileage.. selling the sport

    I'd complain to the dealer and make them do more than say "its normal". 6-7 MPG on a new X means theres something horribly wrong. At 5000 miles, your rings should be seated and the engine effectively broken in. Its under warranty so id make them do a full diagnostic. Somethings gotta show up.
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    Owners of X's with 31x10.50 tires with NO LIFTs

    Hey Bob...what is your gear ratio? And what was your stock tire size? Im guessing that you have a high (numerically lower) gear ratio to begin with and the 32's have dropped it significantly. Take a look at getting lower (numerically higher) gears for your X to get you back to the equivalent...
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    your 235/75/15s are 29 inches in diameter. The 31's will give you about an additional inch of lift from stock. And you most likely will not have any rubbing at all. They'll fit real nicely. And like Blee says, shackles and torsion twist/shackles will give you about another 1.5 - 2 inches of...
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    '01 V-8 AWD advice needed

    My wife drove the 96 XLT with SelecTrac and routinely forgot to put it in 4Auto when the roads got snowy. When we got the AWD, i felt comfortable knowing id never have to remind her to make sure the 4WD system was engaged during bad weather. Peace of mind is very under-rated. :)
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    is this right?

    i couldnt get 25 mpg in neutral, going down hill, wind at my back, and a huge sail bolted to the roof!
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    Center armrest hole/slot?

    $17? YIKES! Go to a different dealer! Thats crazy that they would charge that much... :eek:
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    Owners of X's with 31x10.50 tires with NO LIFTs

    PIC Finally got some pics to show with the 31X10.5s without a lift.
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    is this right?

    23-25 mpg? thats great!
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    '01 V-8 AWD advice needed

    Ive had a 96 XLT with the 4.0 SelectTrac and my current 99 5.0 AWD. The MPG wasnt noticably different and routinely get close to 20 on the highway when i keep my foot out of it. Around town ive dipped to 13-14 mpg but average around 15. I did like having a 4Lo setting on my 96 and being able...
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    Need to make my 2000 xls tow friendly

    if you are going to be towing on a regular basis, id recommend changing the gearing first. If you are running stock size tires, id go with a minimum of 3.73's. If you have bigger tires, id say a min of 4.10's. Id also invest in a tranny cooler. That'll help keep your tranny cooler as it...
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    Owners of X's with 31x10.50 tires with NO LIFTs

    235/75/15 are 29 inches (28.9 to be exact). My 31X10.5's fit great with no rubbing and no lift (yet). I'll post pics when i get the X washed today. :)
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    The ongoing war...BFG A/T KO's vs. Bridgeston Dueler A/T Revo's

    My X originally came with the Firestone AT's, then were replaced by Goodyear Wranglers (in the tire recall) and then finally the BFG AT-KO's. The BFG's make the same road noise as the wranglers but are far superior in traction and overall ride. Drove through 10 inches of unplowed snow...
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    Truck of the Week X24 1/27/04

    beautiful looking X. Great work. Congrats on TOTW :)
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    My 94 XLT?

    hey Prof the top thread in this topic will give you a lot of help as far as how big of a tire you could go without a lift. If you are going to do a lift, how soon? How much of a lift are you going to get? The chart will help you with your stock X as well as any future mods you want to do...
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    Truck of the Week SPAS 1/7/04

    very nice X Spas. Congrats on TOTW. Well deserved :)
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    Preventing Battery Corrosion?

    if it starts to corode almost immediately after all the cleaning you do to it, i would check to see that you arent leaking/venting acid out of the top of the battery. It shouldn't start to build up corosion as quickly as you say it does unless something isnt right...
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    painted tail light's(pic's)

    hey Ak looks good but you may want to allow some of the amber turn signal and brake light to be visible from the SIDE as well as the back. Murphy's law will have you get into an accident and the other person say that they "couldnt see your lights because they were covered up". Just my 2¢
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    Where to buy a grilleguard other then J.C. Whitney

    It was in stock. I'll post back how long it takes to get it. They said 4 days. We'll see :)
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    Where to buy a grilleguard other then J.C. Whitney

    try I just ordered a Smittybilt Outland grill guard for my 99 XLT for $379. And that INCLUDES shipping too. Best price i found after searching for a few days. Good Luck :)
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    BFG AT 31X10.5 Fit on Stock 99 XLT rim?

    Yep you are right. Just got them today and they do look fantastic. No rubbing even at full turn. Now what other little mods can i do to my little X :)