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    front windshield solvent sprayer removal

    Instead of spraying in a fanned out stream, it sprays in a straight line like a squirt gun
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    front windshield solvent sprayer removal

    i have a 94 eb x and my passenger side sprayer is not spraying in the right direction. so i want to take it off the x to clean it out or replace it with a new one but i cant figure out how to take it off
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    OK,I give up,Where is the fill and drain plug?

    the drain plug is behind the vibration dampening weights. right under the shift motor. ther are 4 bolts holding it on. it will be right ther cant miss it
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    Auto to manual hubs

    I have a 94 explorer and the 4x4 has not worked right since i got it. now it is not working at all. i fixed the shift motor today when i found the rebuild on this site (very easy) but the 4x4 still does't work. so i decided to try switch auto hubs to warn manual hubs. besides the hubs and the...