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    SAS "Betsy" 1-ton

    for all you people that are going to comment on how the back sits higher than the front. just think how much crap you need to bring when in the BC. extra parts,food,water,tools,your crap, a ton of beer, ext... truck looks good!
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    Completed Project Turboexplorer's Full Width SAS Build Thread

    i swear to holy fmg! once you go air shocks or coil over you will NEVER go back. Good times
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    Completed Project Turboexplorer's Full Width SAS Build Thread

    wow that place is beautiful!i have never heard of this place. what would you say the difficulty level is? looks like it has some potential.
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    SAS "Betsy" 1-ton

    im not doggin you, but why a snorkel? do you think you will be crossing that deep of water all the time? its just that most people that have them seem to think all you need to do is install a snorkel and your good. they seem to forget all the other things that dont play well with water. have...
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    oh ya know just another 2nd gen sas in the works

    im sure you will be fine for light wheeling. but i saying if you roll it or flop it on its side that extra BL will fold. not to mention it makes your center of gravity higher. but do you thing its your rig. nice build!
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    oh ya know just another 2nd gen sas in the works

    oh my god get rid of the body lift! they only give you problems. if the tires dont fit get smaller ones or bust out the saws-all. as for sliders, to get more gound clearance just cut the rockers. thats what i did on my first go round and it not only looked better but worked better too. Do...
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    oh ya know just another 2nd gen sas in the works

    glad to hear you are ditching the 44. i ran one for a few years and it really limits how you can drive and tire size. that looks tall. run 42z with that lift and cut the fenders. good work. keep posting progress.
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    94 4dr 42's d-60's 302 c-6

    so have you had any progress on your build? its been a while
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    Completed Project Turboexplorer's Full Width SAS Build Thread

    great build. i have been following this for a while. looks very well thought out and done correctly. so whats next for it?
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    doubler kits he is kind of hard to get ahold of on the phone but he visits this page it seems more often. its an old post but just to point people in the right direction. i think he is getting another batch together in a few months.
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    SAS "Betsy" 1-ton

    looks like your off to a very nice start.
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    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    i thought they made them illegal in cali?
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    Mr Mud (turning a Frog into a Prince)

    looks real nice so far. so whats the plan for this thing... going to be and off roader or a DD?
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    im with redranger on this. i dont know how strong the ti rod is going to be. i know there is a bunch of options out there for this problem why not look into them and be safe? what you have i think would be fine for a roller but if your going threw all the trouble to throw in rocks you might as...
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    Completed Project 98 Mountaineer SAS...

    im a big fan of the merc. any problems with that transfer case now that you put 18k on it? so this ranger you just got it going to get tons under it? if so i cant wait
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    Where do I start

    welcome! explorers are very capable rigs with only a few mods. get the out of the box bolt on lift kit if you just want to trail ride. but you will out do it very fast on anything hard. sas is the way to go for sure. just my .02 but good luck and welcome. fyi look under the "off road...
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    ex half doors? thats what its looking like. i did find this video, i think it might be the completed doors for the link DB posted. and this one just because its cool. but to many spotters and this is what happens...
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    Adding roll bar to a 2nd gen

    i think that would look stupid. but anything is better than nothing. dont think anyone has put a cj or 4runner factory cage in but i cant see why it wouldn't work. just throw one in and see
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    ex half doors?

    thanks DB that was what i was talking about. but i was more curious about the back doors. ill keep looking and if i find some or make some ill post up.
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    ex half doors? i like these very simple.
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    ex half doors?

    i have searched a few times and came up empty. so i thought i would ask the page with the most activity. Who has a write up on making half doors for and explorer? i mostly want to see how it was done on the back doors. Rick sort of has them but im talking more on the side of what...
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    The fat ******* 95 Sport

    great looking front bumper. i might steel that design some day. anymore info on the steering set up?
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    crazy looking first gen. great job.
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    Redranger4.0, solid axle swap d44/9"

    damn i thought you might have been almost done, but now you are stepping it up to tons! so whats the end date looking like now?
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    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    can you take a few pictures of your coil buckets on the frame and maybe explain what you did? whats the backspacing on the rims? great looking ex
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    95 mazda b4000 dana 44 swap

    bad ass nice job. any pictures of the suspension? you did all that work now you have to show it off
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    97 Ultimate SAS V8 Sport Build.

    how much did you pay for the track bar bracket?
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    oh ya know just another 2nd gen sas in the works

    this will be a nice build. good luck. i had the same setup for years and it worked great. you may want to look into lengthening your RAs and adding rod ends. it works better and looks way better. i ran 4.88s and 37s and it worked fine, but your right 5.10 will be way better.
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    Completed Project 98 Mountaineer SAS...

    great build! i still cant believe you are still rockin the d30 front. How hard was it to balance the tires with those weld on rims? in cali they dont fly. sucks
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    98 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    just search this site and all your answers will be revealed.
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    hummer tires and wheels

    Thanks X. Well im sold. 99 dollar mud tires that are good on the street. sounds great to me. i just need to get some steelie black 16.5 bye 9 in rims for them. i dont think im going to buy the re centered H rims, just for the fact of cost. i think for off hwy i will use the...
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    d44 h1 wheels

    is anyone running h1 wheels on there 78 79 bronco d44? Im assuming you have to recenter them for a 5 lug pattern. but the question is will they fit around the stock steering arm after being re centered. i found this site but im...
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    hummer tires and wheels

    sounds about like what i was thinking. i have a spool in the 9in so i think i might just use these for on road use in the future or just light trips in the dirt. they do last forever though. we run them on the heavy ass armored hv and they seem to do great but they are a stiff ride. Brian1-...
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    hummer tires and wheels

    any one running hummer tires? or the 8 or 12 bolt bead locks. this deal seems good but anyone know how they perform on the street? the only experience i have with them is under a up armored hummer here at...
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    explorer 4x4

    good to know looks like a 2nd gen 4wd would be the best bet. i just need to find one with man shift 4wd. other than that i think im good. still curious about the front drive shaft. on my 92 it didnt work when i did the sas. i had to go high line. i have searched for a thread on the...
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    Something w/ rabbits. 72.5 pages of BS

    i hope this gets finished one of these days it would be a shame to do all this beautiful fab work and not have it hit the trail. just put the tires in place i bet you get motivated again.
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    explorer 4x4

    damn 40 people have looked at this and nothing. its ok i will and have been looking it up myself. well some good news. got a house and a two car garage to put this beast in. when i start it. i know all talk so far. when i tare the old ex apart i will have a ton of extra parts if you are...
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    explorer 4x4

    I have been out of the loop for a few years now but am about to jump back in. i just have a few questions. im in the market for a new explorer. im looking for the 2nd gen, 4 door 4.0l v6 with the automatic or 5 speed. Questions are... -What year did the second gen start and stop being...
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    Auto to manual t case 99 eb

    this might be to late but. that i the right transfer case. i think a 97 to 01 will work, but there may be more. i know stick o did this. he has a man shift now and it looks and works great. i will be doing this in the future also. good luck
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    My 2nd gen ex SAS

    nice. can you explain the steering box setup a bit? and who makes the weld on bead locks you have?