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    AC Clutch won't engage on new compressor

    The idler bearing seized on the wife's ride and took the whole compressor with it. I replaced the compressor and recharged the system but can't get the clutch to engage. The fuse is good, the relay is good. I'm getting ground at the plug but no power. I'm assuming it's in low pressure...
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    Passenger Floor Board Flooded

    Thanks guys, I'll give that a check.
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    Passenger Floor Board Flooded

    It's been a while since I've posted an issue, but here we go... I recently went to vacuum out my car, when I notice the front passenge floor board was SOAKED. I've had the leaky roof rack and siliconed the s**t out of it, and I can't find any water up high so I'm confident that isn't the...
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    Remote start smart phone app ?

    Levittown, does the cellular kit you have listed include the security alert feature? In the description it said it was an option but I didn't find it on your site. Thanks.
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    Retractable Security Cover

    Does anyone know of any retractable covers for our gen ex? I can't find one anywhere and I'm certainly not buying the junk factory catastrophe.
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    Towing without Tow Package

    I don't believe you can, as they are behind the bumper. So you'd need a new bumper as well.
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    snow plow

    If you're seriously considering a plow for your Ex, check out Boss sport duty plows. They're built just the same as their commercial grade plows, only scaled down.
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    Towing without Tow Package

    It is, in fact, illegal to tow at more than your vehicle is rated. The same laws apply to passenger vehicles as commercial vehicles when it comes to being overweight and such. If you're Ex is rated for 2k, and you're towing 5k you can be ticketed for it. It's that simple.
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    Exhaust components

    So, after contemplating, I've decided to do something with the exhaust. I don't want to replace to entire system, I really just want to replace the Y pipe at the cross member. It flattens out and I can only imagine how restrictive it is. Does anyone know of any aftermarket components? I can...
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    Does anyone know the part number to the clips for the a pillar? I have a replacement trim piece but no clips, and I can't find them on fords parts.
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    Headlight Removal

    The bumper has to come off.
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    Mirror Turn Signal Wiring

    Does anyone know which wire controls the signal on the mirror? Usually the relay/flasher sends a pulse to it telling it to light up. None of the wires pulse when te signal is on. Anyone know? Also, does it have an internal flasher inside the mirror? It would have to..... :scratch:
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    Using spare tire and AWD off

    Good call. If the vibration has gone away it's a sure sign the belts have let go. Replace it.
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    Using spare tire and AWD off

    You should never use more than 1 plug at a time. It needs to be professionally plugged with a combination plug. Keep a close eye on it, it will probably slowly leak, and if you start getting a vibration out of no where, replace it immediately. It's the belts separating and your tiring is going...
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    Using spare tire and AWD off

    Take it to a tire shop. They have combination plug/patches that are installed from the inside of the tire. A side note on replacing tires. When replacing tires on an AWD vehicle it is recommended to replace all 4 tires at the same time. If not, at least 2 on the same axle.
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    2012 Explorer Premium sound system

    I do not believe it does. Only the limiteds.
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    2.0 Ecoboost engine noise when let off throttle

    I would also suggest running premium fuel in turbo charged engines.
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    Air Induction Service/Fog Engine

    The only thing to think about induction-wise is a valve cleaning. However, as stated above, Ford does not have an approved method of doing this and it's only if you have an eco boost. It can be done, by taking the heads off and going in manually to clean them. But, I wouldn't recommend it unless...
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    power liftgate reopens when starting Ex..

    I can't speak to how it functions after the TSB was performed. However, I can tell you for a fact that accessory power is cut off while the starter is engaged.
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    power liftgate reopens when starting Ex..

    It should pause for a moment while the engine is starting because accessory is cut off while starting. All cars do this to ensure there is enough battery to start the car.
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    Thanks. I found some for 7.41 so I figured I'd go for it. If anyone is looking for some for cheap, I found them at carparts(dot)com.
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    Could you post a picture of them? I'm looking for some that will work without having to pony up for the oems from the dealer.
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    The base style 17" with the full hubcap. I've got the wheels and hubcaps, but I can't seem to find any lugnuts other than from Ford. The cheapest I found them for is 8.62 each, and I really don't want to spend that kind of money on lugnuts.
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    Anyone know what size lug nuts for the hubcaps? I'm assuming a standard acorn style would work to hold them? I just don't want to pay $200+ for lugnuts. Thanks guys.
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    HOW do you remove the LR cargo area cup holder over the 12v socket?

    Glad I could help. The front portion where the rear door sill is is attached to the weatherstrip by a clip as well. If you opt to pull the entire cover out, just be mindful of that. The rear seatbelt bolt is under a smaller cover that also just pops right up, if you decide to do that also...
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    How to Replace 2011 Explorer Drivers Tail Light Assembly

    Pictures would help us if the new housing you purchased differs from the factory housing. Otherwise, the bulbs should twist counter-clockwise 45 degrees and come right out.
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    HOW do you remove the LR cargo area cup holder over the 12v socket?

    It's secured with screws from the bottom on one side. The outlet should pop right out with a little force. You can also fold the second row forward and the third flat and just pull the entire side cover out. It's just held in with push clips. The two retainers in the rear screw out first. You...
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    2014 Ford Explorer Factory HID vs Halogen housing

    The best reply to that is, No problem. I'll spend my money elsewhere. Try another dealer. It's unusual for them to turn away work. There are a few threads out there on what you're attempting.
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    emergency lighting

    Between the top of the bumper and the bottom of the grille is the most common mounting location. No pictures on hand, but next time I'm in the shop I'll try to get some. As for switches, what are you looking for? Whelen offers a relatively small 8 button switch panel, and many manufacturers...
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    The 3.7 vs the Turbo 3.5

    Honestly, I think the 3.7 does quite well in the Ex. It's MUCH better than the old P71s, and it's not a V8 that you'd get from Chevy or Dodge. The Tahoe is a great policing vehicle as well, but that goes more in line with an Expedition IMO. So I don't see the need for a better tune or anything...
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    Sport Grill, Headlights and Tailights on an XLT?

    The grille should be the same and bolt up just fine. As for the headlights, there are ways to get around purchasing new sport lights. If you've got another vehicle, and the gonads, you can pull the headlights, split them open and black it yourself. There is also a number of companies that do...
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    True 4wd? Or awd?

    What I meant by actual traction is the friction coefficient between the tires and the driving surface. The only way to get true actual traction is better tires. That being said, how the power is delivered has a great effect on actual traction as well.
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    The 3.7 vs the Turbo 3.5

    What he said. The GTDI is a much stronger engine. VERY quick and powerful. Not that the N/A 3.7 is weak, per se. It just isn't a twin turbo GTDI.
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    Sport Grill, Headlights and Tailights on an XLT?

    They're all interchangeable. You cannot use the Sport headlights on a Limited with factory HIDs, however. That's the only limitation.
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    True 4wd? Or awd?

    Sometimes rocking a vehicle out of stuck is a necessary evil. The best, and safest, way to do so is to rock in one direction, brake, make sure your engine is back to idle, then shift the opposite direction. When rocking, try to avoid hard shifts as these will reduce the effective longevity...
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    True 4wd? Or awd?

    As 182 stated, you're no longer driving a body-on-frame vehicle. You're driving a unibody vehicle. This makes the 5th gen Ex more of a cross-over than it does a truck like vehicle in the past. This does a number of things for off-road type, or even heavy snow driving. You don't have tons of...
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    Question regarding Towing

    Regardless of all the math any of you are trying to do, the max weight set by Ford is 5,000lbs. Any DOT you run into that would weigh you would have that number. So, Lisa. According to Ford, your camper(or whatever you may want to tow in the future) can be no more than 5,000lbs.
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    60,000 Mile Service / Recommendations

    There are plenty in my area that are indeed flush machines. I had a dealership use one that junked my transmission, and this was just last year. I agree lower mileage vehicles are generally safe, but the risk is still there. Most folks really don't know what the shops and techs use, so again...
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    Installing or Programming Daytime Running lights (DRL)

    I see your post is old, but be aware, if you get a LEO who's having a bad day you can get a ticket for this. VA law states that no vehicle may use more than 4 forward facing white lights at one time. For most vehicles, this is why the fog lights turn off when you use the bright lights, because...
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    60,000 Mile Service / Recommendations

    I would avoid transmission FLUSHES and go only for drain and replace services. Especially from an outside shop. These transmissions with the internal filters will suffer if you don't use only the recommended fluid. Any outside shop will do flushes on all types of vehicles, and you never know how...