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    Hitch on 2002+ explorers

    I bought an '05 EB V8 with the class II hitch and 3.55 rear (see first page for my install). Upgraded the hitch to a class III from a junkyard. Been towing 5000 pounds no problem. I don't know if I'd go to 7k, but definitely more than 3500. I put her in 4 low to pull up the ramp but she cruises...
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    Engine Dies When Using Cruise Control

    This happened to me once as well. I had the cruise control set to 45 and started going downhill. The system used engine braking to try and maintain 45. I watched as the lights started to dim because the RPMs were less than 500, then it just died. I took it to the Ford dealer and they upgraded...
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    2005 towing hitch rattle

    I also hate the rattling of the hitch bar while towing. I ended up buying a QuietHitch, like this one: It works as advertised.
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    2005 towing hitch rattle

    My bike mount came with a bolt that goes through the receiver hole and literally clamps the bike mount to the inside of the receiver. Solid and no rattle.
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    Carpet Cleaining - the whole carpet

    The Rug Doctors you can rent just about anywhere have an upholstery handheld tool that attaches to the machine. That's what I use to clean automotive carpets. It'll be a lot easier with the carpet out.
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    Drivers seat leg room 02-05 Explorer

    Avoid one with a moonroof if you are at all concerned with headroom. I'm 6'2" and leg room is plentiful but I can't wear a hat without rubbing on the roof liner (mine has the moonroof).
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    2002 explorer v8 long time till starts

    I'm going to bump this to the top because mine does this too and I've never really thought anything of it. Is it normal? Anything to be worried about?
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    Does my '02 Explorer have this connector?

    It's hard to tell from the photo how long that harness is but the connectors look right. If you look in my picture above, inside the trunk wrapped around the new class III hitch is the harness that came with it. It has the 7-way round on one side and the harness connector going to the spot...
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    Does my '02 Explorer have this connector?

    I guess both. The wires dangling in the picture are the wires from the factory flat 4 connector in the class II hitch. They would be connected to the harness behind the bumper behind the taillight as you described. I installed a junkyard class III that had the factory 7-way round that hooked...
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    Does my '02 Explorer have this connector?

    The connector you are looking for is behind the bumper under the passenger side taillight. The brake controller connector is behind the glovebox. Look at the lower right of this picture for the tow package harness. Mine is an '05 but I'm pretty sure all 02-05 have this connector regardless of...
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    Need Clarification on REAR DIFFERENTIAL OIL CHANGE

    I have RSC as well and I added the extra pint. It's actually not that hard. Step one, get a mirror, this kind: or equivalent. Remove the spare tire. Jacking up the rear is not...
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    spark plug blew out!

    that exact plug blew out for me at 92k. I was able to rethread it in to continue on my way which was fortunate because I was 1200 miles from home. Got home, replaced all 8 spark plugs. 7k miles later the same plug blew out and took the remaining threads on the head with it. My local shop has...
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    Front suspension question

    Also, the manual states to replace basically all the nuts, including the axle nut, castle nuts, etc. How necessary is that and is there a place other than Ford where I can buy them? I replaced the axle nuts when I did the bearings at 60k and I remember them being $12 a piece from Ford.
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    Front suspension question

    This has probably been asked before but due to the sheer numbers of post on ball joints and control arms I couldn't find a singular answer. I went in for inspection and they wanted to fail my ball joints. Fortunately they just sent me on my way instead of giving me the dreaded red R sticker...
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    Enviromental Controls----AC coming on ?

    here's a good response to the question.
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    Installing an aftermarket stereo

    I can't help you with the parking break wire. But for the reverse wire, remove the driver's side kick panel and door sill trim piece. Under that you'll see two bundles of wires. In one of the bundles you'll find a black wire with a pink stripe. That is the wire going to the reverse light. There...
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    Transmission fluid temp

    I have the ScanGauge II that does exactly what you are describing. It plugs in to the OBD port and continuously reads whatever PIDs I program. I have TFT (transmission fluid temp) as one of the gauge parameters. During normal driving I see what you see, about 160-170. While towing my boat...
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    Need help. Curiosity killed this cat.

    Oh. Well I'm out of ideas. I have a v8 so I can't go look. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Still, pictures would help.
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    Need help. Curiosity killed this cat.

    The only things I can think of that are near the throttle body and sound like what you describe are the throttle position sensor or the mass air flow sensor. Pictures would help clarify. Does it look like this? EDIT: I forgot these were...
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    2nd Row seats in Avaitor

    Where are you located and what is your interior color? I know people who may want to trade the 40/20/40 bench seat from their explorers for the aviator seat with console (myself included).
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    Aftermarket HU - Stock Sub Question

    If you have an aftermarket stereo using the factory sub/amp, the turn on pop is caused by the 12V output on the aftermarket stereo turn-on lead being fed to the amp which is expecting 5V. You can wire in a 5V voltage regulator to solve that problem...
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    Roof Rack cross bars

    My '05 EB came with them. I understand it was a factory option that few people opted for. Fortunately for me the previous owner did opt for them, although truth be told I've never used them. And they are a pain during waxing and snow removal.
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    Transmission flush 2003 Explorer?

    So what do you do for this? Pull the plug in the pan, let it drain. Replace plug, remove center plug, insert 1/8" pipe thread, then pump new fluid until it drips back down? Engine running during this process?
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    installed pioneer avic 930bt

    that looks awesome. where'd you mount the GPS antenna and run the wire?
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    Hub assembly.

    When you removed the old bearing, can you turn it easily by hand? Does it feel smooth or gritty? You'll be able to feel the difference between a bad bearing and a good one.
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    Front Hub Replacment Assemblies with Bolts

    I bought my front hubs from RockAuto. They were the timken parts, came with the bolts with thread locker, and the ABS sensor cable. I had a coupon code so I think I spent around 100 bucks each (I did both fronts at the same time). I also did what the manual suggested and bought new axle nuts...
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    replacing stock head unit HELP

    That 2-piece wire harness looks correct. I have an 05 Eddie Bauer with the "premium" sound and used those same harnesses. The thing with that part is, however, most aftermarket head units put out a 12V turn-on voltage for external amplifiers (blue wire going into the smaller wire harness)...
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    What size is the factory amplifier on a 2003 Explorer?

    It is for the door speakers. But the sub has a dedicated amp.
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    Additional or Better Transmission Cooler

    I second the scanguage II idea. I have one as well. I tow a 21' bowrider with a tandem axle trailer. I estimate weight fully loaded with gas and gear to be around 5000. The TFT stays around 170F. It gets to about 200F rarely when climbing up long steep hills, but quickly goes back down to...
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    Low mileage 05 or higher mileage 07?

    I know I'm late to the party, but I believe the gas claim here is false. The 06+ V8s had the 6-speed auto and actually get better gas mileage then the 05 V8. My Mom drove an '06 V8 until recently (upgraded to a '10) and got better mileage than my '05 V8. Can't really comment on the V6, however.
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    question about wheel bearings

    I normally buy OEM motorcraft parts for my explorer, but the simple fact that my OEM bearings failed at 50k, I felt that was unacceptable. I ended up buying Timken bearings from RockAuto. They were full hub assemblies with speed sensor and cost less than OEM. Same 12mo warranty too.
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    Trailer Aux Power Source Recommendations

    You should already have it from the factory... isn't that what pin 7 in this 7-pole diagram is for? The harness is behind the passenger side tail light whether your explorer came with the 7-pole connector in the upgraded trailer/tow package or the 4-pin standard class II...
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    Failure to Start: 02 6 cyl X

    I agree with Ocean Pacific. Get that battery load tested. Don't just put a voltmeter on it and measure voltage, go to advanced and get it load tested. About a month ago, my battery measured 12.4V so I was convinced it was fine, but my X still wouldn't start. So I got the battery tested and...
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    Replace starter in '02

    V8 or V6?
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    Feels like tire rub. Rear end? Tranny?

    That definitely sounds like it. I couldn't read the whole article; what was the resolution? EDIT*** On second thought, that can't be my issue because I don't have a limited slip rear. :(
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    Feels like tire rub. Rear end? Tranny?

    I have this issue as well. It only happens when backing up, and its much louder when its cold. At first I thought it was the rearend but the sound feels like its coming from directly beneath me, like its the transfer case or front dif. '05 V8 4x4
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    Removing the plastic bezel around the radio

    Correct, to remove that bezel there are no screws. There are 2 screws to remove the radio once that bezel is removed, but that will become obvious when the bezel is gone.
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    Removing the plastic bezel around the radio

    If you're referring to this piece: Then it just pops off. No screws involved. No other trim removal...
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    Off Brand Dynamat

    This is what I use. Much cheaper than dynamat.
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    Wanted Factory Class III hitch - Keep an eye out for me, please.

    Yup, the Scan Gauge reads the tranny temp in real time off of the computer. These transmissions have a temperature sender inside the pan so it is actual oil temperature. I'm pretty sure all Gen 3's have an auxiliary tranny cooler from the factory, regardless of motor/tow combination. I know...