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    Manual with AWD and how much power

    when i read up on it, it stated that its a 10/90 ratio at all times. to me that constitutes as awd if i'm not mistaken
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    Manual with AWD and how much power

    i have a 97 4.0 ohv 5spd thats awd and the awd isn't the greatest but i wheel in 4lo as soon as i get on a trail and i've never had a problem (power wise) climbing over anything or getting through just about anything and i was surprised how easily it climbed a section of the trail thats all up...
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    Aftermarket springs/shocks to lift rear

    an add a leaf can solve the sag fairly easily. I did that to level mine before i started lifting it that way i was starting with a more even ride height all around. all they seem to do is keep the sagging leaf's arc'd. easy concept and semi easy fix in my opinion
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    15x8 wheel preferred?

    i got 15x8 cragar soft 8's from summit with i think the 3.75 back spacing and put 33x12.5 on them an worked out pretty good
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    Tire size for dd/tow/mild off road 2000 xlt

    My DD is a hair under 6 inches total lift on 33x12.5 bfg mud terrains with both sway bars. Its an awd 4.0 ohv 5spd with i believe 3.55 gears an it gets around good on the asphalt and rides half way decent and also does pretty good in the woods whether its mud, rocks, or climbing over stuff