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  1. J

    Hits close to home. they are going to piss us off now,are they?:nono: :fire: :fire: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us...
  2. J

    You smoke cigarettes?

    Still going...........ahh, breathe that "cough-cough" fresh air! :D Tim
  3. J

    15 things we don't know about you...

    1. They call me Timmy. 2. My Explorer is the 3rd Ford I've owned. I had a Ranger and still have a F-150. 3. I was a headbanging bassplayer in the 80's-90's. 4. I like NASCAR....(as the moniker implies...and yes my dog's name is Jarrett too...maybe I take it a little too far!):D :rolleyes...
  4. J

    How do you access the site Cable... Dialup???

    DSL ! I occasionally torture myself at Moms, using her dial-up's okay for reading mail....but for surfing......DSL rocks !!! Using dial-up is slower than a turtle running through peanut butter ! Tim
  5. J

    What's The difference???

    I think your dial up connection will vary from 38- 56. I may be wrong...I don't believe you'll get a 56 hookup everytime. At least thats the way AOL dial-up works. Tim
  6. J

    You smoke cigarettes?

    50 days and counting........;) Tim
  7. J

    4x4 Not WORKING!

    Dammn!!!!!!!! Blown hubs and ripped the valve stems off?:eek: That thought had never entered my mind. I think I would totally lose it if I ripped the stems off trying to get out of mud.:( I will definitely keep that in mind. Tim
  8. J

    Do you still display the American Flag?

    Not on my truck..but flying high at the house always! (not me..the flag that is!:rolleyes: ) :us: Tim
  9. J

    Should I paint my rear swaybar?

    Wow Doc ! Did you just have the underside detailed? :D Mine hasn't looked like that since it was new ! If you keep it that clean, painted may look alright. Tim
  10. J

    auto locks, now i hate them...

    When I am working on my vehicle or jumping out only for a minute with the keys in it, I leave a window down enough that I can get my arm in. If I accidently hit my electrics,at least I can get my arm in to open it. I've been there and done that! :rolleyes: Tim
  11. J

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving

    Eat lots o' turkey! The chickens will thank you!:D Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Tim
  12. J

    Installing a factory hitch

    Are you installing a new one or re-installing the one they took off? If your re-installing, I would look for some mounting holes that would match the holes in the hitch. If it's a new one and there are no holes to align,it could be the wrong hitch(assuming you already have one) or you may have...
  13. J

    Anyone got Mudding Tips for me???

    My Scorpion A/T's do well in MD's Eastern shore swamp mud. They shed mud well and haven't got me stuck(yet).I go through some thick logouts and across some muddy farm fields. I can't wait to fill my tags this weekend! I bought a new .270 to help me along. Tim
  14. J

    Americans never offend anyone

    I'll be sure to pass this on. This is definitely great. Tim
  15. J

    Rancho 5000s kick butt!

    I'll put in a good word for them. I haven't done anything that's broke em' or bent em' and they aren't leaking! I like the 5000's. Tim
  16. J

    You smoke cigarettes?

    I am into my 2nd week of not smoking. I started the Wellbutrin 3 weeks ago and haven't had the desire yet. The first Saturday was a little edgy but Sunday was better. Then Monday at work was a liitle trying,but the rest of the week went good. Lotsa gum and jolly ranchers ! I just need to remind...
  17. J

    Temp Gauge Rising then falling

    Yep. My guess would be the thermostat. It may be coincidence that it started happening as soon as it got cold. Not too bad to do yourself, although I'm not sure about the 99's. I wouldn't drive it too much, with it not opening properly. You could cause some serious damage. Tim
  18. J

    Tailgating Munchies

    With the football season underway,what are your favorite drinks/foods/recipes to take or make while you are tailgating? I usually end up doing some grilling of some sort. Teriyaki Chicken,ribs, burgers/steaks, macaroni salad(Amish of course!),and good ole BBQ chips. Tim
  19. J

    What are you going to be for Halloween? Or what have u been in the past??

    Get a box of Captain Crunch and a big knife! Stab it repeatedly !! A "Cereal" Killer ! :D :eek: :rolleyes: Tim
  20. J

    Truck died while idling, battery gauge low

    It sounds like it could be your alternator,if your gauge is giving a low reading. It might not be charging your battery. Most autoparts stores (Autozone,PepBoys,etc) will check your battery and alternator for free. That would be your best bet. When dealing with the electrical system,any one of...
  21. J

    Everyone in MD, Lookout...

    Yep....this guy/guys definitely off his rocker. Nobody is safe and there is no method to his madness. Men, woman and now kids!:eek: I have tickets to the 'Skins game this weekend and am worried about being picked off while I'm tailgating. Somebody's gotta know something. I think the reward is up...
  22. J

    Oh deer!

    There are easier ways to kill a deer, although the gut job seemed to be one of the quickest I've seen!:eek: Tim
  23. J

    MY WEBSITE IS UP!!!!!!

    Nice ! Looks like mine in a year or 2 :D Did yours come with a factory roof rack or did you put that on yourself? I will need to do a 2" body lift to get those tires on. Looking good ! Tim
  24. J

    Ford questions that always bugged me

    I'm not sure about the first two,but the security star can be found on/in everything from public restrooms(walls around toilets) to automobiles. I'm not sure who invented it,but I don't think Ford did. It's just meant to secure something that shouldn't be removed, until it needs replaced. Tim
  25. J

    It's done! I have my own X

    InS0mNiAc - you need to go back to sleep or is it go to sleep?:D Tim
  26. J

    Good Name For A Band

    Here's some of the band I've played bass in.All of them from the 80's - mid 90's.I've slowed a bit since then;) Believer (metal) White Witch(metal)later found out band from across the water had same name! Headhunter(metal) Treason(Progressive metal) Chapelz(original metal)...
  27. J

    It's done! I have my own X

    Congrats! Welcome to the site. Try the search option to learn about any mods,help with problems or learn about your X. You will find info on just about everything. This is a great website! Post some pics!!!!!! Let's see it!!!! Tim
  28. J

    Blackwall vs. white raised letters

    Definitely lettering facing out. I have always liked the look. It adds a sporty touch. I really hate whitewalls, never could understand that. Especially the big 4" ones!:eek: Tim
  29. J

    How many cars do you own?

    1- 94 XLT - Daily driver 1- 91 f-150 - Used when I work on the house,mostly for storage right now.( with badly peeling hood that used to be silver. It looks like it's a bad case of sunburn!) 1- 95 Saturn - wife's car-lets me drive occasionaly, but gets p*ssed when I bring it back and I...
  30. J

    What is the "super cool" on an Explorer?

    Will it work? Is this a bolt on deal? Do you change the whole assembly or just the fan? I noticed the other day I have the same cracks going on with my 94. How much do they run? Tim
  31. J

    Where were you… when the world stopped turning?

    I had just walked in the house. I had a day off and I was doing some yardwork. The TV was on and I sat down for a minute to take a breather. When my eyes focused on the TV, I thought it was a movie. But then I saw the reporters and heard what had happened. I thought it was an accident, then as I...
  32. J

    Who'll Be This Year's NASCAR champ

    We gotta watch that boy. He snuck up there fast! I will give you that... he is a damn good driver. I just didn't care for the people who jumped on the JG bandwagon. Most of them are just fairweather fans anyway. They go with whoever is winning at the time. I'm not saying that you are...If you...
  33. J

    Who'll Be This Year's NASCAR champ

    ALRIGHT! A NEW JEFF GORDON DARTBOARD ! You really didn't have to..... :D
  34. J

    Which brand of tires do you run

    Pirelli Scorpion A/T I have the 30 x 9.50 Pirelli Scorpion A/T's and yesterday I went to some property I have on the Eastern Shore. It had been raining all day so the dirt road we have going to it was a mess. The road is about a mile and 1/2 long and it was about 3-4 inches of mud. I was...
  35. J


    Mine runs somewhere between O & R. I think it gets close to R & then drops down to O. I guess thats about right. It seems to run both sides of the O. Thats about normal for mine. I hope this helps. Welcome to the site! Tim
  36. J

    Three strikes and you are out....

    The reason these guys makes so much money is because people are willing to pay outrageous prices to see them play. When fans finally say enough is enough, and start boycotting their overpriced product, then their pockets will get a little lighter. But until the fans refuse to pay $60 a seat, $40...
  37. J

    miniature pinscher

    I don't own one,but the guy down the street does. It's a pretty neat little dog. When I am walking my 100 lbs labrador,this dog comes out barking like he's 200lbs and 3 feet tall and wants to scrap. My dog doesn't quite know what to make of it. Theres a couple good sites I used when finding out...
  38. J

    Help! Anyone out there have one speaker fail?

    Thanks I will check out the HU connections and the speaker soon. Also they are still the stock speakers (I guess? It's used.) A loose connection makes sense, since it doesn't happen all the time, or at least I don't hear it when I turn it up! ;) Tim
  39. J

    i give up... 96 2wd vibration...

    I never noticed before, but this thing affects all years. Looking at the the other thread, it seems that everyone from 91-up has this problem. Some people have practically rebuilt their whole front end trying to make it stop. Did everone have this problem from day 1? I bought mine used and...
  40. J

    Vibration Information

    Yes - still shakin! 60-65 (before & after smooth) Things I've tried so far- new tires new shocks rebalance tires replace,repack,new bearings and races alignment checked and greased everything that can be greased! :confused: Tim