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    Best Wax?

    The advice given so far has been pretty good. I thought I would throw in my $0.02. I use Klasse on my Explorer and PS21s on my Corvette. I use different waxes on both vechicles b/c they get treated differently. The Vette is garaged, hand washed only and gets waxed every month or two, so...
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    under seat mounted subs

    I needed to maintain my cargo space as well, so I made my boxes removable. I made a junction box behind the rear seats that I can unplug the subs from and remove them if required. A word of caution, don't pull the wire out of the back of the sub box and let them hang. if the amp is on and...
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    Where to install amps???

    I have mine mounted behind the rear panel. I removed the small cargo basket and put my amp there. No problems in over a year so far. There is room for 2 amps, if they are small enough. Adjusting a single amp back there is easy, but a second amp may be difficult to get to.
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    Anyone familiar with Eclipse audio stuff (fujitsu ten i think)

    I had Eclipse stuff in my 1994 Bronco. I say had because the head unit was stolen. Until Eclipse gets rid of the ESN poopie and releases a removable faceplate unit. I am giong to stay away. IMHO A crack addict theaf doesn't know what ESN is, he just knows that the radio with the nice...
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    Aftermarket head unit..

    For $300, you have lots of quality options. A lower-end Alpine, Clarion or a Sony ES are all around that price range. You may not get all the features as a $500 unit, but for the money you are looking to spend, you can get a solid H.U.
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    Civic SI beats C5 Corvette

    Expo 5.0 As you can see by my sig, I have a C5. Before which I had a BMW Z Coupe. Which one is better? Depends on what you are looking for. The C5 is faster and more brutal than the BMW, the BMW was better balanced and easier to drive, (however the M engined Z3 cars had too much power...
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    Hello To The Silent Browsers!

    98fordx24, I have the same truck that you do, and am looking to do some similar mods. a few questions, if you don't mind. 1. who did your exhaust , and how is it done? I want to put delta 60's on a dual setup. 2. how did you lower your truck? x-spec or custom? Any issues towing or...
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    Rewiring speakers, having alittle trouble!!!!

    Chris, This is what I did: Pass the speaker wire through the rubber tube as far as you can. Cut a small slit in the tube to pass the wire through. the ruber should streach, forming a good seal after the wire is pulled through. Drill a hole below the plastic plug in the door. (this...
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    What Headunit are you using

    I currently am running an Alpine H.U. with an Alpine EQ and X-over/ sub controller. I like the flexibility this setup gives me and the SQ is great. I have used Eclipse in the passed, and liked their product, but would NEVER by again unless a removable faceplate was offered. (mine was stolen)...
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    Compare JL 10w3-D4 to a MTX Thunder6000

    In a word, YES! The w0's do hit hard, however, if you are running gobs of power, the w3's will hit harder. It totaly depends on how much power you want to use, and how many subs. example: (4) 10w0's w/ 150 watts to each sub will logicaly hit harder than (1) 10w3 w/ 250 watts powering it...
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    Compare JL 10w3-D4 to a MTX Thunder6000

    Quite a bit depends on your set up. How much power are you planning to give the subs? How many subs do you want to use? I have 2 10w0-8 subs being fed by 300watts from a punch power amp. This set up did not require me to go with the w3's because I didn't need the power handling ability, and...
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    Non-Greasy Detailer

    I also use 303 Aerospace Protectiant. It is the best for what you are looking for. I have a black interior in my Corvette, a grey interior in my Explorer and had a tan interior in my 1999 BMW, all which looked great when treated with the 303.
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    I got Jacked Last Night...

    That Sucks! I had an Eclipse H.U. ripped off from my old Bronco. I will never use a H.U. w/o a removable face from now on. As far as the subs go, check out JL Audio. It's hard to find them on line, however their dealers generally give good deals. 12" subs will run you any where from $90...
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    Aftermarket Amp in stock location

    If you put in a fan, cooling should not be a problem, however, tuning the amp will be a pain. You may want to consider an access panel with a fan and vent hole built in. This will only require you to cut one hole. As far as the fitment, what I did was make templates out of scrap plywood or...
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    My Latest Creation

    KMac, I wanted to run 2 subs at a 4 ohm load off of a bridged channel. There are a few ways to do this. As leenjen said, I could have used 2 DVC 4 ohm per coil Subs, or the way I chose, 2 8 ohm SVC subs. (plus a few more options) 2 8 ohm subs will show the amp a 4 ohm load. This is what I...
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    My Latest Creation

    I went with the 10w0. I was leaning towards the w3, but considering each sub will only get about 150 watts, the w0's seemed to be the best bet. Cost wise, the w3's were $105 ea vs. $75 for the w0, so not a huge difference (I spent more than the $60 difference in power wire!), however I...
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    My Latest Creation

    Well, I'm almost done with my install. I bought my X about a month ago, and after listening to the factory setup for a week, I decided to upgrade. I hadn’t done a system in about 7 years, so I had to research everything again. (half the fun) After some shopping, I decided I wanted to go with the...
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    What do I get next?

    Kicker and JL Audio also make 5 Ch amps. The JL is a really nice one. I was considering going the 5 ch route, but chose to go 3 ch instead (4 ch amp w/ Rear ch bridged) If you have a high powered H.U., you can run the rear speakers off of it for rear fill. You will find yourself turning down...
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    Head Unit Suggestions?

    I've had the following: Eclipse Alpine Sony Pioneer Over all, the Sony was the most solid. a workhorse for 7 years, and decent SQ. I liked the Eclipse alot for quality, but it was stolen, so I will never buy a stereo w/o a removable faceplate again. The Pioneer was ok, nothing...
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    sub box

    It depends. I like to build my own, however, I have all the tools and materials to make the job much easier. If you are not good with tools, or don't feel like committing the time, by a box or have one made for you. If you want to try to build your own, here is some help. Finding the...
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    Which brand amp do recommend?

    Rockford has 2 lines of amps. The Punch and the Punch Power. The power is there higher end amp. If you go with the R.F., you may want to consider spending the extra cash and getting the Power series. It has a few extras, like fully adjustable X-overs, and some models come with the remote...
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    Getting power/ signal to an Amp

    Hi All, I am getting ready to put a mild system in my XLT. I am going with a 5 ch amp wich will be mounted on the cover behind the rear seats that flips down to hide the opening in the floor when you fold down the seats. My questions are, what is the best ways to run: 1. Power wire...
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    Waxing over Simoniz System 5

    Thanks guys. I am going to try the PS21s and see how it holds up. I was going to try Zaino, but it seems way too labor intensive. If the PS21s doesn't last long, or doesn't give me the look I want, I'll try a polymer based product.
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    Rancho RS9000 Adjustable Shocks

    Has any one had any experience with these shocks? I was planning to upgrade my 1998 XLT with Bilstiens (I had them on my old Tahoe and liked them) but found the Rancho RS9000 Adjustable Shocks to be an interesting idea. There is even an in-cab Dual Remote Control System available. I do most...
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    Adding Amps, Subs & Spkrs to Stock H.U.

    Hi All, I am thinking about upgrading my XLT's sound system with new speakers, a sub and more power, however I don't want to change my head unit...yet. I like the rear controls as well as the general workings of the stock radio,. I'm not building a killer system, just a good sounding, louder...
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    Waxing over Simoniz System 5

    Hi Guys, As you can tell, this is my first post on this forum. I just picked up ny new toy, a 1998 XLT yesterday! Today I noticed a 'Simoniz System 5' sticker on my truck. I checked into it, and it seems to be some sort of teflon based dealer installed paint protectant installed for the...