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  1. JK080

    5r55s Double engagement or harsh reverse

    The Lincoln tends to have PCM issues, I have done a few over the years where they come in with harsh reverse and or forward engagements and it ends up being the PCM. We had a Sport Trac a few months back that had a harsh reverse-only issue and it ended up being the solenoid block.
  2. JK080

    Photos 5R55S Overdrive/Coast Clutch

    Yes replace the drum, I would think it will wear out a new band prematurely.
  3. JK080

    5R55S transmission Bright copper

    It's very common for the brass washers in the overdrive planet to wear out and break apart and because you are holding the overdrive ring gear I bet this is where the debris is coming from. I personally have never seen this planet fail due to the washers being worn out or missing, the planets...
  4. JK080

    06 Explorer xlt transmission

    Check the connection of the vehicle wire harness to the transmission for corroded or broken pins. It's a common problem due to the a/c condensation drain dripping water directly onto the connector for years.
  5. JK080

    2000 2X4 3.0 4R44E No Reverse after rebuild but has engine braking

    If you still have no reverse or forward but it does move in manual low the input sprag has failed. Check out this thread. If all forwards work like they should but no reverse you could have a problem with the 2-3 shift valve end plug not correctly installed. Check this thread out for the end...
  6. JK080

    4R75W\E transmission case bore issue (4R70W/E, AOD, AODE)

    If someone had that sleeve to spin then their tool cut the bore too large. I have done at least a hundred of these sleeves and that sleeve fits every tight and with loctite that thing isn't going anywhere. I have even had to sleeve a sleeved case before and had to use the tool to cut the old...
  7. JK080

    4R75W\E transmission case bore issue (4R70W/E, AOD, AODE)

    I wouldn't worry about the damage to the case that is between the ring contact area, nothing rides there anyways. I would be more concerned about the undercutting the last ring has done to the case. I would find a shop that has that tool and have them sleeve the case and also install a new...
  8. JK080


    I think that the intermediate band has broken or the intermediate servo has failed. You could check the intermediate band adjustment, if it screws in more than 3 turns the band is probably broken. Hopefully, it will tighten, and you can just adjust it back out 2 turns and pull the servo...
  9. JK080

    4r70w front seal leak questions

    Just to throw this out there, the converters themselves can leak too, we have seen them leak from the pads that the studs are on leak where they are welded to the cover.
  10. JK080

    Tranny Rebuild

    From what I can see it looks like it should, when it's installed into the case the drum should turn clockwise and lock counterclockwise.
  11. JK080

    Tranny Rebuild

    Make sure the overdrive planet turns in the proper direction, the sprag can be installed upside down.
  12. JK080

    Tranny Rebuild

    Yep, it looks like you found it, check the race on the overdrive planet that rides in the sprag for damage, it has to be smooth. Same for the outer sprag race in the center shaft. The best way to remove the sprag element from the center shaft is to use the three holes on the shaft side and a punch.
  13. JK080

    Tranny Rebuild

    If this transmission wont go into reverse or drive and only moves forward when the OD is canceled or manual 2nd or low is selected the number one cause of this is a failed input sprag. This sprag can wear out or flip over and "look" fine especially if your not familiar with the way it supposed...
  14. JK080

    O/D light flashing

    The P0741 code is what is triggering the OD light to flash, the code is set when the computer does not see a rpm drop when engaging the converter clutch. Unfortunately there is a few reasons why the converter clutch wont come on, from problems with the pump or valve body or solenoid to the...
  15. JK080

    Help diagnosing 5R55S issues!

    The fluid will expand when it gets hot so the level will rise as it heats up. Delayed engagements mostly when cold is a classic example of a low fluid condition. Always check and adjust transmission fluid when at operating temperature. If the fluid level is low it most likely will have a leak...
  16. JK080

    2016 - 2nd Torque Converter Failure?

    I have seen converters fail at the 50/60k mark in these vehicles, when we do them we always replace the pump and valve body from the dealer because this is where most of the converter problems come from in this transmission and many others in this 6 and 8 speed family for that matter. Maybe...
  17. JK080

    98 5R55e Missing OD 1,2,4, D1,2 and R. Can drive Man1->Man2->D3->D4->OD5

    Its a very weak spot to begin with, after the first sprag failure there could have been wear or damage to the inner and outer races the sprag rides on and if they weren't replaced too it could cause a repeat failure. Maybe the sprag is fine but the inner race broke off the planetary, seen this...
  18. JK080

    98 5R55e Missing OD 1,2,4, D1,2 and R. Can drive Man1->Man2->D3->D4->OD5

    Sure sounds like a broken input sprag to me.
  19. JK080

    2007 Explorer with 5R55S trans issues

    Well I would say that's a problem, looks like this transmission will have to come out.
  20. JK080

    2007 Explorer with 5R55S trans issues

    I would check the fluid level and condition first, if its full and no signs of a burnt odor pull the pan down and check for debris. The over temp code could be a electrical issue but the loss of forward and reverse and full of fluid will be enough to say this trans has internal issues to a...
  21. JK080

    2001 Hard shifting when cold

    Sounds like its low on fluid
  22. JK080

    5r55s, harsh reverse and not engaged or slipping 4th

    Most of the time a harsh reverse engagement with this transmission is a faulty PCM.
  23. JK080

    2000 Ford Explorer O/D light blinks on freeway

    I doubt its a sensor and I doubt the tire shop did anything to cause it. If it was a sensor the light would flash all the time, the fact it only flashes on the interstate tells me the problem will most likely be with the torque converter. There is a code stored and its probably something like...
  24. JK080

    2005 Explorer XLT 4.6L V-8 transmission issues (no CELs)

    I can't see how this overheating would affect the transmission and cause it to fail. The transmission problem you are having is a classic failure we see with this transmission, unfortunately this failure will require the transmision to be removed and basically be rebuilt. There is a component...
  25. JK080

    Rebuilt Automatic Transmission Shifting Hard, Bottoming Out When Stopping, 97 Explorer LTD 4.0 V6

    Hard shifts, hard downshifts and a hard reverse engagment are all signs of a control problem, most likely a bad PCM. THEY need to but a gauge on it to see where the line pressure is.
  26. JK080

    5r55e no forward gears

    No the little wear from the retainer wont cause it to have forward issues, I still think the problem will be with the forward clutch. I have seen the clutch material breakdown and come off due to time.
  27. JK080

    03 Expo Code p0765, rough downshift and shift into reverse

    The metal is not from a solenoid, it will be from inside the trans like converter or gear train componants, or it is left over from the last time the transmission failed and this debris came from the cooler. The gasket is hard to make out from the picture, gaskets dont typicaly get stuck on...
  28. JK080

    03 Expo Code p0765, rough downshift and shift into reverse

    The case connector is circled in red and is not listed on that picture, its held down with a 10mm bolt. Water from the AC drain drips right on top of that connector and causes corrosion. That magnet is a little concerning with the amout of metal on it.
  29. JK080

    03 Expo Code p0765, rough downshift and shift into reverse

    I woouldn't think the converter has anything to do with the code and the issue. I would check the case connector for corrosion and if it looks good I would replace the solenoid block.
  30. JK080

    5r55e rebuild friction plate question

    I dont think you have a issue with any of those differences, the clutches will be fine and can be installed in any direction, the steels should work fine too, as long as they fit in the drum and can move freely in the grooves your good. There is no need to worry about hindering fluid flow with...
  31. JK080

    5r55e no forward gears

    If you have lost all forward but have a good reverse the problem will most likely be with the forward clutch
  32. JK080

    2000 5r55e Tranny's

    No reverse and no drive unless low and 2nd and or OD off is a sign of a broken input sprag. Input sprag is located inside the transmission, it will have to be rebuilt to fix this issue.
  33. JK080

    Erg valve body

    Did you connect the manual valve?
  34. JK080

    Explorer 1995 4r55e

    1.5 to 2 turns out
  35. JK080

    Explorer 1995 4r55e

    Back the adjustment screw out 1.5 to 2 turns after turning it in as far as it will go. If it turns in more than 3 turns the band is probably broken.
  36. JK080

    Explorer 1995 4r55e

    OK that will be more of a control problem rather than a electrical or a solenoid problem, more than likely there is a problem in the valve body, exactly what I am not sure. Check out Sonnax website for more trouble shooting info
  37. JK080

    Explorer 1995 4r55e

    What is the number for the solenoid code? It may have a external wiring problem if its a electrical or circuit code, it may be a internal problem if its a performance code.
  38. JK080

    Advice on O Ring servo install

    I would get the codes before doing anything else, if you do have TCC codes thats a completely different repair form the servo issues. Also delay into forward or reverse has nothing to do with the intermediate or overdrive servos either, it might be time for a complete overhaul of the transmission.
  39. JK080

    4R70W No Forward Gears

    The forward clutch in the donor truck might have already had problems with the clutches and when you used the new fluid it could have caused the damaged clutches to go ahead and fail.
  40. JK080

    No reverse

    We buy wholesale so I dont have a link. TransTec kits and Precision Kits are good so look for those.