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    Switch front-rear Powerslot Rotors

    this something important to know. i guess i stuck because i can't turn slot rotors. thanks buddy.
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    Switch front-rear Powerslot Rotors

    i have a 96 explorer 4X4 i have powrslot rotors for 2 years now and they serve me really well. lately i feel a vibration under braking. knowing that 70-80% of the braking power comes from the front brakes is it a good idea to switch front rotors with rear rotors? thanks
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    Solved Explorer Towing Capacities

    what engine you have (4.0 or 5.0) and what is your gear ratio? after you figure these then it should be easy to trace your towing capacities of your explorer from the charts that MountaineerGreen posted.
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    Installed my class 3 hitch today,01 sport

    i fit a 255/70/16 underneath my 96 explorer after i slide it sideways in there. it was a tied fit, but it can be done.
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    Installed my class 3 hitch today,01 sport

    what size spare you have? 15"or 16? is not suppost to fit a 16" tire, but if you try to fit it sideways it should go all the way. you can also try to cut a piece at the end of the hitch or simply take some pressure out of the tire, but make sure that you have an air compressor on your car.
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    U-Haul: Driving With Rented Risk.

    i towed a 6x12 UHAUL trailer for 17 hours. i tell you that it sway so bad sometimes that it scared the **** out of me, but i was towing it with a stock explorer at 55mph. i towed explorers behind pick up trucks(f-150,silveradoetc) using a UHAUL tow dolly from 55mph till 70mph and no sway...
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    I just got a 98 Mounty

    welcome buddy what your mounty specs? whats your plans?
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    Tune up '96 XLT 5.0 just under 100000 miles 2 wd

    stick with the motorcraft plugs. i recomend using sea foam because is one of those thinks that they really work. EGR valve is pretty cheap and i would say just get a new one.
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    Help! Thinking about Buying!

    i'm pretty sure that all eddie bauers and limiteds after 97-98 they have the SOHC engine. Ohv after 97-98 it was only available in XLS edition. check and make sure that all fluids are clean, tranny is shifting smooth and the engine runs smooth with no rattles. SOHC engine have problems...
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    96 Trailer Wiring

    i'm not 100% sure, but i saw somewhere in my explorer's papers that the original buyer bought extra the towing package which includes 3.73 gear ratio and trailer wirring. maybe is a 96 year think and after that they just include the plug to every explorer, but who knows. maybe even different...
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    96 Trailer Wiring

    i have a 96 explorer and i had to wire mine to tow a UHAUL before a month. i tryied the T connector and it didn't work. if you have the towing package then you should have a connector at the right side of the rear bumper and is a female cup on it to protect it from rain etc. then you have...
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    How fast is too fast on a 97 Explorer 4.0

    don't go over 75. you may gain 1 hour at the end of the trip if you are lucky enough not to get a ticket. you are better of going the speed limit and save some gas instead of getting a ticket and risk your life.
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    Ex for Ex need opinions

    first you need to compare condition and mileage difference. if you like the manual transmission then i would say stick with whatever you have. if you don't really care about it and he has receipts from the transmission rebuild and everything(engine, 4x4 etc) works fine then i will go for it.
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    New rotors?

    if you have extra money to spend i will get 4 new rotors and pads.i'm using powerslot with hawk brake pads for 2 years now and i never had any problem since, even when i was towing for 17 hours they never let me down. if you don't want to spend too much money just turn the 2 front rotors, get...
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    Power Windows DEAD!

    i have a similar problem, but in my situation the fuse burn every time i try to change it. i must have a shortage somewhere, but i don't have the money or the time to take appart all the interior panels to figure it out.
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    So the towing step bumper is bad?

    x2 (BUY A HITCH)
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    Had to tow my 98 XLT

    welcome to this webside did you tow your explorer on a flat bed or in a dolly. if you tow your explorer on a dolly i hoped you removed the driveshaft or you propably messed up the transmission.
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    Amsoil Series 2000 0W - 30W

    i'm running amsoil 2000 0w-30w series for 30000 miles on my 96 ohv explorer. Before i switch to synthetic i change my oil to a cheap brand and i let it run for a few minutes. then i put the synthetic and i crank the engine 3 times before i let it start. my engine from that day runs as...
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    Grass Trimmer Question

    is anybody using a 4-cycle trimmer? i saw Troy-bilt and Craftsman 4-cycle engines, but i'm not convinced what is the best and most durable. anybody has any idea on 4-cycle trimmers and what you think is the best brand?
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    Grass Trimmer Question

    sorry for all the questions, but where you got those attachments and how much you paid for them. i saw on stihl's webside that you can get the attachments without the shafts, but they still telling me that i'm wrong and i have to pay the extra money to get the shafts for each attachment too.
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    Grass Trimmer Question

    so when you bought each attachment it came with a shaft or you bought just the attachments without the shaft.stihl tries to sell me each attachment with the shaft which is very expensive.
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    Grass Trimmer Question

    how long you have it? do you have the 4 mix series or the pro? how offen are you using it? i wanted to have one like yours, but stihl told me that i have to buy the shaft for each attachment anyways so i felt that the kombi system is better. every attachment came with shaft or you get them...
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    Grass Trimmer Question

    ok i'm buying a grass trimmer for my father and he wants the one's with the attachments. i pretty much decided to get him the STIHL KM130R with the a few attachments. i also need to get another trimmer with attachments available for it cheaper that stihl and i'm thinking for TROY-BILT. any...
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    Towing on the bumper question

    thanks CDW6212R for your advice, but because i'm leaving tomorrow for the 800 miles trip is it ok to drive it as it is for now?
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    Towing on the bumper question

    first don't double posting second search before you arque with something. if you search you can see that a lot of bumpers have bent by towing on the bumper due to high tongue weight. even with a 500 tongue weight on the class 3 hitch it attached into the frame so by adding more weight is...
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    Towing on the bumper question

    i install a class 3 hitch suppost to take me 20 minutes but it took me around 2 hours:eek: after i remove the spare tire i tryied to install the hitch. then i figure out that is no way to line up the holes because the iron plate connecting both side frame and attached to the...
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    Towing on the bumper question

    inspecting the construction of the bumper hitch i will not consider tow anything from the bumper. very poor construction and it can come appart pretty easy. the problem is the tongue weight which is only 350lb. during braking and over bumps it can easily pass that weight.
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    Towing on the bumper question

    well i decided to install a class 3 hitch. driving for about 16 hours i want to worry only for the transmission. is not require any drilling so it should be an easy installation. thanks all of you for your advice. PS. my friend is going to give me his 07 Toyota Tudra 5.7 380hp 0-60 in 6...
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    Towing on the bumper question

    i will have a friend with a toyota tudra picking up the uhaul for me ;)
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    Towing on the bumper question

    anybody who use the bumper for towing? i don't want to get a hitch to use it only 1 time, but if is dangerous i will not take any risk.
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    Towing on the bumper question

    i have a 96 explorer v6 4x4 with the towing package(tranny cooler, 3.73 gear ratio, and trailer lights), but not a frame hitch. i need to tow a 6"x12" uhaul trailer for 800 miles. the uhaul trailer is going to be pretty much light because i need it to move some heavy furniture when i...
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    Trailer Wiring problem

    i have a 96 explorer and i have the towing package. i need to tow a trailer and needed the lights for the trailer to work so i bought and install a T connector that they told me it should work...
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    Hand Pump Oil Extractor i just saw that and i'm wondering if is healthy for the engine to pump the oil from the dipstick tube with a hose. i know a lot of dealers including BMW is doing that and the main reason is to keep everything clean. any...
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    Can not see info center in daylight

    the low light is the same for the whole interior(speedometer, Radio etc) or the problem is only in the message center? i know that in second generation is a switch who controls the interior lights on the left side of the steering wheel. i don't know if they have it on the third generation...
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    95 Explorer On 22's

    torsion twist in front and blocks between rear spring-axle.
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    Did all 1999 Explorers come with Keyless?

    Xlt, Eddie Bauer And Limited Have It Xl And Xls Not
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    fuse 26 shortage

    i check #26 in the fuse box and it has power, but everytime i put a fuse it burn it. i checked all other fuses and the relays and everything looks fine. if i have power in the fuse box then GEM it should be ok.right??? i just don't know where else to check.
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    fuse 26 shortage

    i just checked the driver's door switches/wires and fuses behind the dash and all seem fine. i'm thinking to change the GEM module, but is it possible to have a shortage due to GEM? is pretty expensive too.
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    Moab 2007 May 19-20 Chat Thread

    if you can please let us know the difficulty of each run 1-5 to see if the guys with stock cars can do it is going to be helpful